The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post for the day!

BoxyCharm October 2019!

So, BoxyCharm has arrived and glad it did since this has been a really good month with spoilers. It’s all about Dose of Colors this month since they had given BoxyCharm many five pan pallets to give out! There are a lot of changes coming to BoxyCharm starting in November which the price for the base box will be going up to $25 and knowing I will be taxed for that since I do live in Florida after all. They are also introducing a new box called Premium but to me just getting the base box is more worth it since I am pretty much getting similar items already to Premium and Lux which I don’t need that much in a box. If you’re interested in joining either one, first you have to join BoxyCharm and then you can upgrade to Premium and Lux afterwards. Also another new thing apparently they have been letting people choose one product and I got to do it for November. I was wondering when they sent out the emails since they have been doing that but haven’t ’gotten it until this month. I tried asking on their Facebook and they said they don’t do it just look on the website. Here’s the thing though if you don’t let your customers know about it then how would they? I work eight to five days a week and I wouldn’t know if I don’t get an email but I did get one and chose something but you have to wait until I get my November box! Let’s see what I got this month!

Dose of Colors Five Pan Eye Shadow Pallet in Baked Browns: So, starting off is a Dose of Colors product and that is the fie pan shadow pallet. I heard so many good things about Dose of Colors’ eye shadow formula and so far I have enjoyed their liquid lipsticks and when I heard they were giving these pallets out in the box alongside another one from a YouTube influencer I was really excited. I was happy to get this and got it in the Baked Browns pallet which is a matte brown pallet. This will be perfect for work since I do love wearing basic shadow looks for work. I have some brown tops and one or two brown skirts that this would go well with. I did buy another one as an add-on for my November box and that is the Sassy Siennas which I can’t wait for! Retail price for this is $32.
Touch and Sol Pretty Filter Glass Skin Balm: Next is a product from Touch & Sol. I was surprised to get a product from these guys again since I felt that this brand is more for oily skin types with the primer I tried the last time. I was hoping not to get this but got it anyways and apparently this is supposed to give an all over glow and prep the skin before makeup and hoping it does since the primer was supposed to be like that but made my skin itchy so hoping this doesn’t do that. Let’s see what this brings! This retails for $32.
Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss: Next is my first item by Iconic London. I remembered how many boxes in the past they had this brand in there and didn’t get those items but did this time and it’s a lip plumbping gloss. I heard these are also well-known because they do have a minty sensation to help plump the lips and well I am not into lip plumpers unless it’s a makeup item to try out and willing to see how this goes. Especially with my skin being sensitive and this gloss is supposed to be with peptides to help with collagen growth in the lips. Let’s see how it goes. This retails for $26.
Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer: Next is another item from Becca and excited to try another item and that is their Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. This balm is supposed to help re-energize the under eyes and take away fatigue since the delicate under eye area is the first place for aging. I tend to use something like this before I put on my under eye concealer as a primer for that. I am using the Becca powder at the moment and liking that so will be trying this out and see how it goes. This retails for $32 and this is another item costs this much!
Jante Blue Lip Liner Pencil: Final item is a lip liner by Jante Blue. I have noticed this brand being in subscriptions and it looks like it’s a drugstore brand. I thought it was more luxury due to the name but apparently this is more drugstore. This claims to be a much pigmented pencil that can be worn alone, good to contour the lips, and as a base for any lip color. I am glad to get another lip liner pencil since I have used them to keep a grip on any lip product due to my being a teacher and have to explain technology I don’t want my lip color to come off. I wished I had this with Havana Nights with how it ran all over my lips during Omni! This retails for $5.00!

What Did I Finish? Well, when it comes to BoxyCharm items I have finished the Dr. Brandt Sleeping Mask not too long ago. I was surprised that this item went pretty quickly since it was pretty small for its package. It was a great thing to try and it did help with my skin stay hydrated while I slept all night and it did act as a great base for makeup, as in it did help make my skin be moisturized for makeup application. I am trying out a newer night cream since I do get dry as I sleep. And the other item I finished happened to be the Elemis Veggie Mask! I just finished this mask and man it tingled like crazy while I sued it. I did like the citrusy and veggie smell it gave off as I used it. It didn’t irritate my skin at all. I do have another mask I did receive in BoxyCharm and see how that goes!

Well guys that is it for this month’s BoxyCharm! I’m excited about the pallet since it’s another Dose of Colors product for me to try out. I’m also excited about the Becca primer since it did look like a makeup compact to me and hoping it will do the same thing as any eye cream. What is next? Hoping my Glam Bag Plus and Allure Beauty Box! Until next time!

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