The Beauty Quadrant: Tetris X Ipsy Collab

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a beauty review!

Ipsy X Tetris Collection!

It’s been a while since I have reviewed beauty stuff on here and glad to get back to it on here again. Most of the time it’s on YouTube. Due to my mini tripod falling apart this is the only way of doing my review on the Ipsy X Tetris Collection!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions!

This month marks thirty-five years since the game has been released. It started on Atari and then moved up to the Game Boy and has been a favorite for many people. Even there is a rave song called “We Love Tetris.” I think and remembered the song at the JACON Holiday Masquerade years ago. Ipsy has collaborated with the game to create a makeup collection!

What’s In It? This collaboration includes two six pan pallets in Game On and Block Party alongside a highlighter, two lip glosses, three lip balms, and five eye brushes. If you guys are subscribed to the regular Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus you probably received elements from this collection. In the regular bag, you could have either received an eye shadow single from the pallets, a lip balm, or gloss, or even the brushes. While GBP, you could have either received the full pallet in Game On or Block Party.

Trying On Products: I decided to give the brushes a try and used the Block Party pallet which is the bolder pallet between the two. I used the bottom row three shadows which they were really pigmented while putting them on. I did use the brushes for the look which they included a flat shader, a brow brush, a crease brush, a fluffy blender, and a packing brush. I used the packing to put on the third shade on the bottom row, the crease brush for the middle bottom shadow, and the flat shader for my brow with the lighter shade in the row. I did blend them together with the blending brush. I did use the brow brush to apply my brow items as in spreading the Control Freak gel from NYX and then applied the Tame & Frame in Chocolate from NYX and set it with my BrowGal Pencil since I wanted to try it out that I got in my Allure Beauty Box. The brushes did feel really soft and I did like the handles. They start from the Farrell in a box shape and then end at a rounded point and the bristles were really soft too especially the one for brows because I remembered getting one set of brushes that a very stiff brow brush. Plus the bristles did fit my eye area very well because they were not too big but just right!

Besides trying out the shadows I did try out another item I did get and that is the Suba Beauty Hydro Liner in Grease. I was a major curious kitten about these liners since I heard about them on Beauty News and glad to get one in Glam Bag Plus. It was hard trying to get the water in the cap but managed to do so. It was easy to apply the liner because you don’t need a lot of water to wet the brush and dab the liner on. It was very smooth in application and it didn’t skip either like pencils and other types of eyeliner do. I like this formula so far and it’s an interesting product for what it is. I have to try other ones to see how they perform.

I did like the highlighter as well since it did go on very well. It is a gold highlighter from what I am hearing and you get a deluxe size of it in the entire collection if you were to buy it from the Ipsy Offers. The lip balms are pretty smooth but to me they need more moisture to them. I did get one of them in my Glam Bag and even they are supposed to have a sheer tint but I feel like my lips are a little drying. I do like the smell though. And finally, the lip gloss is slightly sticky but it is pretty good in application. It has more of a flat brush to apply which does make sense for a formula like this. I have to keep on wearing it more to see how I like it.

Final Thoughts: This collection was pretty good for what you get if you bought the entire thing. Even though the value is over a hundred but to me it felt more of a $75 value due to the lip balms being slightly drying. I did enjoy the brushes and how well they performed and how soft they were even with applying the shadows I used. The shadow pallet is pretty pigmented for what you get in it. I will have to wear these more to get more use out of these. The highlighter is nice but I wish they made it bigger because my brush couldn’t fit the entire square. I think it would have worked as a bigger square or as a cube of loose highlighter. I wished they made more items for this collection or switched the lip balms and keep the lip glosses and released another highlighter or maybe a blush to go with it. Just saying.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I felt this was a pretty good collection and did like the brushes, the gloss, the highlighter and of course the shadows. The Suba eyeliner was also good too. I hope Ipsy makes more beauty collaborations like these because gaming has been a big part of most people’s lives. Heck, Wet N Wild is releasing a Pac Man Collection soon which is interesting. One game I would like a brand to take on is either Final Fantasy or Banjo Kazooie because there are tons of colors to use from those two games, especially the bright colors since we rarely see enough bright shadow pallets.

Well, that is it for this review! It feels good to talk about a collection after so long. You can see my look on Instagram which my profile name is Mari Blue Cat. Next time will be the interview with Sawa and Nobue!

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