The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and that is…

BoxyCharm July 2019!

I did receive this Monday which I was supposed to get it last week but had to go out of town to get my eyes checked so got it Monday since it was in the leasing office. Wished they just put the thing in my mailbox. Anyways, let’s see what I got this month!

Elemis Super Food Vital Veggie Mask: First is something from a brand I never tried before and that is Elemis. I heard good things about this brand all over YouTube and was afraid of trying due to having sensitive skin. This product is good for everyone and that is their Super Food Vital Veggie Mask. This product claims to brightens, nourishes, and hydrates the skin and contains nettle, cale, and wheatgrass along with avocado and chia seed oils to help soften skin. I have to try this out since I prefer the kind of masks you put on for a few minutes and wash off afterwards rather than peel off ones. I have to see how this goes and update you all. This retails $35.
Butter London Natural Goddess Pallet: Next is a product by Butter London! I never tried these guys before and was super excited to get this pallet in this box. This contains six shadows and what I find interesting is that one is a blue from what I heard. I think Elizabeth Wolfe wanted more of a summer pallet which we are pretty much in the midst of it and I agree but at the same time this is a very classy box and not everyone wears wild colors. I don’t mind the neutrals since that is what most of my shadow pallets are. I can’t wait to wear this one since this does retail for #32 and it does pay for the box like the first item.
Luxie Gaya Brush Set: Next is another brush set by Luxie Beauty! I love this brand when it comes to their brushes because they are really good quality. This is a three brush set that contains a foundation brush and two eye brushes. Also the small packet it came in is recyclable. I will be using one of these for my blending after putting down shadow because it feels like a big shadow blender to make sure my edges aren’t too sharp. This set retails for $30.
Alomar Cosmetics Lip Gloss: Next is another product by Lamar and this time it’s a lip gloss. I did enjoy the blush pallet I received and this brand is not too expensive and I think they are also from Florida. I started using this lip gloss today and man it feels so good on the lips. I wear it on top of liquid lips to give it some shine. I think the retail price is around $12 since my scanner could not scan the card right.
Appeal Cosmetics Gel Liner: Final item is a gel eyeliner from Appeal Cosmetics. I remembered getting a cream eye shadow if I remembered right and finding this is even more awesome. It does save me money on getting eye pencils all the time. By the way, the color I got is in Forest Green which would go perfect with my green Coastal Scents shadows. This retails $21.

What I Finished: Now let’s see what I finished this time.

Glam Glow Foaming Face Wash: I finally finished this item and man it took me months to do so! I think I got this in May’s box since I got the Glam Glow masks with the same effect in Glam Bag Plus. This product felt like my face was slightly warm to the touch after using it. I know that sensitive skin people can use it but not everyone can. I did find it annoying with how hard it was to clean off the suds because it kept on foaming up with each bit of water. I did mostly toweled off after getting my makeup off. Its okay but wishing I got that First Aid Beauty item instead.
Pretty Vulgar Highlighter: Remembered that highlighter from Pretty Vulgar? Well, I had to throw it out because it broke! That thing stood very well while traveling to Orlando and back during Omni but not at home where it shattered in my big Caboodle. I did love the product though and tried to keep it in tact but nope it’s gone. Sorry Pretty Vulgar item. At least I got to try one product from them while it lasted.

Well guys that’s it for these products. I am glad that I got some nice items and can’t wait to use the eyeliner which I am happy since it’s different from all the colors I usually get while the mask will be interesting and so far so good loving the lip gloss. Let’s see how the other boxes’ products fair. Until next time!

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