The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box September 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for wet wait because I have the…

Allure Beauty Box September 2019!

It’s that time again to do my Allure Beauty Box and I know it’s close to the end of September but I have used some of the products in this box to give you what I think. This box is $15 but if you sign up your box is $10 and you get gifts with sign up. This box includes items that have been mentioned in Allure Magazine even winners on top of it. You get up to seven items and they can range from deluxe all the way to full-size. Let’s see what I got!

Ciate London Dewey Liquid Highlighter Sticks in Gleam: First is a product from Ciate! I have loved the products that I’ve gotten so far from this brand in my boxes. I haven’t tried the powder yet since I am using the Becca one at the moment but do enjoy the lip products so far. This is a highlighter stick and it retails for $26. This is more of a clear stick without the glitter which gives you a lit from within. I did find it kind of sticky though when I put it under my blush but I have to keep playing with it to see how I can get it to glide a lot more on my skin but so far it’s not too bad.
Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner: Glad to get these in the box which are travel sizes of the Nature Lab Tokyo Shampoo and Conditioner. I heard of these guys through Ipsy and glad to try them finally since I do love getting hair products that would help with frizz which this pair won the Allure Best Of Beauty Award last year for that! These value for $14 each they are sulfate free. So far they have helped and will see how it goes in time for Favorites next month.
LaRoche Exim a Cream: Not going to put the entire name but this is a cream that helps with exam on any part of the body since it’s made with oatmeal. If you remembered having chicken pox as a kid, oatmeal is very calming towards that and well I have tried the cream so far and it still made my hands dry when trying it out the first time and you don’t get much in a tiny tube either. I wished this was a full-size instead or kind of the same size as the Bath & Body Works Hand Cream tubes. This is supposed to retail for $15. I don’t think this product is worth the box, I find the shampoo and conditioner did it better.
Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: I think this would be worth the box despite it being $10 in value. I am glad to try another Acure product and this time it’s an expholiating scrub that is a lot more fine than others and great for people with sensitive skin. This is made with aloe, clay, and walnut-shell powder. This will be interesting to use since I am still with my tube of Three Times the Sublime.
Nars Dulce Vita Lip Pencil: Next is a product from Nars! You would either get this lip pencil or the Laura Mercie Setting Powder and I was good with either one because I am enjoying lip pencils a lot and help[s keep my lip items on my lips while I do like to have new powders try once I am done with one. I did get a smaller Nars pencil from Ulta because I got a blush and did enjoy that one too so I will see how this pencil goes. This pencil retails for $27.

Naturful Vitamins: There is no entry on the page but I got these vitamins from Nutraful and I was surprised to get these. Apparently Vitamin Supplements count as beauty items and well these are supposed to help with growing hair. I am not sure what comes in these and tried researching them but couldn’t find anything. I am taking them to try them and well they aren’t doing much to grow my hair out. I think it’s more of a placebo affect or it doesn’t work for everyone. Remembered how Halo Beauty was supposed to be magical? Well this ain’t magic. I will see how it goes as time goes on. I think this was supposed to be in October’s box not this month but got it anyways. I am not sure how a bottle of these cost but I think they are in the $30+ range.

That is it for this box and it was not that bad this month despite getting vitamins and a lotion in a teeny tiny tube. I am glad to try out a new shampoo and conditioner though alongside a new face scrub when I am done with my Three Times Sublime. If you want to sign up for Allure, I would recommend it because you get more of the luxury stuff that can sometimes be hard to afford for most people and you get it all for $15 after your first month being $10. Check them out if you can!

Well guys that is it for this post! I will be having more book reviews, I am also going to be doing another 21 Days of Beauty Haul to talk about what I bought this time and it’s less than what I had done this time than the last. Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus September 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2019!

I know it’s been a few days but I am back with this post. I will tell you guys why I waited a bit in a moment but want to fill you guys in with the info. This box is $25.00 a month and you get more full-size items than the deluxe size samples. You can just get this alone or get both your Glam Bag and this one together like I do. Starting in October you will be getting a makeup bag like the start of this subscription. Let’s see what I got in the add-ons.

Add-Ons: First are the add-ons. They have changed up the amount by having you getting to choose five instead of three. I was happy and sad at the same time because one of them was missing and that was the IBY Beauty Highlighter in Private Jet. Why did they forget this item? TO be fair Hot Mess Mama MD did have one item missing with her Glam Bag this month when she bought two. I did contact Ipsy about it and getting a replacement alongside my points perk since I got that shattered. Seriously Ipsy pack your points items better. Hoping with the makeup bag added on will help that. I did get the other items including the Love Craft Beauty Bronzer, the other MadisonxOfra Highlighter in Moon Dance, one of the other Illamasqua lipsticks which I will mention later, and finally getting to try Colored Rain for my first time. I have heard so many good things about Colored Rain and glad to see a few shadows as Add-Ons and went with Glamor. I will see how that goes. Now onto my products.

Nomad Cosmetics Belgium Underground Eye Shadow Pallet: First product is from Nomad Cosmetics and it’s their Berlin Underground Eye Shadow pallet! I got into these guys all thanks to the one add-on which was a highlighter and got their highlighter pallet and man those were beautiful and pigmented. I was happy to find out that I was getting an eye shadow pallet from these guys and saw that it’s a smoky shadow pallet. I have tried this yesterday which will be around Monday or so when I post this and man it’s so pigmented! It includes olive green shades, silver shades, some yellow, one purple, and one black. I was able to create a smoky olive look you can find over at my Instagram, MariBlueCat. I have to try some of the other shades since they are really nice and blendable and nice to place with. What is great though Nomad Cosmetics did like my pics because I was trying on my newest wig for a costume I’ve been designing and couldn’t keep my paws off any of my makeup including this pallet? This shadow pallet has hemp seed oil in their shadows which I looked around on their site that they put different seed oils to make the shadows be more organic. I would say try their stuff out!
Illumasqua Anti-Matter Lipstick in Midnight: Next is another item from Illumasqua and it’s a lipstick! I’m glad to keep on trying this brand since they are a bit on the pricey side especially this line and that’s their Anti-Matter Lipstick line. The claims that it is both part satin and part matte and that it lasts all day and doesn’t dry your lips. I have to say is that the all-day wear is kind of false because it does come off but I do still feel a slight stain on my lips. The shade Midnight is a true red color which I think I am wearing at work now since it is a safe color to wear. I do have to dab since I have that tendency of going nuts with my lipstick. I did buy another shade in this line as an add-on and that is in Cosmic and it’s a neutral pink that helps bring a pop of color. When I think anything cosmic related I think of a magenta over a pink but I will see how that goes. I do like the feel of this lipstick to tell you the truth because it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything but the claim of long lasting is not really true unless you chug a lot of water like I do.
OfraxMiller Squad Pallet: Next is another Ofra collaboration item with Madison Miller and that is her Squad Pallet. This is a small face pallet that features two highlighters and one blush which can also double as eye shadows. I’m happy for Madison since she got to collaborate with such a huge brand who has been famous for their highlighters and liquid lipsticks and glad that she came out with a small face pallet. I will use these eventually due to trying the highlightes and the blushes before in a holiday pallet a while back.
Ciate London Extraordinary Setting Powder: Next is a full-size Ciate product and that is their Extraordinary Setting Powder, I think I remembered getting a sample of this in my regular Glam Bag and loved how it set my under eye concealer and glad to get a full-size version of it! This powder is claimed to be a fine powder that doesn’t crease or cake up, it is also translucent and perfect for a lot of skin tones. I am getting more into translucent powders since it’s easier like how Vivi said that you don’t have to worry about shades so much except when I got my Cover FX powder a few days ago I did have to choose light but hey at least another powder to try and this time a full size one from Ciate.
Paris Hilton ProD. N. A. Dual Action Cleansing Gel: Final item is a product I wasn’t expecting and it’s from Paris Hilton. Yes, she has skin care and apparently makeup which is kind of hard to find unless if you have a Marshall’s from what I hear. The claims are that this cleanser is supposed to help with getting dirt, makeup, and also clean out any pollutants in the air, it also contains caviar, white apple, and white tea to help with the cleansing. I have to try this cleanser out to see how it goes after I finish one and I’m glad to get another cleanser in another box like this because it gives me something new to try out. Plus it does help me in getting new cleansers in my rotation and don’t have to go out and buy one at the store every time. Hoping my skin doesn’t react and fall off like her character in Repo: The Genetic Opera. Just saying!

Well guys that is another month of Glam Bag Plus! I am so glad to have another awesome box as always since this is a good one to join if you are already with Ipsy and want a step up from deluxe sizes. Plus it does give you more stuff to try out. They are doing another version called Ultimate which is $50 a month but I may have a nice check but that is a bit pricey and already have enough boxes I subscribed to even now with Dollar Shave Club for my shaving needs, Allure with my trying their picks from their magazine and trust me more variety than Sephora Play and Macy’s in my opinion, of course Boxy Charm, and the regular Glam Bag. Thank you very much! Also, they will be adding the makeup bag again since they did do that before a year ago when they started which people were supposed to get it every four months but stopped but hey I am glad that they are bringing it back. Next month apparently they will be making it Betty Boop themed which that should have been in August since she started as a cartoon character that month in 1930, just saying!

Next will be my Allure box which I have been using some of the products so you will get to read what I think so far on them too! Until next time!

The Book Quadrant: AntiSocial by. Heidi Cullinan

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

AntiSocial by. Heidi Cullinan!

Disclaimer: This was an advanced copy I received from NetGalley for me to review and this review is based on my own thoughts and opinions. Please respect the thoughts of AntiSocial on Amazonthe lead writer of this blog and also respect the content of the writer you are about to see that this review is on. Thank you!

Xander can’t stand people especially frat boys until Skyler Stone walked into his life. He came to Benten, a school soaked in Japanese culture, to get away from being one of the corporate types until he has to spend all summer with Skyler in order to be changed into a more social person.

Skyler Stone had everything handed to him and planned out and even hoped to be a lawyer once he gets to grad school at Yale. When some of his frat brothers messes up a mural painted by Xander he has not only win Xander’s forgiveness but promises to work with him all summer to prepare for his final senior project by building his social media. As time goes on these two start forming a relationship and start changing each other into new people they never thought they knew even to themselves.

Thoughts: I know I promised a different book at first but when reading that one I couldn’t take it since I felt like it was too much Fifty Shades of Gray and decided to read this one which was next on my Google Sheets page. All I have to say is that I made the better choice to do it because this was a really good read. It is not only a version of Pygmalion also known as My Fair Lady but it was also done as a yaoi story which to anyone new to this name it is known as boys love in Japanese. I know it’s ick to some but I have been a yaoi fan and my first title was actually Gravitation and still have my DVDs thank you very much.

I did love Xander’s and Skyler’s relationship throughout this book because of how much it kind of reminded me of Yuki and Shuichi where Xander was Yuki and Skyler was Shuichi where at first Xander was a grumpy and artistic hermit that loves to pain and hates his work but also works on a campus-wide manga and Skyler is the happy-go-lucky guy that is rich and in a frat at first but then later when the relationship gets deep they start shedding those personalities we see at first and Xander becomes a nicer guy and gets inspired by Skyler in his work and also being more soft towards him and his friends while Skyler becomes someone who is indecisive and has more feelings and cares more about Xander and other people and prefers to follow his own path and not be the person his family expects him to. It was very touching and trust me I was chanting, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” As they were getting closer to it every page turn. I had to put on my ear buds while reading this and also I admit I was kind of jealous of Xander having COpic markers. Long story short my ex got me an external hard drive for my birthday a month before we broke up instead of Copic markers because he didn’t know that he could just get me a basic set during my artist days. I admit I am still bitter about that and yet still have a ton of colored pencils. Anyways, I do love how Xander and Skyler were anime fans in this one which you do see the manga FullMetal Alchemist throughout this book and was referenced by Skyler since I do see a little bit of symbolism with it. I don’t want to give away too much in that. I also find it awesome that Heidi is one of us, as in anime fan!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a very heart-warming yaoi story because it shows how two guys can find love even if they can’t be accepted by their own families at home but at college in general. I did feel like tears almost came on but it did have a very touching ending to it and I did like how Skyler gave his dad his own “Screw you! I don’t care about your money!” I hope I read more stories by Heidi Cullinan because she wrote a really well-paced story and gave it a very happy ending. I would love to see this as an anime because it fits that art style and if I were to pick who voices who, I may pick Newton Pittman and probably Josh Grelle or Eric Vale to be Skyler. Unless I didn’t think of voices due to how well the story and characters were written in the end. I would highly recommend this book if you are into yaoi, well unless you don’t mind the characters not being Japanese. I did enjoy it after all.

Well guys that is it for this review. Come on back for my Glam Bag Plus! Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy September 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy September 2019!

It is here and it arrived in time and just after BoxyCharm since it did appear in my complex’s leasing office. Seriously? I thought it was small enough for the mail box. Oh well! This month was pretty good since it was one tool and rest was makeup. For your info, this subscription was $10 but it’s going up to $12 since they are adding more things to the subscription like picking out your fifth item and better customization with a new quiz. They are adding Glam Bag Ultimate but that is a bit pricey when I can just enjoy this bag and the Glam Bag Plus which was delivered but have to wait until Monday for the office to open up. Now onto the items!

F. A. R. A. H. Brushes Contour 210M in Midnight Blue: First up is a brush from F. A. R. A. H. and it’s a single and it’s a Contour brush! I was hoping to get a contour brush at some point since I do love to contour my outer cheeks with bronzer and this would do the trick. I do love the feel of it and the size of it since it is pretty nice and not too wide. Plus the brushes are really soft and it came in blue! Yay!
L. A. Beaute Fatale Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tough Love: A new brand to me that appeared in my Glam Bag and they are known as L. A. Beaute Fatale. This liquid lipstick coats your lips in a nice and airy formula and is it’s one of those click pens where you turn a dial which I have not gotten a lip product in that format in so long. I remembered getting a Milani lipstick in that format and I think CVS stopped selling it. I know they still sell certain lip products like this. This is a deep mauve shade and interestingly enough I have seen so many brands have products with the name “Tough Love” that maybe it fits with a mauve shade more than any other. I have to try this out and see how I feel.
Breogeo Don’t Despair Repair Leave In Hair Mask: Next is a product from Breogeo and it’s a spray leave in form of their famous Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask. I did love the one spray I got in BoxyCharm but lost it I think but hey at least I get to use a new product from them. This item is supposed to help fix up dry and damaged hair, even over processed hair like if you colored it way too much and so on. Regular use of this product also helps with strengthening hair between washing and heat styling. I do straighten my hair on certain occasions and I remembered the right side of my hair sizzling when my new flat iron touched it even with the heat protectant in. I was surprised by that and it did feel dryer still than the rest of my hair. I can’t wait to use this since I do have dry hair due to my curls.
Phase Zero MakeUp Satin Eye Shadow in Velvet: Another brand I haven’t heard of and that’s Phase Zero. This shadow is a soft and easy to blend shadow and the pigment increases with fingers or you can go subtle with a brush and build it up easily. This is a plum shade to help with smoky looks too. I have to try this out and it has a pretty good amount in the pan you get in this one. Apparently there are either one or two other shades for this bag and glad to get one of these!
Ofra X Madison Blush in Sweet Stuff: Final item is a pick one item where I got to choose from the newer collection from Ofra which they collaborated with Madison Miller. I picked her blush in Sweet Stuff since I have not tried an Ofra blush before and figured it would be nice. This blush is supposed to be very blendable, easy to build up, and doesn’t streak. It claims to be a dusty pink but it doesn’t look dusty, it looked dark in the pan. I guess it has a sheer wash when you apply and then you build it up? Maybe I have to see it. Also another thing is that you can use this blush as an eye shadow if you want to. This will be a fun item for me to try.

Well guys that is it for this month’s bag. It was a pretty good selection and glad to get to pick my fifth item. It looks like the item picks will go every month and I feel like it’s a nice little customization since I remembered so long ago and it still goes on that people complain about what they’re getting. I am grateful for what I get picked and do change up my profile to make it more interesting, heck I changed my eye color to blue since I do have some slate blue in my eyes. I can’t wait to see what Ipsy has in store for everyone in October since they are raising their price and things are changing for the subscription. I still remembered just getting the Glam Bag alone and now they have three bags to get and can’t wait to see what it’s in store for October!

Now stay tuned for my Glam Bag Plus post and of course my Allure Beauty Box is on its way at the moment! Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm September 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

BoxyCharm September 2019!

My BoxyCharm arrived and man it’s better than last month! As you guys know that this is a $21 box and you get four to five full size items ranging from indie to high end to luxury brands! It also ranges from skin care to hair and even tools. Let’s see what I got shall we?

Violet Voss Essentials Shadow Pallet: First is a product from Violet Voss and it’s their Essentials Eye Shadow Pallet. I have gotten the Holy Grail mini pallet through Ipsy as an add-n and liked it so far. While this one is a full-size pallet featuring eight shadows ranging from warm to cool tone and matte and shimmer. I am glad to try this item out since it was one of the three pallets you would get which you would either get this one, the Tarte Clay Play Vol. 1, and the Too Faced Natural Love Face Pallet. I wanted the Tarte one since I got Vol. 2 but I am happy either way. Even Just_Ann got this pallet and described the shades which I will type out on my vast document of pallets when I’m done here. This pallet retails for $29.99!
Dr. Brandt Hydrobiotic Sleeping Mask: Next is a skin care product by Dr. Brandt. I heard of these guys through YouTube and of course Ulta and Sephora sell their products and heard many good things. This is my first time trying them and did start using the mask right away last night. This helps the skin hydrate and get rid of redness and irritation. That is all it says and I did read while looking for how to use this item that it does help all skin types including mine. So far so good it has and I didn’t break out either or have any irritation. When I put it on last night it felt very cooling to the skin like my Up & Up Moisturizer I have been using before makeup. I have to keep on using this and see how it goes. Retail price is $52.
Moda Five Piece Eye Brush Set: Next is a brush set from Royal & Langnickle’s Moda line and happy to get these. As you know I used to draw and paint and used this companies brushes and now that they do makeup it makes them even more fun. I remembered a long time ago I got a brush set of three from this brand in a box all about eye products while this one features five brushes. They include a blender, a definer, a crease, a brow bone, and an eyebrow brush that can also double as an eyeliner brush. Which is perfect for me when it comes to eye looks on a daily basis and this set retails for $27.95 which is not bad!
Hank & Henry Blickety Black Eyeliner: Next is a brand I am glad to try out and that is Hank & Henry! I heard of this brand through What’s Up In MakeUp and they are an indie brand that is both cruelty free and vegan and this eyeliner is a pen that is long-lasting and dries down to a satin finish and perfect for hooded eyelids. Not sure if I should put this in my work kit or my weekend kit. Actually work since I can use these pens more. This retails for $20.00.
Billion Dollar Brow Micro Blading Effect: Final item is something from Billion Dollar Brows and it is an eyebrow pen. I took a try all thanks to how people are getting this in their box and I hope it comes in a different color since so far I heard people got taupe. This pen can be used as a way to go either bold or natural and the pen acts as if you’re getting the micro blade effect that people always go for. It looked like a wavy brush to me but it did tickle and did make my brows stay in place for far like a gel would do. I have to keep playing with this since it is an interesting product to me. This item retails for $18.00.

Well guys that is it! This was a really good box for what they gave this month. I am glad they have done more variations this month since last month it felt like everyone almost got the same items but I felt that my box was not that great. This one was way better since I can use all the products. The brow pen is pretty interesting since it does have a nice tip to use and of course I would use the crap out of the brushes since it is by a favorite brand of mine. I am going to keep using the sleeping mask since it was pretty good with what it does. I can’t wait to use the shadow pallet since it gives me more of the Violet Voss brand as time goes on. I did hear that next month there will probably be a Dose of Colors shadow pallet which I have been getting into that brand more all thanks to those liquid lipsticks which I cannot wait for the day during 21 Days where I can try more colors which some have caught my eye when I saved them to my favorites for that day. I did get my Ipsy so stay tuned!

The Convention Quadrant: RangerStop 7 in Orlando, FL

Before this post begins I want to say that this post is dedicated to Robert Axelrod. He just passed away yesterday and I remembered meeting him at the very first Omni Fandom Expo. He did suffer from a big surgery a year ago and Barbara Goodson did raise money for treatment at last year’s RangerStop. I still remembered going to his Sunday panel at Omni where he talked about his role as Lord Zed in Mighty Morphen Power Rangers and his work on Digimon. Rest in peace Mr. Acxlrod you were a very talented voice actor who brought a lot of entertainment to kids as they grown up like I had when I first saw Zed on screen.

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new convention spotlight!

RangerStop 7 in Orlando, FL November 8th through the 10th, 2019!

It’s Morphen Time again with RangerStop 7! Yes, another year for Orlando’s Power Rangers convention. If you were in Atlanta you probably have went to the pop culture version of this convention and probably met other familiar faces besides our favorite Rangers. Let’s see what this year has in hold for the fans that are excited for the Orlando counterpart!

Hotel: This year the convention will be held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort which is in the heart of International Drive. Me and Gondras have stayed at this resort before the renovations have been done back in 2011 and 2012, we did go to AFO 2015 as attendees and seen the changes. There are more panel rooms added, ramps and stairways well small ones stair sets. If you have a wheelchair or a blind cane, watch your step as my tip. We will be staying at the hotel which the price for the discount is $109 a night. I would say book now because the rooms will go fast in time for the convention and if that happens you can stay at other places in the area, there is the La Quinta to let you know. Besides the hotel, you do have many attractions surrounding the hotel like the Orlando Eye for example, CityWalk down the road, even Universal alongside SeaWorld and their parks along with it. And for bites to eat, there are many restaurants you can go to like Red Robin for example or can order in if you wanted to if you have Uber Eats!

Tickets: There are so many tickets to choose from
You also get a 20% discount on some of them like the weekend pass with a shirt, the all weakened pass for example. One ticket I found interesting is of course the Family Plan where you can have two adults and up to five kids age’s four to twelve for $100 at the moment. For information on tickets, you can visit the link I will be providing down below!

Guests: This year there will be a lot of returning guests such as Kat Sutherland, Karen Ashley, Austin St. John, Christopher Kayman Lee, and a few new ones to add which one we are excited about! John Tui will be appearing at this year’s RangerStop for his first time. For anyone who has remembered the season SPD like we have he played Doggie Cruger in that season. Another interesting add on for any pop culture lovers and that is Samantha Newark who is known as Jerika and Jem from Jem & the Holograms! Make sure you follow RangerStop on their Facebook group because there are more guests to come. I am crossing my fingers on some and hoping to interview a few to add to our channel!

Well guys that is it for this spotlight. I know it’s short but there are new announcements to come for this convention. I do have to say is that this one is a huge blast to go to and worth the money since I did attend back in 2015. The guests are veryRangerStop Orlando Page nice and you get to hear their stories from being on the series or from their own convention experiences since they do appear at other conventions around the world. And of course with our second year of press we will be wearing the shirts and bringing the pamphlets along since we want to spread the word about our work so can’t wait for what this year brings.

What is next? Still waiting on my subscription boxes to come. I also am saying that I did join Dollar Shave Club well sued to hygiene issues…okay I was lazy in using RangerStop Tickets PageGondras’ razor from his box! Now I get one myself! It is worth it! Anyways, I am waiting on Glam Bag Plus and BoxyCharm at the moment since they got shipped out recently. So, until next time!

Also, check out the links to the tickets page and RangerStop Orlando!

The Book Quadrant: The Wicked Billionaire by. Jackie Ashenden

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I’m okay from Hurricane Dorian and here to give you guys another book review!

The Wicked Billionaire by. Jackie Ashenden

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book. Thank you!

The second in the Billionaire Seals book series where we see what happens to Lucas Tate in this one. When his best friend in the Navy dies and finds out that arms dealers are after his friend’s widow, Lucas has to protect her from being in danger of being killed or having to fork over money that she doesn’t have.

Grace is an artist that has an exhibition in two weeks and doesn’t know about the danger she is in until she feels the icy eyes on her back and finds Lucas Tate in the New York streets watching her. When she finds out that her husband, Griffin Riley, was doing some illegal activity and that the people he was dealing with are after her, she has to go with Lucas in order to keep herself alive and work on her paintings in time for her first art show in order to prove to her father that she is successful as a painter despite the danger she faces.

Thoughts: This book was better than the first in my opinion. Oh yes, I had to read the first one, The Dangerous Billionaire, in order to understand what was going on since it dealt with three brothers in this series. Basically this series deals with three foster brothers, Sullivan, Van for short, Lucas, and Wolf, who were adopted by a rich billionaire who owns an oil company. Later this billionaire ends up adopting a long time friend’s daughter named Chloe and then he dies and in the first one Van has to protect Chloe from her father who is dangerous and can do anything in order to get his daughter back. Van ends up falling for Chloe and things get steamy.

In this one, this deals with Grace and Lucas and I felt this one is a better read because of how I relate to Grace due to being a former artist myself and painting is really fun if you don’t mind getting it all over yourself. Heck, I remembered getting an ink wash all over my toes and flip flops once. Anyways, it felt more personal and I liked the interactions between Lucas and Grace being more natural while Chloe and Van felt more robotic and awkward even if they were foster siblings throughout their story. I did like how Grace was first described as Lucas watched her as in being long, elegant, looking a bit like Pippy Longstocking and always fashionable and wearing gold nail polish and spending money on her art supplies which back in the day I remembered doing that myself, even with my dad, but hey it is very relatable. I did like how the romance just took a bit to develop in this one and how Lucas couldn’t keep Grace out of his mind if even she was a widow while Grace just felt like Griff was just a friend and not a husband as she painted in the book. I prefer that in a romance rather than just have it quick and done like how the first one did where the two just had one night and that’s it even if it is too tempting. Still this was a good one.

Now to the action, I felt like the action was more woven into this one as in it didn’t feel like danger was on every page, as in the first instance where a guy disguised as a police officer shows out of nowhere and Grace almost opened the door to let him in and Lucas was right behind him. Now that is good example of good The Wicked Billionaire by. Jackie Ashenden on Amazonaction. With the last one I felt like, “Bring my daughter at this spot! Leave her be!” And a picture of a kiss was taken and that is it. Nothing else. I guess there are times where the first book is not always the one that drives you in but the second does even with how much someone can wait in the shadows and keep an eye on someone while anything can happen when your eye is not in focus. Even the final action scene shown it which I won’t spoil that part which you have to read to see what I mean. Still, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat a little bit and wondering what may happen next in the book even if it goes back to a normal day where Grace has her cup of coffee and probably take out a bottle of nail polish to paint her nails and Lucas is just working out for a few hours.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was a Nose-In-The-Book-Worthy Read because of how I felt relatable to Grace and that art is a passion for someone even if they’re in danger. I prefer this one over Dangerous Billionaire because of how the story flowed a lot better in this one and I prefer the action showing up more than just using a picture as black mail. I am hoping with the next one since I want to see what will Wolf do since with the Epilogue it gives a bit of a sneak peek I hope with his story? It gives me a lot of questions since throughout this book he was only called up for something important and it did reveal what it was. I would say give this one a read more due to it filling in the blanks of what had happened in the first but if you want to read the first one to get better context of what had happened first then give that one a read but to me this did a better telling and I liked the characters in this one more than Van and Chloe. That’s all I have to say!

Well guys that is it for this review! Make sure you check out the link to the book in this post and by the way this is a 21+ story in case of little eyes reading this. Next one will be a bit of Fifty Shades but hoping better than that since the author stated it has some of that. Anyways, this month will be of course my boxes coming up and will probably do another anime review later and of course will be doing my post on RangerStop 7 because we got press for that this year again! Decided to do it earlier in case of hotel discounts. So stay tuned everyone and follow our Twitter @ Nerdy SHique for the latest stuff! Until next time!

The Book Quadrant: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 3 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a book review!

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 3!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of this blog’s lead writer. Please respect what she has to say or you will be Nice’s next Fanged Love!

Last time in our story, Michael Vanderhorst has become the King of the Vampires and found out that all of their leaders have been taken. Not only that, he also tried to reveal to his love and boss at a local library in Phoenix, Miriam Murphy, that he is a vampire. The story picks up when he starts to try and figure out where the leaders were taken and where they were being kept. Along the way, Nice shows back up since he was one of the many taken and he becomes even more obsessed with Miriam but does confess his feelings to Miriam and finds out that she has a secret of her own and something even larger that deals with her family and what they were doing for his old master, Clyne. How will Michael solve this mystery? Let’s find out!

Thoughts: Yes, I know that was a bigger description from what I wrote but decided it was time to do something completely different. I did re-read this book since work had me busy and didn’t want a data drain on my plan with my Galaxy since Wi-Fi was being wonky for the past month. Anyways, I found this book funnier the second time I read it. I did like many other pop culture references even towards the CW since they did play Vampire Diaries years ago. I still think Nice is still hilarious even if he became obsessed with Miriam even more and kept running after Michael on foot for her. I can imagine this in anime mode where you see a speeding vampire on foot and Michael just speeding away even more in an electric car. Now to the relationship!

In this book, Miriam and Michael have gotten closer despite the danger and of course with her family secret which you have to read the book to find out. Which Mimi did mention some people spoiled some stuff at the back of the book, which I am sorry for any of that in my past reviews? Anyways, it did make them a cuter couple since Michael did want her for so long and yes I did have that “Dream Weaver: moment during a few love scenes or maybe “Carless Whisper.” Hey now, this girl has a huge imagination and can insert any music I please! ::drinks Vanilla Pepsi:: I hope with the next book things go farther since it looks like Michael may have to deal with Nice next since he had vanished with Miriam. Which brings me to my next point!

I want to apologize that with the last two books I thought it was a cliff hanger towards the end. Mimi mentioned at the end that they weren’t because of them being more well-rounded endings and this one did have a rounded one with how they were able to save the vampire race but it is not over since there is supposed to be a fourth one. I guess it didn’t help that I used to watch soap operas when I was younger and felt that the endings of the first two books were cliff hanger worthy but looking at how Mimi described each ending it does make sense how they were not leaving us hanging at the end but I do have to say each ending shows want us to wonder what will happen next and that is how I feel with this one’s ending and when to see what Michael do next and what Nice may have in store for him since his obsessions lead him to doing what he did. That will be another mystery all in its own and can’t wait for the next one!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book deserved this rating with how the mystery continued. I did love how Miriam and Michael were able to get together finally and that more things took place. I have to say that this book does want me to find out what will take place in the next one since the ending kind of make me wondered what will happen to Miriam and what will Michael do to get her back? The last one did have him try to kill himself to protect her so let’s see what crazy scheme he may have. The comedy did flow in this one as much as the last since things have changed and each character did have good timing. Hoping that keeps going even with the next! Can’t wait!

Well guys that is it for this book! Check out the link I will be including in this post since Mimi’s work has been one of my favorite work since I have started reviewing books. Heck, I even turned one of my own students onto Accidentally [yours} since she does love vampires and that series has it. So, I do have another book The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 3 On Amazonreview coming up which has been a long awaited one due to how big my NetGalley bookshelf has bene growing and need to get back into the back log of it all. Heck, books would fall off that shelf in the virtual world if this was an online game. Anyways, until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe and anyone in Florida, stay safe during Dorian!