The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another subscription post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another Glam Bag Plus! This is the upgraded version of the Glam Bag where you get five full-size items and now a makeup bag every month. This one is $25 a month and will stay that price! This month it also collaborated with Betty Boop and like with the regular Glam Bag you do get one item from the collection which I got to choose. Let’s see what I got as an add-on!

Add-On: I got the Betty Boop That’s So Betty Shadow Pallet from the collection. This time I decided to wait and see what I got from the collection instead of buying it in full like with the Tetris one since that one was huge and this one was pretty big as well. I decided to just go for the items I got and buy the ones I was mostly interested in and one of them was this shadow pallet. Even though you got single shadows from this pallet but I decided to just get the pallet alone due to loving pallets and this seems like a nice collector’s item. I do like Betty Boop somewhat from the old cartoons but I prefer Felix the Cat since I love cats! Anyways, this pallet features eight shadows and they are in pearl, matte, and foil formulas which you can wear alone or layered on each other. You know me I would go for a full on eye affect. I wonder if Ipsy can help me with shade descriptions since they probably don’t know I’m blind. Hey, they had it for the Eleman pallet I picked up.

Dr. Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliating Cleanser: Man that was a lot to type! First is the ever so famous Dr. Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cleanser. I heard so many things about this cleanser for years on YouTube and was glad to get it since I need to keep my skin clear of dead skin cells. This cleanser has a combination of gentle crystals and acids to help clean the skin and the lactic acids help with cell turnover and get rid of dead skin and won’t strip away moisture. I can’t wait to use this since I am using my Mirad one at the moment and that one is proving to be really good for my skin too. I am so glad that this is in my box and can’t wait to use it!
REALHER I Am Adaptable Liquid Lipstick: Next is a product from REALHER and it’s a liquid lipstick. I love these things and it’s great to try new brands in these subscriptions. This is a classic red shade and it is very lightweight that dries down to a very bold and matte shade. This is made with Medafoam Seed Oil that helps to lock in moisture in the lips and it was made in partnership with athlete and motivational speaker Misty Diaz, who was born with Spina Bifida, but doesn’t compete without a bright red lip. I did wear this on Friday to work but it did kind of ran off my lip so I have to be careful while wearing this by just applying it to my middle lip and let it spread slightly and then dab.
Tarte Chrome Shadow Paint Pot in Steel the Show: Next is a new item for me to try from Tarte and that is their Chrome Shadow Pot and in the color Steel the Show! This is a metallic silver shade and I tried it earlier for my Mercury Black look from RWBY and it did go on pretty smoothly. This is like the Maybelline Color Tattoos and this was a great new item to try. I did hear these are a bit messy and best to hit them against a hard surface to loosen them up to keep the shadow powder inside and I did that but nothing fell out so far. You can use your finger or brush which I used a pointed crease brush to do my crease with this and didn’t have any issues. I can’t wait to see how Park Ave. Princess will be like once it arrives!
Trestique All over Shimmer Stick in Ultraviolet: Next is a highlighter stick from Trestique but have to get it replaced. This is a multitask stick where you can use it as a shadow, a highlighter, or as a lipstick. It is a powder to cream formula and even oily skin types can use it. I have to wait for my replacement because it broke when I was looking at it again. I love this brand since it is all about just being a stick and don’t have to carry so many things at once but if it breaks it ruins the appeal. Hoping it doesn’t break in the replacement.
Betty BoopxIpsy Cheek to Cheek Blush Pallet: Finally is my item choice! I decided to get the Cheek to Cheek Blush Pallet from the Betty Boop collection since I got the lip item and did an add-on with the shadow pallet so I covered all bases this way. The mascara and liner were tempting but I have too many of those already and I prefer pencil and pen liners, gel if I have the right brush as well. This pallet has a peach blush and two highlighters and they have soft textures that blend in smoothly. I’ve been hearing that these are too light so I have to see how these go since I do love getting blushes and highlighter pallets since they are so easy to work with. I am so glad I was able to pick the top items from this collection.

Well guys that is it for this post! I did enjoy this box and the bag was actually bigger than the Glam Bag and now using it. I can’t wait for next month’s box since of course it will have items from the Gigi Gorgeous Collection so I can’t wait to see what it brings! Stay tuned I do have my Allure Beauty Box!

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