The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!

Allure Beauty Box August 2019!

It’s that time again and that is my Allure Beauty Box! This box is created by Allure Magazine and its $15 a month while new subscribers get it for $10 for their first month and some gifts on top of it. You get from five to seven items ranging from skin care to tools and even hair care items that have been mentioned in articles in their magazine or if you read it online through emails like I do. Last month was a collaboration with Huda Katan and man I loved that lipstick but let’s see what this month had in its pouch.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara: First up is a mascara from Benefit. I have tried their Roller Lash and I find it is okay since the Rimmel Super Curl is an exact dupe and glad to see what other mascaras Benefit has and that is the they’re Real Mascara. The claims are that they take the lashes and make them longer without using false lashes and that it doesn’t smudge even on a hot summer day. I will definitely put this to the test since we are really in a heat wave at the moment with a mix of rain since we are heading into the peak of Hurricane Season. This is a deluxe size which is a decent size for one and it values for $10.
Nuria Triple Defend Eye Cream: Next is another eye cream which is pretty interesting in packaging and it’s a full-size item this month. This has a disk applicator and it doesn’t give a lot of pressure so it won’t hurt the under eyes and also it doesn’t crease concealer when worn under makeup which I will try this out since I do put on my concealer before foundation. The last eye cream I tried was pretty good and did help with application so hoping this will also help. This values for $40.
Erno Lazlo Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask: Next is an eye mask from Erno Lazlo and you get one set in this box. These patches contain allantoine which is a moisturizing agent that helps under eyes look more awake even when you have long days. I think these will be handy since being a teacher and always waking up SUPER EARLY for my rides every day I do look exhausted by the end of the day once the final bell rings. I was surprised that is a drugstore valued product and I wonder how these will work since they do fit the under eyes. This values at $6.
The Makeup Eraser Mini in Black: Next is a product from Makeup Eraser and well it is just a towel. I know I am not that surprised by it since I do love my makeup wipes. This claims that you wet this and you wipe it all over your face and it takes off everything even waterproof mascara. I doubt it since I have seen Bunny’s video on it too and I am a little skeptical since I have been using coconut oil and that gets a lot of stuff off but my lashes still feel oily while my Formula 10.06 takes off a lot of stuff but this is a little skeptical and not sure if I will use it myself. This values for $12.
Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream: Next is a water cream from Primera. When I opened this it reminded me of the Belief moisturizer I got in a Ipsy skin care bag but this smells a lot more woodsy than that and it reminds of the scent Juniper Breeze from Bath & Body Works. Jenny Bailey, the Executive Beauty Director, visited the Primera shop while in Sol, Korea which this is a Korean Beauty brand and Korean beauty has been on the rise for many years and found that the shop had plants and a lot of products. This cream is made with not only seeds but also Glycerin and Cocoa Seed Butter. It does absorb very fast so I will have to see how this goes and hoping it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Also, this product is now available here in the U. S. and it does value for $4.Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Color: I am familiar with the brand Cargo since I remembered many years ago with Ipsy I got a lip item from them and never got them again. I know they sell at Ulta and this is supposed to be a lip color that stays all day and makes your lips look plump. We do get a full size item and shades may vary. I am not sure which one I got but I can’t wait to use it since I do love trying new lip products. This values for $22.
Laritzy Liquid Beam in Topaz: Final item is another product from Laritzy and if you’re wondering, yes I got my lip gloss finally that was missing and enjoying it! This item is a highlighting eye shadow in a bronze shade. This can be worn all over the lid or just in the inner corners. It did go on pretty well since I am wearing the Tarte Clay Play Vo. 2 on my face right now. This product values for $22.

Well guys that is it for this month’s box! I am very excited about the items since it does make up for the getting false lashes last month as an item in it and glad to get to try another Cargo lip item. I have to see how the Primera Cream works out since I have tried other Korean products and even have a few in my collection of sheet masks and glad you can get Korean products in the states since Asian Beauty has been a big subject. I will also have to give those eye patches a try since I do wake up really early in the morning during the week and the Benefit Mascara will be fun to use!

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