The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus September 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2019!

I know it’s been a few days but I am back with this post. I will tell you guys why I waited a bit in a moment but want to fill you guys in with the info. This box is $25.00 a month and you get more full-size items than the deluxe size samples. You can just get this alone or get both your Glam Bag and this one together like I do. Starting in October you will be getting a makeup bag like the start of this subscription. Let’s see what I got in the add-ons.

Add-Ons: First are the add-ons. They have changed up the amount by having you getting to choose five instead of three. I was happy and sad at the same time because one of them was missing and that was the IBY Beauty Highlighter in Private Jet. Why did they forget this item? TO be fair Hot Mess Mama MD did have one item missing with her Glam Bag this month when she bought two. I did contact Ipsy about it and getting a replacement alongside my points perk since I got that shattered. Seriously Ipsy pack your points items better. Hoping with the makeup bag added on will help that. I did get the other items including the Love Craft Beauty Bronzer, the other MadisonxOfra Highlighter in Moon Dance, one of the other Illamasqua lipsticks which I will mention later, and finally getting to try Colored Rain for my first time. I have heard so many good things about Colored Rain and glad to see a few shadows as Add-Ons and went with Glamor. I will see how that goes. Now onto my products.

Nomad Cosmetics Belgium Underground Eye Shadow Pallet: First product is from Nomad Cosmetics and it’s their Berlin Underground Eye Shadow pallet! I got into these guys all thanks to the one add-on which was a highlighter and got their highlighter pallet and man those were beautiful and pigmented. I was happy to find out that I was getting an eye shadow pallet from these guys and saw that it’s a smoky shadow pallet. I have tried this yesterday which will be around Monday or so when I post this and man it’s so pigmented! It includes olive green shades, silver shades, some yellow, one purple, and one black. I was able to create a smoky olive look you can find over at my Instagram, MariBlueCat. I have to try some of the other shades since they are really nice and blendable and nice to place with. What is great though Nomad Cosmetics did like my pics because I was trying on my newest wig for a costume I’ve been designing and couldn’t keep my paws off any of my makeup including this pallet? This shadow pallet has hemp seed oil in their shadows which I looked around on their site that they put different seed oils to make the shadows be more organic. I would say try their stuff out!
Illumasqua Anti-Matter Lipstick in Midnight: Next is another item from Illumasqua and it’s a lipstick! I’m glad to keep on trying this brand since they are a bit on the pricey side especially this line and that’s their Anti-Matter Lipstick line. The claims that it is both part satin and part matte and that it lasts all day and doesn’t dry your lips. I have to say is that the all-day wear is kind of false because it does come off but I do still feel a slight stain on my lips. The shade Midnight is a true red color which I think I am wearing at work now since it is a safe color to wear. I do have to dab since I have that tendency of going nuts with my lipstick. I did buy another shade in this line as an add-on and that is in Cosmic and it’s a neutral pink that helps bring a pop of color. When I think anything cosmic related I think of a magenta over a pink but I will see how that goes. I do like the feel of this lipstick to tell you the truth because it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything but the claim of long lasting is not really true unless you chug a lot of water like I do.
OfraxMiller Squad Pallet: Next is another Ofra collaboration item with Madison Miller and that is her Squad Pallet. This is a small face pallet that features two highlighters and one blush which can also double as eye shadows. I’m happy for Madison since she got to collaborate with such a huge brand who has been famous for their highlighters and liquid lipsticks and glad that she came out with a small face pallet. I will use these eventually due to trying the highlightes and the blushes before in a holiday pallet a while back.
Ciate London Extraordinary Setting Powder: Next is a full-size Ciate product and that is their Extraordinary Setting Powder, I think I remembered getting a sample of this in my regular Glam Bag and loved how it set my under eye concealer and glad to get a full-size version of it! This powder is claimed to be a fine powder that doesn’t crease or cake up, it is also translucent and perfect for a lot of skin tones. I am getting more into translucent powders since it’s easier like how Vivi said that you don’t have to worry about shades so much except when I got my Cover FX powder a few days ago I did have to choose light but hey at least another powder to try and this time a full size one from Ciate.
Paris Hilton ProD. N. A. Dual Action Cleansing Gel: Final item is a product I wasn’t expecting and it’s from Paris Hilton. Yes, she has skin care and apparently makeup which is kind of hard to find unless if you have a Marshall’s from what I hear. The claims are that this cleanser is supposed to help with getting dirt, makeup, and also clean out any pollutants in the air, it also contains caviar, white apple, and white tea to help with the cleansing. I have to try this cleanser out to see how it goes after I finish one and I’m glad to get another cleanser in another box like this because it gives me something new to try out. Plus it does help me in getting new cleansers in my rotation and don’t have to go out and buy one at the store every time. Hoping my skin doesn’t react and fall off like her character in Repo: The Genetic Opera. Just saying!

Well guys that is another month of Glam Bag Plus! I am so glad to have another awesome box as always since this is a good one to join if you are already with Ipsy and want a step up from deluxe sizes. Plus it does give you more stuff to try out. They are doing another version called Ultimate which is $50 a month but I may have a nice check but that is a bit pricey and already have enough boxes I subscribed to even now with Dollar Shave Club for my shaving needs, Allure with my trying their picks from their magazine and trust me more variety than Sephora Play and Macy’s in my opinion, of course Boxy Charm, and the regular Glam Bag. Thank you very much! Also, they will be adding the makeup bag again since they did do that before a year ago when they started which people were supposed to get it every four months but stopped but hey I am glad that they are bringing it back. Next month apparently they will be making it Betty Boop themed which that should have been in August since she started as a cartoon character that month in 1930, just saying!

Next will be my Allure box which I have been using some of the products so you will get to read what I think so far on them too! Until next time!

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