THe Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am sorry for not posting lately since I have been really busy at work. The good news is I did get something in the mail!

Ipsy June 2019!

Well, it’s that time again! I got my Ipsy Glam Bag and this is the regular bag that costs $10 a month and you get four to six samples each month based on your profile. The thing is what you checked off is not always guaranteed in your makeup bag. Also you get a makeup bag with your stuff, which this month is a collaboration with Tetris!It’s their anniversary this month and they not only they have a makeup collection which I picked up and will be doing a video soon but they also did different color bags which I got the purple one! Yay! Now onto the items!

Etat Libre De Orange I am Trash Perfum: I am spelling the rest of the French on that because it is one long name! I am so happy to get a perfume again. Yes, it is not guaranteed that you would get certain items and I was hoping to get the perfumes sometimes because they have really awesome scents and when I got this in the mail I was happy! This is made with upcycled products including cedar wood extract, strawberry and other products and it’s also unisex too. I did smell this and it does remind me of a cologne almost but I do smell the strawberry the most. It’s a very musky scent even though it’s supposed to be a fresh scent. It does smell fresh in a musky way and loving it! And yes, this is a brand in France.
Tetris X Ipsy Lip Balm in N00B: Next is something from the Tetris collab and that is one of the lip balms in N00B! I remembered this was an old term used in table top roleplaying games and also Rocket Power. This is a smoothing and moisturizing lip balm has hahoba oil and it is very sheer. I can’t wait to use this since I do love lip balms.
Pharmacy Hydrating Gel Sheet Mask Duo: Next is a first in this bag and that is a pair of sheet masks and they are from Pharmacy! Ever since trying the Tacha ones in BoxyCharm in January, I marked I wanted to try more sheet masks and didn’t get them until I joined Glam Bag Plus last month where I got them. I did say I loved them and guess what? I got them this month in my Glam Bag. These masks are packed with coconut water, hyrolanic acid, and cucumber water to bring hydration. I tried one and they aren’t lying! My skin was much moisturized after using this mask but what I don’t like is how they are packaged as in so many layers to get through. At least all of my other masks they are easy to unfold and place on my face. Wait, actually there is also a brightening one that contains purple broccoli extract but still the one I used did feel really good. I hope to get more sheet masks in the future because they are great to have even after a long day or week of work.
Flied Nail Polish in Secret Project Robot: Another nail polish this month! I am so happy to get new nail polishes to try and this time it’s from a brand called Fluide and this is a polish in the color Secret Project Robot which is a navy blue. I love blue polishes and glad to get this one. They do claim to be chip resistant but to me all polishes chip no matter what you do so I am used to it. I will have to try this one out!
Pixie by Petra Lip Lift Max in Sheer Rose: Final item is from Pixie! This is their Lip Lift Max in Sheer Rose. So far so good I have been loving Pixie and glad to try them in my Glam Bag whenever I get them. This is a peptide enriched lip glory with chamomile and aloe to soothe lips. I did like how this came as a lip gloss and I did try it and it felt nice after wearing it. I felt like I was wearing an ice and beneficial gloss. I hope to get more items from this brand as time goes on.
What Have I Finished? Let’s see what I finished from Ipsy! I did finish the Marc Anthony Curl Cream and the Grow Strength Hair Mask! I wished they put the curl cream in a container like another one they have which is better and more sanitary and plus less messy when getting the product or put it in a medium sized tube like they do with the Ipsy sample which would be easier. I am not sure if they have the hair mask but it did feel nice after using it. I also finished the Tarte face primer which it did feel nice. It did smell good too but I do love my Hydro Touch from NYX.

Well, that is it for this post! I am glad to finish it up since I did start it the other day when I first got my Ipsy and due to being busy I almost forgot. Hey, it happens! Stay tuned for my BoxyCharm items!

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