The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and it is…

BoxyCharm August 2019!

I got my BoxyCharm pretty early this month and it is in time for my birthday and well this felt kind of a bust. I will tell you now! Yay! I heard so many people rave about this brand, especially their highlighter in Champagne Pop, but I never bought anything from them. This is a nice way of getting into these guys for me since I am new to the brand. This setting powder is Becca Hydromist and Refresh Powder: First is my official Becca product! This product is basically a powder made with water as part of the powder which I did feel it and it does. I did get the light shade from what I could see and I can’t wait to try this out since my Wet N Wild powders are hitting pan this time and I have been wanting to use more of translucent powders. I still have my NYX one and did get the Wet N Wild translucent powder from the Photo Focus line. Let’s see what happens!
Wonder Beauty Glow Ahead Oil: Next is a product from Wonder again and it’s an oil this time. This is an oil that restores the complexion with whatever skin type you have which I did watch a sneak peek video saying it is only for dry and other skin types except sensitive. Here is the thing though if this is meant for all skin types then do the research into it first because I do like this brand so far and they haven’t really broken me out from what I’ve tried nor irritate my eyes either. I will try this item since I do have dry and sensitive skin and will have to see.
Tarte Big Ego Mascara: Next is a full-size Tarte mascara and that is their Big Ego mascara. I am glad to try a full size Tarte mascara especially this one. Apparently it has an hourglass shape and supposed to help with make lashes longer and bigger so hoping it does follow through.
Pur Complexion Authority Pink Glitter Mask: Next product is from Pur and apparently they have skin care. This is one of the other products you could get and it sounds interesting. This $26 mask is supposed to give an everlasting glow and hoping it does. I hope my skin doesn’t break out due to the glitter since my arms can’t handle it.
False Lashes: Don’t know the name but as you know I am not into wearing false lashes so I will give these to one of my friends.

Yes, you can see this was a bit of a bust this month. I was hoping to get the shadow duo from Ace but didn’t and or course the Steve Lorent lip liner which I am sad. I did not put false lashes on my profile because I don’t wear them due to wanting to keep my natural lashes thank you very much! I hope with September it will be better since I do love this subscription but I am glad to try out something from Becca and another skin product from Wonder Beauty. Let’s see how it goes next month!

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