The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Another post for you guys!

Glam Bag Plus July 2019!

Another great month for Glam Bag Plus and I was really excited with what I got especially! This bag is $25 and in order to get it you have to be an Ipsy member as in getting the regular Glam Bag that is $10 a month. You can just get this after signing up and usually it is through invite or keep both like I have. This one features more prestige and luxury brands and they are full-size on top of it. Let’s see what I got!

Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer: When I heard about this product being in this month’s box I was crossing my fingers in getting it and glad I did! As you know as a Power Rangers fan I never thought that someone who played on one of the many seasons would create a brand all thanks to heavy stage makeup back in the late 1990s early 2000s and it did happen. This primer is oil free and is made with green tea alongside white tea, Vitamin E, and marine plants help with wrinkles and fine lines from forming and of course retain moisture. Plus, it is very lightweight in keeping the skin nice and Dewey even during stressful days at work. And the sent is supposed to be calming. I do have other face primers to use but this was something that excited me the most in this month’s box since being someone with sensitive and dry skin I have to keep up with keeping it moisturized. Thanks Jennifer Yen for making this product!
Wonder Beauty Catch the Light Highlighter and Glowtion in Celestial: Next is a product that was pretty interesting from Wonder Beauty. I was hoping that this would have a compact of having the regular highlighter and then the lotion one underneath in its own section but it was a tube of the glow lotion and then a stick part for the regular highlighter which is pretty interesting. Warning on the lotion part don’t squeeze too much! This product not only gives you shine but also contains aloe leaf, Vitamin E, and Hyrolonic Acid to help with hydration and added protection. I did try this product out and it did give some hydration to my cheeks and nice glow, which you should blend very well so it won’t be so stark.
Thrive Liquid Extensions Mascara: Next is a mascara and this time by Thrive! I have heard good things about this brand and wanted to try and well Ipsy delivered with giving me their mascara this month. It will also be in next month’s Glam Bag Plus so hoping no repeats which is weird in my book. This mascara curls and lengthens lashes to make it look like you have lash extensions without the fuss and of course the comb-like brush you get in this product helps with that process by separating each lash. I did wear it yesterday since GOndras and I finally saw the new SpiderMan flick and man my lashes were curled! I hope to get more mascaras like this because this gave me and idea of what lash extensions would feel like and glad to have it in a formula like this so I won’t go through that option of doing that to my own lashes. Great thing about Thrive they do donate to different causes to help women with Cancer, gone through domestic abuse, and other challenges so if you were to purchase this and other items your money will go to a great cause.
Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Pallet: This month you could have gotten a pallet from Huda Beauty whether it’s one of her highlighter ones or an eye one and I got the Mauve Obsessions one. Before I subscribed to this one I did buy the Smoky Obsessions pallet that came in a previous box and they were selling the leftovers with the Ipsy Glam Bag and glad I got this one this time since I almost bought it. This pallet features nine shades and big mirror on the inside and of course this color story is mauve which you can create a lot of looks with it. I can’t wait to use this since I did enjoy the Smoky Obsessions pallet I have purchased.
Pixie by Petra Glow Mist: Another item I was hoping to get and that was by Pixie with their Glow Mist. I have heard good things about Pixie’s Glow line on YouTube and wanted to try it out for a little while now. All thanks to the Offers Page I did pick up the duo with the Glow Tonic and the Glow Pads and glad to get the Glow Mist in my Glam Bag Plus. This is basically a setting spray that contains oils like rose and lavender alongside aloe Vera and fruit extracts along with nine other oils this spray helps keep you hydrated and helps keep the makeup set throughout the day. Glad to get this since it is very hot here in Florida that we definitely need this, especially me where I am at. I have not opened it yet since I am in the middle of my NYX Dewey spray and that has lasted longer than the Wet N Wild setting sprays and could not find the Maybelline one I have used for a good bit recently on SHipt in Target. I can’t wait to try the skin care duo I ordered from Ipsy with Pixie’s stuff.

Add-On: Naked Cosmetics Shadow Quad: As you know I love my add-ons and I only got one this month and that is from Naked Cosmetics. I remembered how one sneak peek shown you could have gotten this too or instead of another item and when I saw this as an add-on I decided to purchase it. I have swatched the one I bought before and it was a blue color and man its pigmented! I will have to wear one or two of these at some point to get a good feel of them!

Now onto what I have finished:

Illumasqua Lip Liner: I managed to finish one of the lip liners from Illumasqua! I liked the feeling of this pencil and can’t wait to break into the other one.
Girlactic Lip Balm Pencils: I had to toss these actually guys. My issue with these were that they weren’t moisturizing enough for my lips and they were hard to sharpen. I think they would work better as a lip crayon in my opinion rather than a pencil.

Well that completes my July subscriptions! Not another bad month! Can’t wait for what August will bring! What is next? Just stay tuned!

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