The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm September 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

BoxyCharm September 2019!

My BoxyCharm arrived and man it’s better than last month! As you guys know that this is a $21 box and you get four to five full size items ranging from indie to high end to luxury brands! It also ranges from skin care to hair and even tools. Let’s see what I got shall we?

Violet Voss Essentials Shadow Pallet: First is a product from Violet Voss and it’s their Essentials Eye Shadow Pallet. I have gotten the Holy Grail mini pallet through Ipsy as an add-n and liked it so far. While this one is a full-size pallet featuring eight shadows ranging from warm to cool tone and matte and shimmer. I am glad to try this item out since it was one of the three pallets you would get which you would either get this one, the Tarte Clay Play Vol. 1, and the Too Faced Natural Love Face Pallet. I wanted the Tarte one since I got Vol. 2 but I am happy either way. Even Just_Ann got this pallet and described the shades which I will type out on my vast document of pallets when I’m done here. This pallet retails for $29.99!
Dr. Brandt Hydrobiotic Sleeping Mask: Next is a skin care product by Dr. Brandt. I heard of these guys through YouTube and of course Ulta and Sephora sell their products and heard many good things. This is my first time trying them and did start using the mask right away last night. This helps the skin hydrate and get rid of redness and irritation. That is all it says and I did read while looking for how to use this item that it does help all skin types including mine. So far so good it has and I didn’t break out either or have any irritation. When I put it on last night it felt very cooling to the skin like my Up & Up Moisturizer I have been using before makeup. I have to keep on using this and see how it goes. Retail price is $52.
Moda Five Piece Eye Brush Set: Next is a brush set from Royal & Langnickle’s Moda line and happy to get these. As you know I used to draw and paint and used this companies brushes and now that they do makeup it makes them even more fun. I remembered a long time ago I got a brush set of three from this brand in a box all about eye products while this one features five brushes. They include a blender, a definer, a crease, a brow bone, and an eyebrow brush that can also double as an eyeliner brush. Which is perfect for me when it comes to eye looks on a daily basis and this set retails for $27.95 which is not bad!
Hank & Henry Blickety Black Eyeliner: Next is a brand I am glad to try out and that is Hank & Henry! I heard of this brand through What’s Up In MakeUp and they are an indie brand that is both cruelty free and vegan and this eyeliner is a pen that is long-lasting and dries down to a satin finish and perfect for hooded eyelids. Not sure if I should put this in my work kit or my weekend kit. Actually work since I can use these pens more. This retails for $20.00.
Billion Dollar Brow Micro Blading Effect: Final item is something from Billion Dollar Brows and it is an eyebrow pen. I took a try all thanks to how people are getting this in their box and I hope it comes in a different color since so far I heard people got taupe. This pen can be used as a way to go either bold or natural and the pen acts as if you’re getting the micro blade effect that people always go for. It looked like a wavy brush to me but it did tickle and did make my brows stay in place for far like a gel would do. I have to keep playing with this since it is an interesting product to me. This item retails for $18.00.

Well guys that is it! This was a really good box for what they gave this month. I am glad they have done more variations this month since last month it felt like everyone almost got the same items but I felt that my box was not that great. This one was way better since I can use all the products. The brow pen is pretty interesting since it does have a nice tip to use and of course I would use the crap out of the brushes since it is by a favorite brand of mine. I am going to keep using the sleeping mask since it was pretty good with what it does. I can’t wait to use the shadow pallet since it gives me more of the Violet Voss brand as time goes on. I did hear that next month there will probably be a Dose of Colors shadow pallet which I have been getting into that brand more all thanks to those liquid lipsticks which I cannot wait for the day during 21 Days where I can try more colors which some have caught my eye when I saved them to my favorites for that day. I did get my Ipsy so stay tuned!

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