The Beauty Quadrant: Brands I Buy THat I Have Gotten In My Subscriptions!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to my blog! I am back with another post!

Brands I Bought From Me Got In Subscriptions Or Not!

HS, first and foremost Happy 4th everyone! As you guys know I am with four makeup subscriptions which are Ipsy, Glam Bag Plus, Allure Beauty Box, and BoxyCharm. They have offered so many brands ranging from NYX to Urban Decay to Huda Beauty and so many more but I can’t buy from all of them due to either price in Sephora or it doesn’t work well for my skin which does happen but I do have the ones I do support and buy from that I have picked up even on their Ipsy Shopper and Offers pages including brands that they didn’t place into my bag. I may also do a section of brands I want to buy from but maybe later.

Urban Decay: First is a brand we know and love and that is Urban Decay. I first tried these guys out when I first joined Ipsy all thanks to getting the Perversion mascara sample in my first bag, very first by the way in 2014. I have been into this brand a lot since all thanks to that mascara and have been into their Naked pallets as well. I do have the Game of Thrones pallets they have released and do have two other pallets they have put on sale over time. Still, this has been a favorite brand and will keep on buying no matter what. I think my favorite product would have to be both Naked Basics and Naked 2 Basics due to those being my intro into the brand alongside Perversion. I do have a new tube of Perversion since it had lasted me for a long time and glad to try them out first before buying through one mascara.
Smashbox: I think I have to give these guys more love but Smashbox has been a brand I have been trying out and liking for a long time. I remembered trying their Photo Finish face primer and loved it due to how it was great for sensitive skin and remembered buying the Starter Kit through the Offers page. I do have one of the shadow trios from the old set which is Filter in full-size and that is a perfect work friendly product I have ever used. I did remember returning to Ipsy and getting one of the liquid lipsticks in my first bag back and enjoyed that one too so far. I almost got the blue one at first which I need to see if that is still around. I do have two of the Cover Shot pallets which I hear mixed reviews on so I have to see how those go. But the product that got me really into Smashbox is of course the Full Exposure pallet which I still have to this day which I got for Christmas in 2015. I did make a good dent in one shade and hoping to keep using it.
Tarte: Even though I have been buying them more lately but Tarte has been appearing in my boxes lately. When I got back to BoxyCharm in January there was a Tarte pallet in my first box box and of course did try the Man Eater mascara and of course the Double Duty face primer which I am waiting for that to arrive since Ulta had a sale recently on selected Tarte items. I remembered getting into this brand mostly through Bunny’s collab with them in 2016 with the Swamp Queen pallet and I still have it to this day. Even though they haven’t branched as much into color but Tarte is a pretty good brand once you get into some of the items. I don’t mind neutrals since I have to stick to them for work even though I do have teal and blue shadows along with green in my work pallets but I have used the newer Tarte pallet I got from Boxy and love how it feels on my eyes. I can’t wait to see more items and probably get more things as time goes on.
MAC: Even though I have been buying from them for the longest time but I have bought two items from the Offers page even though I have not gotten anything in my bags from them. Still a great brand in my book and still buying from.
Formula 10.06: Next is a skin care brand I got into all thanks to Ipsy! Formula 10.06 was in one of my bags last year and that was the Three Times Sublime which is a grapefruit expholiant that can be used in three ways which mostly I use it for its intended use. I like how my skin just opens up to let in to do their job. When I found out that Ulta carry these guys I was on board and started buying their items and they are the Rescue Me Blemish Treatment and the Mark Gel. I also have been enjoying the makeup wipes because they do a good clean which I am going to wait until I finish all of my coconut oil before I use the makeup wipes because they do a better clean even more so than the Glam Glow face wash from BoxyCharm.
Space Case Cosmetics: Even though I have not gotten them in my bag per say but I gotten them through the Offers page. This brand is very unique and has space themed products which really catch my ears because of the space themes they go with. I have bought a nail polish set and liked how one of them look on my nails and of course picked up one of the eye shadow sets they sold and of course some items from their website. Their shadows are the same consistency as Colour Pop as in from a gream to powder formula which I have blended Alien Love Child into my inner corners a couple of times because it’s a unique lavender shade. Plus their blushes are also Colour Pop consistency with the cream to powder too. I hope to get this brand more because space themes do get me.
Coastal Scents: Another brand you haven’t heard much of lately is of course Coastal Scents! My very first bag was where I got into them when I got a blush duo sample and I fell in love with the formula that way. I did get their brushes through the Offers page here and there and find it weird that I don’t see them as much as I used to. I did also get their first few Revealed pallets in BoxyCharm which the first Boxy I got was the first Revealed pallet and fell in love with that range due to having more shadows to use and play with in each pallet and they were cheaper than a Naked pallet. I did get more of their stuff as time goes on and of course still an affiliate with them guys but didn’t get much traffic which is okay. I do still get the Revealed pallets as new ones get released and do get some of the sale items sometimes which they do have pretty good sales throughout the entire month.
NYX: I have been buying these guys for a long time so nothing much to say but I love using their products.
Ofra: I got into these guys all thanks to buying a pallet from them on Ipsy a long time ago and even bought the liquid lipsticks as a set with their old packaging. Ofra can be a little pricey but they are pretty good with what they make. I wish some of the lipsticks weren’t too runny because I had to toss out Havana nights which I got in my BoxyCharm in January. I do want to buy more of their lipsticks since I like how long they stay on my lips even during conventions.
Iby Beauty: Even though I buy this brand from the Offers page but I love this brand so far with what I have tried. I just got the highlighter pallet with the brush from Ipsy and have been enjoying it so far. I have gotten brushes and eye shadows in my bag from this brand and hoping to keep on getting more from them.
Trestique Beauty: Another brand I have been purchasing or purchased on their own website happens to be Trestique which they are very unique. I remembered trying these guys before when I was subscribed a few years back to Ipsy and have gotten an eye shadow stick and a highlighter stick from them. Ever since being back with Ipsy and BoxyCharm and even now with Glam Bag Plus I got this brand in there. I decided to get some items from the website since I am a fan of the lip glaze sticks and got the mini versions due to having a lip primer already and I prefer using them without that. I did get a bronzer and a blush stick and also enjoy those so far. These are amazing products for what they are since they can also be multi0tasking too.
Marc Anthony Hair Care: Final brand is Marc Anthony Hair Care. I remembered trying the Moroccan Oil hair spray a long time ago and have enjoyed it and still have a can of it. This brand is amazing for the price due to how much it can help with the oils. I do have one gripe though and that is why some products have to come in squeeze packets like the Coconut Curl Cream which can be a messy item. I do enjoy the shampoo and conditioner pairings more because they come in tubes that are easy to use rather than those squeeze packets. I wish they did that with their heat protectant because it’s easier to control that way.

Brands I Am Saving for Later: I Sine I mentioned the ones I got before that I buy from I will be mentioning some I am saving for later down below!

Huda Beauty: This brand has been a favorite so far since I have gotten their liquid lipsticks and Liquid Strobes in my Ipsy bag. I would like to buy more from this brand since I have gotten items from the Add-Ons that appear on the Spoiler page when the second of each month arrives.
The Balm Cosmetics: I have gotten a full on eye shadow pallet from the Ipsy Offers but I am eyeing the Nude Beach Pallet and some other items like the Illuminizer pallet. Added note: I did pick up the Palm Springs Bundle today since I saw that Nude Beach is in this bundle! I am so excited guys!
MakeUp Geek: I remembered getting this brand through BoxyCharm and they were two shadows and a blush which I did like but the peachy color was not my thing. I did used the blush again and liked it again. I feel as though that this brand it not getting enough love on YouTube especially with what she has been doing. I know they are at Target and want to see if I can find them there at the local one around here or in Port Orange to see about items but I can get it online since I want to build my own steam punk pallet. Let’s see what happens.
Domninique Cosmetics: I loved the lip gloss I got in BoxyCharm last month and how it went well with the Suga Momma liquid lip from Huda Beauty. I definitely want to try more things by this brand.
Winky Lux: I heard good things about this brand and wanted them in my Ipsy so much but never got them. I want to try their coffee collection!

Well guys that is it for this post! I will be adding more brands as time goes on since there are so many items I have tried and loved. I am so glad to get some of the full sized versions of a few I have tried. I am still waiting on my BoxyCharm which there is a weird thing that it says it has been delivered but was out of town and didn’t see it in my mailbox yet. I will be doing a post on voice actors I want to interview since there are new goals to achieve and of course I will be updating on my Project Pan since it’s been so long I have done so. Stay tuned for everything!

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