The Book Quadrant: The Trust by. Ronald H. Balson

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

The Trust by. Ronald H. Balson

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions on this ARC that was sent for review. Please respect the lead writer’s thoughts on this book! You have been warned!

In this book by the author of Karolena’s Twins finds Liam Taggart going home to Ireland for an uncle’s funeral but this funeral is not due to natural causes of death but a murder. Not only he finds out that it was a murder but this same uncle anticipated it and put the Will and Testament in Liam’s hands and must wait until he solves the murder that he can distribute the funds laid out for the rest of the family. During his time in Ireland, he finds deep dark secrets about his family and not only that finds out his old love, Annie, has been in contact with the family and closer to the uncle than he thinks. Will Liam be able to solve his uncle’s murder? Also, what is going on with new messages of death towards his family including his wife Katherine back in Chicago? Is this all connected somehow?

Thoughts: I didn’t know that this book along with Karolena’s Twins were part of a series until I went back and found the first two books, Once We Were Brothers and Saving Sophie, were within the series. I can see looking back on reading Karolena’s Twins that it did mention one of the characters from the first book and another character from the second and how that one tied to the character from the first and how Liam and Katherine ended up together and married.

I would have to say I prefer reading the audio version of this book than reading it as a Kindle book because the guy who read it was amazing at it especially with Saving Sophie and now reading the next book in this series which you will see that review sometime soon. I did like how he went into an Irish accent when need be to bring the family and any other characters Liam encountered while being in Northern Ireland to life. To the story itself it did have the suspense I know and love with a murder mystery because it brought an idea of the past known as the Troubles in Irish History. It was a time where Protestants and Catholics didn’t get along and man it looked dicey for Liam. It did bring up how his dad died since he did get shot while trying to save his sister who also got shot during this time period and more things did get revealed about his family whether the families who were at war with the Taggarts were coming back to go after the rest of them since calling cards shown up in their mailboxes. Even interesting how Katherine was targeted since she did get married into the family and had a kid with Liam since Karolena’s Twins did end on that. What I do notice in this series that the first, third, and now the fifth one I’m reading, The Girl From Berlin are connected to World War II while the second and fourth books are more of a suspense story dealing with family where in the second one, Saving Sophie, had someone from the law firm that Katherine used to work at finding his daughter who was kidnapped by the in-laws in the Middle East while The Trust had Liam get through past family issues in order to keep his uncle’s trust from going into wrong and selfish hands. It does connect to the idea of law since Katherine is connected with how she handles cases but I find this book was more of a Liam thing since it did show how he did work for the C. I. A. at one point. Still it was a really good book. So far with the next one I am seeing some family matters but I will see how that one goes.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I think this one in the series has been Balson’s best due to how he made each character come to life. Heck, I had some chills and mistrust to some of the characters while reading it and how the person reading it made them sound. I felt like I was watching a movie a moment there. It did had its historical fiction parts like with the other books but I felt more drawn to the present and glad that I did get to take the time to read them and now on the fifth book which that will be coming soon once I’m done. If you want to give this a read, I highly recommend along with the others!

That is it for this review! Make sure to check out the link for this book alongside the other books Balson has written that will be linked through the Amazon page I leave behind. Don’t worry the next RangerStop review will be next!
The Trust Liam Taggart & Katherine Lockhart Book 4

The Interview Quadrant: Wally Wingert At RangerStop 7

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from stuffing yourselves with turkey and all the fixings! I am back with another post!

Interview with Wally Wingert at RangerStop 7!

Alrighty then! So, starting the interview footage from RangerStop and man it was interview upon interview since Gondras talked to EVERYONE and handed our business cards and pamphlets out which also helped. We did get to do six interviews and did mention we do them over Skype in case no one is available or we can also catch them next year if we get the chance for press which I hope we do because this convention is a major blast to go to! Heck, I saw someone on the group earlier say they are going to Orlando next year from the UK! Oh yeah!

So, to start off with this year’s set up is Wally Wingert! Not only he played Psycho Blue on In Space but he has been in a ton of anime such as Tiger & Bunny as Kotetsu also known as Tiger and anyone who has been into Bleach! He Voice Renji! And to all of my Invader Zim fans he was also Tallest Red! I did get to ask him my favorite question which was the funniest thing happened in the booth which you get to watch because it was hard to think of other questions since I didn’t know what else to ask and it’s been months since we have interviewed a voice actor. Glad to talk to him and not only that got to cross his name off the Voice Actors to Interview List.

That is it for this one guys! Stay tuned for our next interview with another Psycho Ranger, Psycho Black played by Michael Mayes! And also follow our Twitter, @ Nerdy Shique, for all of the latest updates!

The Technology Quadrant: Amazon Echo Buds Review!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Sorry for not posting for a bit because I was sick like Gondras and been busy since my last post! I do have a tech review!

Amazon Echo Buds Review!

Disclaimer: This product review is based on personal experience with the product. Please respect the thoughts and honesty of the lead writer. You have been warned!

So guys it’s holiday time and you know what that means! Holiday Gift Shopping Time! I figured this is appropriate since not only being an Adaptive Tech Instructor but also someone who runs a blog and does review items and talk about new things and that brings me to these babies!

Amazon has been getting into the Accessibility Game this year with new devices and I have gotten into them myself. I did get myself an Amazon Fire Tablet and of course the new Echo Dot 3 with Clock which you saw me set up on the channel and of course got the new Echo Buds. I decided to get these because you know the Apple Air Pods are expensive even with the new ones when these are cheaper and they work as well. I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t make a video. After the Echo Dot video with how bad the app was acting up on my Fire Tablet I figured it was best to do a review over a video since it’s easier for me to talk about it here since there is a feature I do like about them and will explain more. Let’s get into the price and packaging!

Price and Packaging: These are $129.99 and you save a lot than just buying the Air Pods. You can go the way I did since I was running out of funds at the time and that is Five Month Payments where you get to pay monthly instead of the full price. With these you pay shipping on the first payment along with taxes and after that you just pay for the payment price and that is $26 for the remains while the first month is $34. This is not the only device that has this even the Echo Dot series also has it, the new Echo Show also has it and so many other items that aren’t device related are the same way. The packaging when you get it you get the buds in a case which is the re-chargeable case where both buds get charged individually and you do get the USB cable to power up the case for cordless charging which I will explain something cool about this case in a moment, also you get extra ear bud parts for if you lose the parts that go in your ears you can replace them like with other ear buds. You also get these wing parts that slip onto your buds so they can stay on your ear since they can slip. Took me a day to figure that out and got those on and now them stay on.

Set Up: Set up was easier for this than my Echo Dot and my tablet. You need the AlexaaApp but best to use it on your phone that you use. You can use it on Android and IPhone since these buds can use Siri and Google Assistant along with Alexa and you go through the Device set up like with other devices and choose Headphones on the list and Echo Buds show up and you have to make sure to double tap and the process actually starts there. I forgot about double tapping when I first opened them and thought it wasn’t working because if you saw in my Echo Dot video how badly the app was acting up and how touchy it was that it did take two tries to get my Echo Buds to set up. What I do like which I did with my Dot is that I got to rename it and gave it the MST treatment and named it Gypsy, it makes sense with the Alexa bit. I did forget to mention that the first thing when getting these you need to connect to Bluetooth first since these do rely on that all the time.

How Do They Work: How Like the many other products you’re able to ask Alexa anything with these since you do have Flash Briefings, you can ask about the weather, I even enjoy Question of the Day. There are added features to the buds themselves where not only Alexa is with you but you can also use Siri if you’re using it with your IPhone or Google Assistant with your Android. Great thing is that you can hold down on the buds to enable Siri or Google Assistant or can just ask either one and you hear a sound to access them both. Great thing is that these are noise cancelling ear buds. You have to double tap in order to activate Pass Through which you hear everyone around you and double tap again for Noise Reduction where it blocks out everything. I used these during RangerStop by turning on Pass Through and had to set up my camera on my phone ad hear the start of the panel since it was important to hear any updates or the guest intros. I could have used these with Aira but the rain was coming Friday night and not sure how well their water proofing was and didn’t want to risk any shortage because that is a claim with these. With the noise cancellation you can increase how much of background noise you can let in through an app setting. With the case, since I mentioned it, it does give you in the app how much battery it has in both the left and right and of course the case itself. Cool thing is you can ask Alexa with that information. In case you’re wondering about skills, you can evoke certain skills like playing nature sounds, can have NPR as your news, and so much more.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I am enjoying these ear buds due to how versatile they are. Yes, it’s a bit of pain to get the wing parts on to keep them in but having something like this when you can just keep your phone in your pocket or in your purse without worrying about dropping it does come in handy. Trust me when I got my phone back in September and was waiting on my case my phone did fall on my ride home all thanks to the ear bud cord. With these that doesn’t happen. I do love the idea of noise cancellation so I can take a nap without any worry. Plus, these are cheaper than the Apple Air Buds and you can do payment installments instead of full price. I would say if you’re planning to get these wait until Amazon has their back Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale, of course they will probably have a better deal closer to Christmas. I definitely recommend these as a great gift or good for work outs or meditation.

Well guys that is it for this review! I’m glad to do another tech review after a long while. If you guys want me to review the Echo Dot 3 on here, as in the one with the clock, I will gladly do that. In the meantime, I am hoping to start bringing more coverage from RangerStop 7. Stay tuned!

The Convention Quadrant: RangerStop 7 Review!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! You’ve waited and it’s time for…

RangerStop 7 Review!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts, opinions, and observations of the lead writer of this blog. Understand that not all thoughts are the same and that she’s honest on what she has observed. You’ve been warned.

So, RangerStop has come and passed and man it was fast but we did had a blast! It was also Gondras’ first year going to this thing and he also had a blast at this thing and got to witness what I had a year ago and during 2015. We did stay at the Wyndham which that’s first!

Hotel: The Wyndham has gone through renovations during 2014 I believe and they knocked some of the buildings down and expanded the main lobby area and there were a ton of ramps and mini stairs added to that area too. When we got there to check in we did have to ask someone for directions to get to the main Registration desk since we did have a room. The good thing is that we did get the event discount which was not bad for just two nights. I felt that the room was bigger than I remembered staying back in 2011 and 2012 where it felt like there was more space to it. Plus, it was just the two of us rather than more people and well reason for just the two of us is that press can only have two people for each team which is pretty fair. We hardly got to hang in the room until Saturday night because we had so many panels and of course talking to people about interviews and so on. This is a very busy convention for us and I’m happy it is and keeps our coverage going. The convention did stick to a small area in the hotel area near the bar inside the lobby and pool area which I did have to find my way back for Power Rangers after Dark but I did use the Aira app to guide me until a tourist helped me to the building. Speaking of events…

Panels & Events: Man, where to start? Friday started off with the Disney Rangers panel where we had cast members from the Disney seasons of Power Rangers. It was a nice start and it did go into more of a thirty minute break in between panels until the night event happened. I felt that the panels were more organized with how they were scheduled and didn’t waste time in starting where if a guest is missing for a bit for a meal or a photo op they do show up a little bit late. Melody Perkins did have to go off during the Psychos vs. Space Rangers for her photo ops but did show up again. I wished she was there for my question that I asked Chris K. Lee about who would win in a fight, Andros or Karone? You will see that in the video! I think the best panels happened to be the Magic Source Mystic Force and the John Tui Experience because it gave a past cast from the Mystic Force season to reunite and of course with John Tui’s thing we got to have a nice chat about his work. One thing we did attend was the Robert Axelrod Memorial. As you guys know, Robert Axelrod has provided the voice to many monsters and Lord Zed in Power Rangers and voices in many anime like in Digimon as an example. Karen Ashley asked for any video that people may had with Robert but I only had the recordings of him coming onstage doing his Lord Zed voice at Omni Year 1 and his panel since I was the only other person at it. Gondras and I did say some words even though I was blubbering like a kid since it did bring a touching memory even when I met him to get my Season 1 Part 1 signed by him and didn’t know he charged but he said since I was Press I wasn’t charged. Really nice of him and wishing I did interview him but knowing a convention schedule being packed for him it was already hard as is. There was also a Memorial for the Red Ninja Storm Ranger’s actor that weekend but didn’t attend that one unfortunately.

Vendor’s Room: It felt a bit small in the select few of vendors. I know it’s a Power Rangers convention but I felt there could have been a bit more. We did purchase two things for ourselves which I got the Solaris Knight t-shirt at John Tui’s table and Gondras went off and bought himself the Doggy Cruger badge from SPD since they were selling them during Saturday and had some left. To be fair I was wearing my SPD shield Sunday. Speaking of guests!

Guests: All the people they have invited were some of the nicest people we’ve met. Karen Ashley even ran into me before the con started when I was waiting for Gondras so we could head for the room after checking in. There is one thing I didn’t know until this convention and that is a new custom and that is Polynesian men give women they first meet a kiss on the cheek. John Tui is part Polynesian and when he gave me a kiss I was a little flustered and surprised and he explained it during his panel about that and glad to know that since if I ever meet Jason Mamoa or The Rock I’m ready! We did get to interview most of the Space cast but the others we got to talk to were booked for the rest of Sunday so hoping we get a chance on Skype. I still need to finish up Time Force since we did interview the guy from Jungle Fury and mentioned that I haven’t watched it yet, also mentioned the main interesting reason of watching it was that one of the masters in that season is blind, I am going through Time Force as I’m writing this review. Thank you Net Flix!

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! I feel like this year also earned the Accomplished rating again since this year it was so organized for a smaller convention. We not only got to interview a good portion of the In Space Cast but also crossed off a voice actor off the list of possible people to interview and that is Wally Wingert who played Psycho Blue also Tallest Red in Invader Zim, and any Bleach fans still out there, Renji! It was an amazing time like last year and hoping that we get to go to the one in Atlanta next year because well Gondras had to point out that they will be having Bulk and Skull and Chris Sabat for the Pop Culture side since it is also a Pop Culture convention besides Power Rangers. And when you get Chris Sabat to a convention hijinks ensue! Especially with the picture they shown as his character, All Might from My Hero Academia. Oh man, why do I have an image of All Might taking on a Power Rangers monster? Anyways, it was an amazing convention and if we can’t go to Atlanta, we can always come back for Press at the Orlando one and hoping they are at the Wyndham again since I feel like it is a better place to hold it at and of course in case of phone charging there are more outlets to find because that was a drawback for me at the Holiday Inn.

Needs for Improvement? I would have to agree with an attendee that the Vendors Room should be bigger in a way since they have more space to use. Not only that, they should expand on Vendors since they are expanding slightly into pop culture and feel that need some more vendors especially ones we can afford. The one in the hall was selling a bunch of the Legacy items but they were really pricey. I think her Serpentara, for example, was in the $300 range, ouch! Also, would be kind of cool to get more artists in on this, there was one stand that had an Eric from Time Force print but they weren’t at their stand which was kind of sad because I wanted to know how much for that print which another thing, if you’re running a stand have someone there. A nice little tip.

Well guys that is it for this review! It was an awesome convention and glad we got to go to this one this year. Definitely want to catch it again next year, hoping either Atlanta or Orlando since it has been a blast. Stay tuned for our many videos from this year plus our interviews with some of the guests on our YouTube Channel! Next up, I will be reviewing the Amazon Echo Ear Buds that were released and have been trying them out especially during RangerStop! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription box!

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Final subscription box and that is Glam Bag from Ipsy! This subscription has been raised to $12 and this month they have collaborated with Gigi Gorgeous for a collection. Like with GB Plus you also get one item from this collection and it depends on your profile. Let’s see what I got in this box!

Pixie by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude: First up is a product from Pixie by Petra. This is an eye shadow duo made exclusively for Ipsy and it features two illuminating shadows where on the left has a rose gold and on the right a golden copper. You can wear these alone or together for a mesmerizing effect. I haven’t tried any of Pixie’s eye shadows and glad to get one of these in bag to try out!
Gigi Gorgeous the Gorgeous Contour Brush: Next is the Gigi product I got in this bag and that is the contour brush from her three brushes she has made for this subscription. I did get the Sick Contour Duo in my GB Plus and this contour brush is perfect! This is a super fluffy brush made to hug your cheek bones which as you know me I do contour the outer portions of my cheeks rather than bronzing my skin up. I did put it against my skin and it did feel good and can’t wait to try this brush out. I did also get the full collection and now have an extra brush!
Delectable by. Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream: Man that was a mouthful but at the same time it smells good! I was hoping to try something from this brand and glad to get one of these hand creams this month! At work the hand soap in the dispensers are really harsh and contain so much alcohol my hands get really dry and itchy. I do have a bottle of lotion to help with that but this will help even more. This hand cream contains shea butter and helps with soothing dry and flaky skin and has essential citrus oils and antioxidants with even more moisture. I will be taking this with me to work!
Hola Neon Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me; next is my product choice for this month and that is from Hola Neon. It was hard to choose some of the products but when I saw this I decided why not try a new brand. This is a moisturizing tinted lip balm that delivers a rose nude shade and can easily be built up. This also brings out the natural shade in the lips and can go with any makeup look. As you know with work I do have more of a neutral look and you will see in my RangerStop interviews I went with more of a neutral look for this year and this could have been great for that but as you know there are times where the Glam Bag does take time to get to me even if I don’t have add-ons which I didn’t do that this month with this bag either. I will be tossing this into my makeup bag!
Wonder Beauty Wonderous Highlighter in After Hours: Final item is from Wonder Beauty and it’s their highlighter in After Hours. I have been enjoying Wonder Beauty’s products when they show up in my subscriptions minus the peel off mask from Boxy. Like with the eye shadow duo, this is a highlighter made exclusive for Ipsy and it blends seeminglessly into the skin. This is made with Camelia Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil they help with moisture and give off Vitamin E in one. Wishing they said the color but hey I’m not upset since I have been enjoying this brand and can’t wait to try this item out on my skin!

Well guys that is it for this bag! I feel like this has been a great one since I did get one skin care item which will help with my hands and the rest was makeup and a brush. I can’t wait to try out the Gorgeous Contour Brush and even the shadow duo. I’m excited for December after what I got this month! So, stay tuned guys the RangerStop 7 Review is up next!

The Beauty Quadrant: Final Allure Box November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another box!

Allure Beauty Box November 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another Allure Box and well guys this is my last one. I feel as though that this is not my favorite box among Ipsy and BoxyCharm. I do like reading Allure for interesting articles but I feel like the items aren’t me and I get better brands in my other three, as in Glam Bag, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm. For this last box, it feels more like skin care and one makeup item. Let’s see what I got!

Tarte Color Splash Lipstick: First is a product from Tarte and that is their Color Splash Lipstick. I was excited to get this but at the same time I remembered getting that quick dry lipstick and didn’t like that one so with this one I’m hoping that it’s not as bad. The claims are that this gives a one swipe color and a second deepens and it fits the curve the lips with the tip which I kind of have smaller lips so I have to be careful with a product like this since I can go out of the lines so will see how it goes. This item retails for $21.
Freeze 24/7 Anti-Gaining Eye Serum: Next is another under eye serum and it is from Z 24/7 and it is new to me brand wise. I know I love trying out new brands from these boxes and this one will go nicely with what I have and use after I’m finished with the Becca one and of course some of the others in my makeup kit. This serum has Glycerin, amino acids, and aloe to help with moisturizing the areas around the eyes and can tap into the areas with a finger. Also this plays well with makeup which I do put on my concealer on top. This retails for $115. Ouch!
Curology the Cleanser: Remember those commercials on YouTube about Curology? Well, this month I got a cleanser from these guys. I am a little skeptical because the people in the commercial says that it starts working right away but here is the thing from learning from everyone I watch on YouTube that skin care doesn’t work in a day, it takes time to start being effective I believe it since it does take time with my sensitive skin, heck it burns the next day if it hates it. It doesn’t say much except to wash the skin of impurities and it was developed by dermatologists who understand unruly skin. I need more information on this but I may try it to see how it goes since I do use a pretty good routine especially exfoliating three times a week and I get pretty good items from the other boxes. This retails for $20 and up because it’s a kit you get with not only the cleanser but other products. I would say be careful when watching these commercials because skin care is not a one day miracle.
E. L. F. Putty Primer: Next is an item that is a huge sell out everywhere and that is the ever famous E. L. F. Putty Primer. As you know Jeffree Starr said this was Jeffree Starr Approved and everyone went nuts over this. You get a full-size of this and I feel, this is what led me to deciding to cancel, if I’m getting drugstore items in my box I can just take an Uber or Lift or order on Ulta’s website or even through E. L. F. for all my needs from this brand. You know I love their lash and brow gel duo since 2015 and still use it to this day for work! Heck, I can even get Shipt to bring my items from this brand. This claims to be a primer to give you Instagram perfect skin and fills in pres. I think every single primer has that claim, heck my skin looks amazing if I use my NYX Hydro Touch primer and people still comment on it. I will be using this but I do still have my Tarte one to get through and the newer Illumasqua one I got in GB Plus so I’m sorry Allure but this is one reason why I’m cancelling and that is I can just go down to my local drugstores or order from the brands for the products since a good portion of my makeup is drugstore. This retails for $8.
Vici Double Glow Peel Mask: Next is a brand I never heard of called Vici and it’s their Double Glow Peel Mask. This is a gel mask that can be applied with a thin layer and then rubbed in afterwards which also has volcanic particles in it that helps with dead skin. I have to see how well this interacts with my skin because there are some stuff that my skin hates and others that it loves so I will have to see how it goes. This item retails for $20.
Ishi Charcoal Mask: Next is another item from this brand and that is their Charcoal Mask. This comes in a palm size pot and it is made with clay and charcoal. You don’t have to touch it because it does clean the pores as in “Don’t Bother Me Mask!” I will have to see this goes because this is more of an oily skin type mask since I tried Dark Angels from Lush and that broke me out and not sure if I want to risk my skin with this one, will have to see. This mask retails for $20.
Bliss that’s IIncredy-Peel Pads: Final item in my final box and that is a box of these peel pads from Bliss. These pads come with Glycolic Acid and they add on a dewy radiance once you wake up. I am hoping so because in think I got a box of these and only used one and it was a different brand last month too. I do love using moisturizing items but I do still use a night time moisturizer now and this was another reason for canceling because when I used one of the pads from last month it didn’t do anything. I don’t get why some skin care works for some and not for others but it’s one of those things you have to try and see if it does work out. I did say it’s not a one day miracle and after using one pad maybe I should try again and see how that goes. These retail for $20 for a box of 15.

Well guys that is it for this box and my final one which I just called to cancel. I know you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on this box but I feel like this one is an underwhelming subscription. I get more excited for GB, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm, heck now Dollar Shave Club since they do pick items I can choose from for my box based on my questions I answer and they do replenish my razor blades every other month. The only box I did like was the Huda Beauty collaboration since I did love the matte lipstick from that brand while the other boxes weren’t that great. I do love skin care but I feel like I want a box for more makeup overall and that is why I’m sticking with those three beauty ones. I will still read the most interesting articles from each email. So, what’s next? Definitely my Glam Bag from this month and round it up with the RangerStop review!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

BoxyCharm November 2019!

Another month of Boxy has arrived and had to fetch mine from the Leasing Office earlier since it did arrive while I was out of town this weekend. Now it seems like Boxy is making their boxes bigger to hold more items and larger items since they did raise their price for the base box to $25. Also, it looks like they have been adding a few more luxury brands in the mix. Even one item is $90 retail, which I didn’t choose. Oh yes, like with Ipsy you get to choose your product every month and they have been doing surveys which I will explain this…

Foundation/Concealer Swatch Card: Last month Boxy did a survey about foundation and concealer since they will be giving out complexion products from Pretty Vulgar and Becca soon. They sent a card with certain shades to match with your skin so you have to swatch and then compare each swatch and give them your match on a website on the card. I will be doing this soon since I need the added visual help with this.

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Shadow Pallet: First up is a product from Dominique Cosmetics. I’m glad to get this because it’s the Celestial Thunder Pallet. She has released one pallet called Celestial Storm and made this eight pan pallet for BoxyCharm as a nice step towards the Storm pallet. I did enjoy her lip gloss and glad to check out her eye shadow pallet since I have heard so many good things about her formula. I do love space themed items even with shadows so I am glad to check this thing out. Retail price is $35.00.
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: Next up is the product I chose and it’s from Juice Beauty and it’s an eye cream. I don’t have wrinkles but I do love having an eye cream as an eye primer for my concealer and it does help with my dark circles due to waking up so early for work. This item helps with that with using fruit stem cells and Vitamin C to get rid of that. I do have other items open so can’t wait to use this! This item retails for $50.00.
Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick: Next is an item from Dose of Colors and it’s another liquid lipstick! This month you could either get one of four of these lipsticks or the Becca Liquid Illuminator and I have a feeling most of us got this and didn’t mind getting either one. Not sure what color I got but can’t wait to wear it! Retail price is $18.00.
Vita Masks Morning and Evening Gel Masks: Next is something I was glad I didn’t get lashes! Yes, this month you could have received Lily Lashes but glad I didn’t since I said I don’t like them. These masks are from Vita Masks which I’m glad to get these. I wish I had these with me if I got this before RangerStop because the Morning Mask is ideal to de-puff the eyes when you wake up and best for on the go. The night Mask would also be great for on the go since after a day at a convention the Hyaluronic Acid can help relax the eyes and of course you have to clean up all that makeup and wash again afterwards. These masks retail for $12.00.

BoxyCharm Brush Duo: Finally, everyone got brushes in their box this month from the BoxyCharm brush set they have made. If you got the Premium Box you get the eye brushes and with the regular box you get the foundation and powder brushes like I had. I saw these and man they look nice! They feel more like those brushes that you find in paint brushes that have a sponge as their head but they are pretty compact to use with cream or powder and I do have issues with blending powder sometimes. Hoping the powder brush will help knowing the foundation one will be just fine. The set retails for $35.

What Have I finished? I’ve finished the Becca Aqua Mist Powder recently and man this powder felt so cooling once you put it on the skin. I did like how it was easy to just push down on the net to get powder and was able to blend it with both my under eye powder brush and face brush. I didn’t notice it on at all. I may have to purchase this at some point since I found it so comfortable! I had to toss the Pur Peel off Mask because that stuff is not my favorite! Apparently one night I still had remnants and Gondras had to help me peel it off and told me to just toss it and agreed. Another item I tossed was the Iconic London Plumping Gloss because I feel that it felt like it didn’t do anything to my lips and also when trying to apply it felt like I was not putting anything on my lips. I don’t get the hype around it so I just got rid of it. I do have good news on one product and that is the Tarte Be Naturally You pallet is showing some dents especially with the top four shades. I have been putting this pallet to work on my eyes for work and will continue doing so since this has been a favorite pallet ever since I received it.

Well guys that is it for this box! This has been a great box including the Dose of Colors lipstick and I like the idea of choosing an item each month because I chose my product yesterday for December which I won’t reveal until I get the box. I’m glad to get this box again and so far I only had one disappointing box and the others have been great. I have to see what the card for the Complexion Choice will show. Stay tuned guys because I still have Ipsy and Allure and of course my RangerStop 7 review!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus November 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from RangerStop 7 and man it was a blast! Review and so many interviews and other videos coming your way. In the meantime, I got something in the mail that got here fast!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus November 2019!

Oh yes, it’s that time again and that is Glam Bag Plus! I was surprised that this arrived early but not complaining since I didn’t get any add-ons not just because what had happened last month but they didn’t catch my ears that much this month. They bore me a little and just stuck with what I got in this box. This month all of Ipsy is working with Gigi Gorgeous and I did buy her collection which I’m excited about but did get some items in both my Glam Bag and this box. Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy x Gigi Gorgeous Sick Sculpt Bronzer Duo in Turn + Extra: First up is the Gigi Gorgeous item in this box and it happened to be the Sick Sculpt Duo in Turn and Extra. I almost had this as a product choice but didn’t select it since it could have been picked among my four other items so was glad I got it by Ipsy’s choice. I was glad they finally gave me something contour since I wanted an item for over a year now from the contour side of things and did put it on the quiz that I do love bronzing and contouring but on the outer areas of my cheeks. This duo brings a warm and safe sun kissed glow to the face and Turnt is a light cool brown while Extra is a warm brown. Cool thing is that you can use them separately or together for a custom shade. I may be doing it together anyways since I can’t see the barrier between the two. I did remember Gigi doing the both thing when she did her wife’s makeup which was pretty nice. I can’t wait to try this out!
Doucce Punk Voluminizer Mascara in Black: Next is a product from Doucce and it is a mascara. I remembered getting products from this brand and now using the eyeliner pencil finally. Good news is that my eyes aren’t watering because of it either. My eyes were doing that when I was at work all week with other makeup items. This is a jet black mascara and it is much pigmented and stays on all day. This acts as the false lashes effect without the smudging or flaking. I have to try this out since hoping my allergies won’t affect it since I tend to have that issue now. Let’s see how it goes!
Illumasqua Hydra Veil Primer: Another item from Illumasqua and that is their Hydra Veil Primer. It’s a moisturizer and primer in one and it helps prep skin for makeup and plant extracts are used to provide a calming sensation to the skin and does absorb in the skin without looking greasy. I am glad to get another primer to try out since it does help makeup from entering the pores which basically that is what the After Shave Balm was doing with people who were using it as a makeup base even my skin which I was glad to stop using that and stuck with more of the moisturizing primers. I’m using the Tarte Double Duty Primer at the moment and loving that one since I tried it as a sample through the regular Glam Bag. Let’s see how this one will work afterwards.
Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush Pallet: This was my product choice this month since I do love blushes and taking a pallet with me to a convention is easy even though I took my Nars blush with me instead. Anyways, I heard of the brand but never tried anything so decided why not try it out now? This is a vegan blush pallet that is also 99% natural and flattering for all skin tones. These blushes are made with hibiscus flower extract and Kaylin clay which also help with reducing oils. You get four shades which do look darker in pan but do give off sheer on the cheeks with a simple build-up formula. I’m glad to go with this one since I wanted to see how these blushes go on my skin.
Belle en Argent Auto Lip Color in in Smoking on Screen: Final item is something from Belle en Argent and it’s a lip color in Smoking on Screen. I never tried this brand and glad to do so in this box. This is claimed to be the perfect fall color since it’s a berry shade with blue/red undertones that flatter many skin tones and with one swipe you can take on the world. This also features oils such as Hudoba and argon which helps with the creaminess. I can’t wait to use this lipstick then! I am down with a berry shade and this one is perfect!

What Have I Finished? I have finished the Purlisse Moisturizing Green Tea Primer recently and man it stung at first since my skin was trying to get used to it. It wasn’t that bad of a formula either and glad to give it a try.

Well guys that is it for this box! I am not sure if BoxyCharm arrived so I will check on that but my Glam Bag has shipped alongside Allure which I am thinking of cancelling that after this month which I will explain in that post. So, stay tuned for my post on RangerStop 7 alongside more posts to come!

The Favorites Quadrant: September and October 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time again for…

September and October Favorites 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another bi-monthly favorites and this time it’s for September and October! Let’s start with my boxes!

So, these two months for my boxes were good for September Allure and both months for Ipsy, Glam Bag Plus, and BoxyCharm while October Allure was okay. First, September had a good go around for every item. I have enjoyed everything when it came to all four boxes except the Nutraful vitamins and the Acure Scrub. The Nutraful vitamins didn’t do much for me because my hair was not growing due to these vitamins. I found them to be more of Placebos and I’m think to IT Part 1 with that one kid yelling at his mom about them. I was just taking them to see if they were different from other vitamins and they weren’t. I’m sorry, I can’t get into hair growth vitamins because they don’t work for everyone and they’re not magic. While the Acure scrub I couldn’t squeeze it out at all! I think this would be better if it was more refined or if it came in a container like how Lush makes their small sizes of their shower jellies. At least the scrubs I get from the other boxes are more refined. Speaking of Allure, this month’s box was a bit of an okay because they did come with items great to refresh before winter. I gave Gondras the bath salts as promised and he used them and it turned our bath water to toilet blue! Not kidding! He took a pic of it and shown it to our friends. Also, the scent of them not only helped him to sleep but also me because it felt like one of those boxing gloves that pop out. I was asleep in minutes after a long day of teaching! Normally lavender doesn’t do that, heck even Mother Gondras had one of those pillow sprays years ago in lavender and vanilla and that didn’t put me to sleep it kept me awake. This one worked! Now Gondras wants more of this stuff since it helped his muscles. I did use the Sunday Riley Moisturizer and after this if I get anything else from this brand I may give it away after finally being charged for writing fake reviews and the brand is just okay! I use drugstore brand skin care a lot more than luxury even though I have sheet masks from some higher end brands even had Glam Glow ones for a bit but $65 for a full size of this moisturizer? I’m sorry, just hand me a bottle of Up & Up Sensitive Skin Cream and I’m good! I do enjoy getting other skin care items from other brands like the Touch & Sol Glass Moisturizing Serum which has helped out so far and the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Base also helps with the concealer gliding on well. I did have to toss out the Real Her Lipstick and the Iconic London Gloss because it felt like they didn’t have enough product inside them and the Iconic London didn’t do much for my lips since it was so thick and hard to get on in my book. I know people love these but not for me.

New Shadow Pallet: Dose of Colors Shadow Pallet in Baked Browns: Since I mentioned Boxy, I figured I would like to mention this pallet. I know this should have been mentioned with the boxes but Dose of Colors has become my newest favorite makeup brand on the prestige side. I love their lipsticks and so far their shadows have been amazing. I can see why people like their shadows and so far they have been great and smooth and even pigmented even after taking them off with coconut oil where they show up on the cotton ball. I’m glad I got the Sassy Siennas when I did and can’t wait to find it in next month’s box!

New Addition to Collection: Urban Decay Naked Honey! Next is the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay. Guys, this is an amazing pallet and it was so much fun to play so far. I never thought these shadows would make my eyes pop so much and they are really smooth to apply. I even got to finally use the Urban Decay pencil in Smog and glad to get this pallet. I keep it in a Caboodle in case I want to reach for it as well.

Favorite New Lip Product: Revlon Cushion Lip Tint! It’s been years since I have included anything Revlon related and glad to have them come back! When I was reading an Allure article on the Top Lip Tints and Stains and mentions this one and wanted to try it! So, ordered the color in Wine Trip to try it out and oh man it is amazing! Even though Revlon has had a bad rap on some items but this is one that has a good rap from me. It basically a lip stain with a sponge tip and you apply with that and it stays put! It didn’t even move when I talked during work. I did get another color in Rose something or other. Plus, you can get these everywhere too!

New Blush: Berries & Bubbly by Too Faced! I had to mention this one since I did like this blush and it’s from Too Faced’s Tootie Fruitie Blush in Berries & Bubbly. I blame it on 90s Love Child for this purchase and I can see why. It does give my face a nice flush and it’s very easy to apply too. I also love the smell which gives off a berry wine scent. I would say check these out even if they don’t get a good review.

Favorite Lip Oil: Burt’s Bees Lip Oil! I think this will be my last lip item and it’s a lip oil by Burt’s Bees. This is more of a lip balm consistency than an oil. I think that works better since it goes on well and does soak into my lips so easily. I tend to put this on at night sometimes to help with my lips to heal overnight. Plus, it’s inexpensive and not as fancy. I have enjoyed some of Burt’s Bees items in the past and glad to try this item.

New Favorite Foundation I Will Try Again: Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral! I did finish my Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral and all I have to say at first it was hard to apply. I tried using a sponge at first and I found that this foundation is SO LIGHT that it’s hard to pick up with a sponge even on the back of my hand that I needed to use a brush. This foundation is pretty much like water and I found it so smooth and hardly feel it at all like I am not wearing anything like the name says. Yes, it costs $39 but this is one prestige foundation I would buy and it did last me pretty well despite using three pumps of it. I may do the idea of dotting it on my face first and then spread it out like I have been doing with my Wet N Wild this time when I get another bottle which I may wait for more points to be accumulated. Also, what I love is that I matched my skin on the dot without any help! Oh yeah, I am awesome! I will see if I get another bottle soon!

Books: Antisocial and the Best Kind of People! I am adding two books and they are Antisocial and The Best Kind of People to this list because I feel these are the two books I have read through NetGalley. Antisocial has been the best yaoi story I’ve read and caught my attention especially with the relationship during the story. Trust me, it may make you want to cry. While The Best Kind of People shown how a perfect family can self-destruct over time during a big case that took place in their lives and takes away the true father figure. I would say read my reviews and if interested go check out those book links and support the authors!

That is it for this post! I know I don’t have that many favorites since I am trying to use most of my makeup along the way. Well, next is RangerStop and it’s in a week! I can’t wait since this is our second time doing press and we’re bringing our pamphlets and shirts to this too. So, let’s see what we bring to the YouTube Sphere, okay? Until next time!