The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and this time it’s another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box July 2019!

So, I got my Allure Beauty Box this past week and was really excited except for one product. This month was a collaboration with Huda Katan who heads Huda Beauty. This was a better collab in my opinion because we did get one skin care item and the rest were makeup and hair care, even a perfume sample. Let’s see what was included! Oh right, this box is $15 a month and if you sign up you only get it for $10 and then you get it at the regular price after that.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Alluring: First item is an exclusive item to this box and that is the Huda Beauty Matte Lip in Alluring. I was really excited about this item because I already love these liquid lipsticks. I tend to wear these for work since they last very long on my lips since I am a teacher and I need to explain adaptive tech it’s best to have a long wearing lip even though there are times where I don’t re-apply and this does help with that. This is an orange red color which they were inspired at Allure by the latest runway trend this summer and sent it to Huda which she sent back samples from her brand and Allure’s editors picked the perfect shade and even tried it on each editor with different skin tones. Hoping this will look good with my light to medium skin tone.
Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Samantha: Unfortunately I don’t wear false lashes because I have already nice long lashes and these do damage the natural lash as you wear them. Heck even Jen Luv’s Reviews did go through a situation where she had little lashes due to wearing them. I will give these to someone else since this is not a product I would use and don’t want to waste since someone else can use these more than I can.
Huda Beauty Kaylei Vanilla 28 Perfume: Next is something I do enjoy and that is perfume! When I found out this was coming in this month’s box I was really happy and when I smelled it I fell in love! This was developed by Huda and her sister which I have to take a look into the scent brand since this smells like cake batter with a hint of amber, vanilla orchid, and musk for a sexier blend. I mainly smell the vanilla in this and now I want to get the 50 ML for $65 which is not bad for a smaller size when the bigger one is around $118. Ouch! Hey, I will get this one someday.
Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Pencil in Zero: This month the item that can be changed around depending on what you answered in a survey with is either this pencil, the Benefit Kabrow, and the Too Faced Hang Over. Somehow the survey made it sound like I wanted the Too Faced primer more instead of this pencil but apparently my answers were put back in order I think and got this out of the three. I have heard good things about these pencils and glad to get one in this box. This is a popular product since it doesn’t tug at the waterline and you can smudge it if you want and does stay put all day so I will see how this works! These pencils do retail for $22.
Oui Dry Texturing Spray: Next is a dry texturing spray from Ouai. I have tried a shampoo and conditioner from this brand all thanks to Mama Gondras but didn’t like the feeling of it since you don’t feel the suds at all and when I heard about this maybe it will be a good try since I did see that this does help limp hair go into full volume. I will see how it goes. This item retails for $26.
Tony Moley Snail Gold 24K Moisturizing Mask: Finally is an item from Tony Moley and that is their snail mask. I have tried a snail mask myself and it feels good and not irritating but with this brand hoping it won’t since I have tried sheet masks from them in the past and enjoyed them. The thing is snail mucen is good for the skin which keeps it cool and moisturized and it contains peptides and antioxidants. This is pretty popular in Korea and their beauty products. This mask is worth $10 and hoping it doesn’t break me out since the other one didn’t!

Well guys, this box was pretty good for what’s it worth. You got an exclusive lipstick, a dry texturizing hair spray, and of course a random product out of three different ones that were being offered. I like that idea and they should keep doing it.Now let’s see what I finished!

Gloss Lip Goss In Clear: First is the the clear lip gloss from last month’s box and I enjoyed it so much! It did feel like a standard gloss on the lips and it great to put on top of a matte lip and did help it stay on the entire work day even though I did have to reapply sometimes.
Moroccan Hair Treatment: I felt like this ran out too fast because of how much of a size they give you. It was not that bad and I don’t think I will purchase it since there are so many products like it on the market.
Au Thermail Water Spray: Even though this was pretty cooling but it’s not something I would gravitate for and plus the price for this thing just makes me jump out of my seat. I did find that this brand is carried on Beautylish so I would say if you are curious then go and check them out.
SGX Three In One Spray: Finally I did finish this spray and didn’t last as much either. It did work as a dry shampoo and a hair spray which was pretty neat. I am not sure about buying the full-size since my Dove dry shampoo works as much as this one.

Well guys that is it for this month’s box. I am glad they collaborated with Huda for this one since her brand is starting to grow on me and have been enjoying her products minus the lashes of course. I will definitely buy from her brand in the future. I hope August brings more awesome products from the editors themselves.

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