The Haul Quadrant: Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Fall 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new haul!

21 Days of Beauty Fall 2019!

Yes, it’s another haul and its Ulta 21 Days for fall! Every year Ulta has one of these in the spring and another in the fall where some prestige products get chosen alongside luxury to be placed from 40 to 50% off. They have stuff from Tarte to Urban Decay and even Dermalogica. This sale I did it differently from the last. I watched Hot Mess Mama MD do her videos on the three weeks and then Jen Luv’s Reviews do hers and chose a few items and saved them to my favorites on the app instead. It helped me keep in check because during the spring one I bought a lot and felt like with this one there were only a few things I wanted. What did I get? Let’s see!

Lorac Pro 2: First item is the Lorac Pro 2 pallet! I find it weird that last sale they had the Pro 3 on sale and now it was the Pro 2. I did hear good things about this brand and their shadows and picked up the Pro 3 to try out and their shadows were good from what I tried and when I liked it I decided to see about the others and well lucky me for this one being on sale for half off the entire sale. There are some products where Ulta just put them for a hot buy the entirety and this was one of them. Forgot to mention that Emily Noelle was the one who talked about this one. With the look I created so far it can be a bit of a fall out with the navy shade. I did’’ know until someone saw the blue smudges in my picture I took. I know I have to clean up my under eyes. I will play with this more.
Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Pallet: Next is another item I tried based on recommendation from Emily Noelle and that is the Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Shampagne Blush Pallet. I have tried two things from this brand and they were the blending egg sponges and the highlighter that looks like a salt and pepper shaker despite it looking like a frosting tub you get from Pillsbury but this is a full on pallet. When Emily was talking about what she would recommend and she said this I had to try it for myself. The packaging is very cute with the cotton balls to give off the cotton candy look and the blushes are cute too. I know the darkest is a plum shade but I did try one of the lighter shades which was pretty pigmented. If I were to say when it comes to trying this brand out I would say go for the pallets because they’re easier to use than the other items, I have a hard time getting that highlighter out so best to try the pallets.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush: Even though I got the Too Faced Tootie Fruitie blush in Berries & Bubbly, thank you 90s Love Child, but that doesn’t count even though they had their eye shadow pallets were on sale later. This popped my cat ears because I enjoy Tarte though and saved it to my favorites when I heard them being an item. Even though the Tarte in Bloom Pallet and the Lights Camera Lashes mascara were part of it but the blushes were the ones that got to me more than the highlighters even. I remembered loving the Amazonian Clay formula since it was also in the Swamp Queen pallet and many other shadow pallets they have released and remembered loving the blush from that and the blush in the set I got from the Christmas time sales years ago. I got the blushes in Seduced and Dazzled. These are rose colored blushes that fit my skin tone and Seduced is more of a rosy nude while Dazzled is a shimmery, soft rose. I almost thought about getting one other one but felt that was a bit much and had to think of the other items I wanted. I did try one of these and not bad even though I couldn’t see if it did stay on my skin. I will have to play with them further.
CoverFX Perfect Setting Powder: This was a last minute add-on all thanks to Jen from Jen Luv’s Reviews and that is the setting powder from CoverFX. Urban Decay and Becca also had their setting powders in this sale but this one got me because I remembered enjoying the face pallet from BoxyCharm. I did use it today, Monday by the way, I heard so many good things about this powder and since I have been using the Becca Hydro Mist at the moment after the sale I did have to see how that goes if I wanted another and trying COverFX’s setting powder on its own. Like with the Becca it does have a net which makes it more convenient. Can’t wait to use this one!
Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks: Next is the Dose of Colors Lipsticks. I got into these through BoxyCharm too. When I heard that these will be in the sale I had to get more of them! Apparently at the same time Sephora was also doing their own version of this sale and did the same idea with the Dose of Colors lipsticks but I got them from Ulta because their points system beats theirs. I stuck to three even though they were $9 each which is a good price and wishing they just keep it at that price. Oh well! I went with a color that Jen Luv’s Reviews loves and that is Chocolate Wasted. I didn’t know this was an actual color because I thought back to an Adam Sandler movie, Grown Ups where the youngest girl yells out, “I want to be chocolate wasted!” This is a dark brown color which yes it can be too dark but years ago I did love wearing chocolate brown lipsticks and it has been forever. Thank you Jen! Another shade I picked up was Play It Cool which is a dusty rose taupe. Trust me guys, it was hard knowing what to choose because the colors sounded so nice but this one intrigued me since I do like rosy shades and this mixes with taupe. And the last color I got was Camp Fire which is a burnt sienna. Didn’t I mention I had a hard time choosing? I remembered how I had a burnt sienna lipstick from Ofra, I think its Americano as the name, but people loved it on me in What’s up in Makeup and remembered that so picked up this one since it is a bit of a burnt red-brown. I can’t wait to use these since I do love the formula.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil: Final item I got in the sale is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils. I wasn’t interested in the other Urban Decay products even though my favorite Perversion mascara was on sale but as a travel size when I already have a new full size tube. I have tried one of these pencils out but as sample sizes and glad to get a full size version. I went with three colors and they are Desperation, a deep, taupe gray matte, Oozie, dark gunmetal shimmer, and Smog, a copper shimmer. Smog got me at first since I was looking for a copper or bronze liner due to having a lot of bronze shades while the other two were different in the gray tones. I did notice the blue and green shades but didn’t excite me this time since I bought NYX Slime Eye Pencils in those colors. I almost got Corrupt because Nicole Quinn loves that one but I can always get that one later. I am so glad to try these for real.

Bonus Items That Weren’t On Sale: Let’s see what else I bought that was not a part of the sale!

Formula 1.06 Rescue Me Blemish Gel: First is a re-stock on my favorite blemish gel from Formula 10.06 and glad I did because I just ran out. I was glad to get another tube.
Burt’s Bees Lip Oil: I used to have an Ulta lip oil but don’t know what had happened to it so decided to try something new. I have enjoyed Burt’s Bees off and on and decided to try this out and man my lips become so moisturized and they feel good!
Revlon Cushion Lip Tint: Finally is the Revlon Cushion Lip Tint and to tell you the truth is that this thing is the most comfortable lip product I have worn so far! I got the shade Wine Trip because they talked about this color in Allure Magazine and had to check it out for myself. I did get another color but while at Walgreens and glad to get this. It’s been forever since I picked up a Revlon product.

Well guys that is it for this post! All I have to say this part of the sale was my most controlled sale ever. I felt like I got items I would rather want than items I would buy based on impulse alone, trust me I have been there and done that, and it feels better. I will have to see about the Dose lipsticks and the COverFX powder in how they go. What is next? Hoping a book review since this is the start of October and haven’t gotten word on Ipsy and BoxyCharm shipments yet since it’s early. So, until next time!

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