The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post and this time it’s…

Ipsy October 2019!

I got my Ipsy and kind of as a about it but will talk about this. There have been changes to Ipsy where you can pick an item and also they rose the price to $12 which is not that bad considering since they have been re-branding over time. You still get five deluxe to full-size items and a makeup bag. Let me talk about the bag real quick because it is cute! This month Ipsy has collaborated with Betty Boop and have made items to go with it. I didn’t buy the collection since I almost wanted to like with Tetris but picked one of the items and purchased the other with Glam Bag Plus. Last year’s bag was a masquerade mask blending into it while this year’s bag with Betty Book you have sequins, the B as your zipper tag, and I think Betty winking on the backside of it. I know there is another bag coming with GB Plus and can’t wait to get that as well. Let me get to my add-ons.

Add-Ons: Another change is that instead of three add-ons you get to pick five, or up to five to make the cost better. You still get the full-size for $12 and deluxe for $3. I love getting these because if you didn’t get a specific item you’re hoping for you can get it in the add-ons on the second of every month. What’s great is that you’re not only getting the items in Ipsy and GB Plus but also in the Ultimate Bag if you’re not getting that since that’s $50 a month and that’s a mix of deluxe and full-size. I’m not getting the Ultimate when I’m already doing that with Ipsy and GB Plus. What’s sad about this this month is that my add-ons did not arrive with my bag! I know shocking! Remembered how last month my IBy Beauty highlighter was missing? I did get the replacement in the mail. When I got my Glam Bag I noticed the envelope had just my bag and items nothing else! I remembered how I bought add-ons in the past and they appear no problem and I asked about it and they said that it was confirmed that my items were sent with my Glam Bag but don’t feel them since I know I ordered a pallet! Let me tell you what I bought! The Pharmacy Green Clean Balm because so many people talked about it on YouTube, Tarte’s Chrome Paint in Park Ave. Princess which I wanted to try these and getting another shade in GB Plus, the Balm What’s the Tea Pallet in Hot Tea which I missed the Iced Tea pallet on the Shopper page, and the F. A. R. A. H. Midnight Blue Pro Trio! You can see that I was excited about these items but they didn’t arrive! It sucks you spend money on these and don’t get them and Ipsy did tell me that they will team sure their packaging crew will keep track of the items shipped and hoping so! Now hoping their contact form gets fixed because it won’t let me send it.

Benefit they’re Real Mascara: First is a mascara from Benefit and it’s the they’re Real. I remembered getting this in my Allure Beauty Box this summer and not sure what happened to it so glad to have an extra.
Leni Loose Eye Shadow in Byron Bay: Next is a shadow from a brand I never heard of and it’s called Leni. Apparently this brand is one that lets someone have their own creativity and wanderlust and the shadow I got is in the shade is a warm gold which would go great since so many people have said that the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay made my eyes pop over on Facebook. The claims is that this shadow is very pigmented and opaque and lasts from day to night. I have to try this and see if the claims are what they say since sometimes that can happen unless you have a good eye base placed on your lids. Let’s see how it goes!
Betty BoopXIpsy Lip Gloss in All Jazzed Up: Now onto one of the Betty Boop items! I got a lip gloss this time which made me happy! Last time with Tetris I received the lip balm and it was not that bad but the lip gloss is better to me since I can just wear it over lipsticks. It claims with this gloss that is supposed to be lightweight and doesn’t cake up like most lip products do and this shade is a sheer tint with a pink and purple to it. I can’t wait to try this out since I do love wearing lip glosses myself and they have made a major return.
Kissmet Buff Sugar Lip Scrub in Bright and Bubbly: Yay! I got a lip scrub this month and needed it since there are times where my lips do become dry. This scrub is supposed to help lipstick last longer due to the sugar crystals are able to softly expholiate lips, the shea butter is supposed to help moisturize along with the Vitamin C and it has a pink champagne flavor to it. I have tried this so far and my lips do feel softer so far and it feels more like a mousse than a scrub but it does feel nice. I wish all lip scrubs are like this instead of that rough textured sugar.
Crown Brush CB 210 Pro Chisel and Buffer Brush: Now onto the chosen item which every month you get to either choose an item or you can skip it let Ipsy choose for you. This is great since they give you certain items you would like and when I saw this I had to get it. It’s been a long while since I’ve gotten anything from Crown Brushes and glad to see they back in action. This is a dual ended brush which one side can be used for the crease while the other as a definer brush. So many people don’t like dual ended but I do since it can be easily used for my defining and crease shades. I hope to see more of Crown since I feel like I’ve been missing them and with the brushes I’ve received in the past from them they have been really good.

What I’ve finished? Well, I finished up the Inc. Redible lip balm but I felt it was very drying so I tossed it. I prefer my Lip Smackers since they don’t dry my lips out so much even though they keep on saying they only help the surface but these feel like they help even underneath.

Well guys that’s it for this post! This month’s Ipsy was really good since not only I picked an item but the other items were really well selected for me since I did change my profile up. I will see what November has to bring since I saw someone’s spoiler video and they’re collaborating with Gigi Gorgeous from YouTube! Awesome! Stay tuned right after this because I have my BoxyCharm!

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