THe Favorites Quadrant: May & June 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

May and June Favorites 2019!

It’s that time again and that’s my favorites for May and June! We’re already halfway through this year and already heading into July which I can’t believe it. Before I know it it will be one year since I started working an actual job! Let’s see ‘what I liked and what I thought about my subscriptions!

Subscription Thoughts:

Well, these two months were really good for BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and Glam Bag Plus while May was very disappointing for Allure and June was better for it. All I have to say is that to any box subscription that may tumble onto this post I do have to say is that not everyone likes to self-tan!!! I know we all want to look like people in California and Florida with their bronze tanned skin but not everyone likes to do that even with how it can be patchy and the process to get to having that even tan is even more annoying. I am still thinking back to Good Luck Charlie where Teddy had her tanning session with a spray one messed up because Charlie took the timer that she was using and turned orange. I even remembered a pic that Jen put in of a girl having a really dark hand on her mouth and her loved ones thought she was being kidnapped but no she screwed up the tan. Again, I am not into self-tanning and I don’t want to look like an orange at work and have my co-workers ask me, “What happened to you?” When I have really nice light to medium skin and to me we should embrace our skin tone sometimes me of those chemicals can be dangerous. I did toss out the two San Tropes tanners that Allure and BoxyCharm sent me including the glove that came with the one from BoxyCharm because I am not using it neither the face mist from Allure because I prefer keeping my foundation shade thank you very much. So, rant over! There is one product I am really loving and that is the Tarte Be Naturally You pallet from this month’s BoxyCharm! I have been using this pallet for work looks and I love how pigmented and smells amazing! I keep my pallet on top of my work makeup box. On my vanity. I was also excited for these boxes because May was my first Glam Bag Plus and so far my first two months they have been amazing until one item and that is the Girllactic lip balm pencil that I was using. I have been using lip pencils as lip colors and well when I wore this underneath my lip pencil and my lip gloss from Allure this month it felt a bit drying, well too during and it felt a bit numbing. Even though I love lip balms and everything but I feel like these are a bit drying and whishing it felt like more of one those lip crayons from Wet N Wild and other brands that are more of a chubby stick not a sharpening pencil. Plus the glitter effect makes it more drying and I hope they could change these to the chubby stick instead. I am glad to try this brand finally and same with Suba Beauty with the Hydroliner which is an interesting product and glad to see what it was about. It was easy to apply because it was not like liquid liner and I didn’t feel it run either. It was very controlled due to it using water rather not being a liquid liner. I hope I get to try these more for being such a great and interesting product and I don’t feel like Benji from Good Charlotte. And lastly, I did the collaboration with Tetris that Ipsy had done for June because it shows that we can love video games as beauty enthusiasts and I do like the items in the collection except the lip balms because they’re drying. The shadows are great and blendable and I do love the brushes! I did get two of my friends the shadow pallets and they love them which makes me happy! I hope more brands do this because we’re all nerds! I know Wet N Wild will be doing Pac Man this year not sure when but I know it’s soon. I can’t wait to see what July brings me for my boxes!

Beauty Faves:

Maybelline Studio Fix Setting Spray: First is a making setting spray and it’s from Maybelline and that is their Face Studio Setting Spray. I found this through Shipt on Target and decided to get it. What I like is this is bigger than the Wet N Wild ones because I have to get two of those to last me two months but this one has lasted me since the end of May to now and we’re going into July. I do have a drawback though where I do like how it makes my makeup stay and it doesn’t feel so itchy but if you spray too close your makeup becomes splotchy! Gondras noticed since he moved in and then a supervisor did and man it was embarrassing! I did start spraying a bit farther but what sucks is that I can’t find this anymore on SHipt. I did find it on CVS’ selection but it was a different one from this but too pricey. Here in Florida the CVS locations upcharge like crazy when I get most of this lesser than them. I did start getting NYX again so I am going to see how that goes.

Fair’s Cucumber and Witch Hazel Toner: The past month and a half or more I have been into toners again all thanks to the Momond Rose Toner I got in Allure and decided to look into the drugstore ones since that one is $30 and this one I have been using is $7.50 at Target and it does smell weird but it does help my skin. It does have a nice cooling effect and use it twice a day to keep my skin healthy. I do have their rose one to see how that goes and glad I got into toners again!

Formula 10.06 Rescue Me Blemish Treatment and Mark Gel: Next are two skin care favorites from Formula 10.06 or was it 1006? Anyways, I got into this brand all thanks to Ipsy sending me the Three Times Sublime in one of my bags and fell in love with that which next post I will be doing the brands I bought from my subscriptions. These two items are gels to help with acne blemishes and spots after they dissolved and it has been helping out so far. The Rescue Me gel even smells very good and I put that on before the Mark Gel so it would help with shrinking the blemishes and their marks that they would leave behind. I am glad this brand is good for sensitive skin people which is pretty important to me. I will keep on using this brand.

Three Quarter Sleeve Tops: Next is a fashion item and that is three quarter sleeve tops. Since I’m working it’s important to dress the part and I’ve been shopping around on Amazon for work clothing and I find it a lot of fun lately since I’m doing it for myself and no one is doing it for me. I remembered one time I asked my mom to get me clothes for interviews and any work experiences and I made the mistake of saying get some with some designs and got stuff with prints from the 1980s from what Gondras had told me. Heck, a pair of pants was a good example with the orange and red patterns. I should have stuck with saying solids and when I started to shop for myself I started with getting more solid colored tops and bottoms which I have gotten a nice pencil skirt on Amazon and just got a navy one since I loved the white one so much. I like the three quarter sleeve tops the most because they’re really comfortable and come in a variety of colors and styles. I have three with scoop necks and one with a V-neck to it and man I love them! I am going back for two more of the V-necks and glad I found these!

Well guys, that’s it for this bi-monthly favorites! I will be doing a post on brands I buy from that I have gotten in my subscriptions since there are some I do buy from them due to how I have enjoyed what I’ve sampled. SO, stay tuned for that!

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