The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again from traveling the vast universe! I am back again with another monthly subscription!

BoxyCharm June 2019!

It is that time again for BoxyCharm which is a $21 a month subscription where you get five full size items and sometimes a deluxe size and it is worth over a hundred dollars. This month’s theme is Boxy Get Away and let’s see what I got!

Tarte Be You Naturally Pallet: First is a pallet from Tarte Cosmetics! Apparently they teamed up with BoxyCharm to create this neutral shadow pallet that contains four mattes and four shimmers. This was made with Amazonian Clay and it is filled with bronze and brown shades. I did wear this one to work today and it felt like I didn’t wear anything all day. It did blend very well and glad to try something new. This is $36 and it’s in the same format as the Rainforest of the Sea pallet. I did see they were giving out the newest Rainforest but I didn’t get that one and plus they were also giving the Pro Glow 3 Face Pallet which I already have one since Ulta did a sale. I am not mad at this which did work out. I will be wearing the other four shades to get more of a feel for this pallet. I do have to say is that I am getting back into Tarte even though they still need to step out of the box into color.
Touch & Soul No Poreblem Prime Essence: Next is another product from Touch & Sol which is a Korean skin care brand from what I have tried. I did finish the other No Poreblem primer but I didn’t like it much due to it making y skin even drier than it has. When I found out about this item being in the box I was kind of wary if it will cause the same thing. It claims to have a weird spelling of a flower in it which is supposed to tighten pores. I will have to see how my skin does well with this one since me kind of feel like this is a brand meant for the oily skin types. This is retaining doe $23.
Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Gloss: Next is a lip gloss from Dominique Cosmetics. I heard good things about this brand it was developed by YouTube star Kristen Dominique which I have been rarely watching and she has made her own brand which is great! There were two glosses and I think I was like everyone else getting Peach Tea and it goes well with my Sugar Mama Liquid Lipstick from Huda Beauty that I got as an extra in Glam Bag Plus. I will get to that box next! This is a sheer peachy gloss and it is very comfortable despite some tackiness. I will have to keep wearing it! This retails for $17.
San Tropes Tanning Mousse and Mit: As you guys know I am not a self-tanning person so I tossed this and the mit. I am sorry but I am not going through it and plus I am happy with my light to medium skin tone. Next! Also if anyone wants to know, this retails for $24.50.
Dirty Little Secret Lip Liner: Finally, I got a lip pencil! I normally didn’t like these but after using one of the Illumasqua lip pencils as my lip color I am liking them. I think I prefer the wooden pencil ones over the mechanical ones because they don’t break so easily. I can’t wait to wear this once I get to it. This retails for $15.

Well, that is it for this box! So far so good I have enjoyed the lip gloss and the pallet and I will see how the face primer works this time and can’t wait for the lip pencil. I am sorry for wasting the tanning mousse since I am not into self-tanning. I didn’t even check it off on my quiz which I hope they notice that tidbit on my profile if they are going with profiles. Let’s see what July brings! So, now onto Glam Bag Plus! Stay tuned!

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