The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with…

Ipsy July 2019!

I got it in the mail yesterday but due to the rain being in the way I couldn’t visit the mailbox but Gondras did. I am glad to get it because there are pretty good items they sent me. I have no add-ons since some of them didn’t intrigue me except one but have to wait for Glam Bag Plus. This month’s theme is Destination because they are in Miami doing Destination Ipsy down there this weekend. I was in Miami getting my eyes checked last week and traveling down there is hard since we live off the coast this time. Anyways, makes sense this bag fits the palm trees on the bag due to Miami. This bag is $10 a month and you get five sample sizes to deluxe and sometimes full size items if you’re lucky. Let’s see what I got!

Mellow Cosmetics Precision Eyeliner Pen in Black: First is an item from Mellow Cosmetics which I got before in BoxyCharm. I still use the brow pencil I got there to help set my brows after putting my pomade on. This time I received an eyeliner pen in black. I will be using this for work whenever I use different shadows during the week. I’m still using one other eyeliner pen at the moment so saved it in my makeup kit for work.
Twisted Sister Curl Activate Crème: Next is a brand I never heard of known as Twisted Sister even though they are a band. This product was placed in this month’s bag because I enjoyed the Marc Anthony sample I got in a few months ago and glad to get this one. This item contains coconut, almond, and avocado oils to stop frizz and adds shine and volume to help with defining the curls. Glad to get this since I do have a tangle spot where my hair gets tangled after washing my hair and glad to try this brand out. I hope I can purchase from them since they’re a UK based brand.
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara: Next is a product I already have a full-size of and that is the Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit. I find that this is a good one but a great dupe for it is the Rimmel London Super Curl Mascara from the drugstore because it pretty much curls like the Benefit one. I did try the Benefit one as a sample and bought the full-size during one of the 21 Days of Beauty events and still enjoy it but prefer the Rimmel one over this one. Glad I did get another mascara but hoped for the Eyeko one since I did buy a full-size of the one I got last time.
The Balm Cosmetics Eye Shadow in He Said She Said: Another sample from the Balm and it’s another eye shadow in the shade He Said She Said. This shade appears in the “What’s the Tea” Iced Tea shadow pallet and it’s a shimmery lavender shade. This is very different from what what they have sent me which are more burgundy brown type shades and glad to get something new and different. I enjoy the Balm’s products so far and now have purchased a bundle from them. I almost thought about getting one of the Tea pallets but haven’t bit the bullet but maybe this shadow would help me do that. I am glad to get a lavender shade and maybe I should try this with my Alien Love Child shadow from Space Case since that is also a lavender.
Ciate London Glow-2-Highlight in Moon dust: Final item is a highlighter from Ciate and glad to try one of these. I forgot to add this brand as a Save for Later Brand in the last post since I do enjoy their products. This highlighter feels like a full-size pan since it’s also a magnetic pan and glad to find my other Z Pallet and stuck it in with my Finding Ferdinand blush. This highlighter is supposed to give a celestial glow with spherical particles in it and it’s easy to blend on top of it. Can’t wait to try it out.

Well guys that’s it for this post! This was a pretty good month and can’t wait what next month brings. I have been with Ipsy again for a year now and glad to stay with them this time since those two years have been sad for me without having that pink mailer show up every month. Well, next is supposed to be Glam Bag Plus which is almost here, hoping to get it in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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