The Favorites Quadrant: September and October 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time again for…

September and October Favorites 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another bi-monthly favorites and this time it’s for September and October! Let’s start with my boxes!

So, these two months for my boxes were good for September Allure and both months for Ipsy, Glam Bag Plus, and BoxyCharm while October Allure was okay. First, September had a good go around for every item. I have enjoyed everything when it came to all four boxes except the Nutraful vitamins and the Acure Scrub. The Nutraful vitamins didn’t do much for me because my hair was not growing due to these vitamins. I found them to be more of Placebos and I’m think to IT Part 1 with that one kid yelling at his mom about them. I was just taking them to see if they were different from other vitamins and they weren’t. I’m sorry, I can’t get into hair growth vitamins because they don’t work for everyone and they’re not magic. While the Acure scrub I couldn’t squeeze it out at all! I think this would be better if it was more refined or if it came in a container like how Lush makes their small sizes of their shower jellies. At least the scrubs I get from the other boxes are more refined. Speaking of Allure, this month’s box was a bit of an okay because they did come with items great to refresh before winter. I gave Gondras the bath salts as promised and he used them and it turned our bath water to toilet blue! Not kidding! He took a pic of it and shown it to our friends. Also, the scent of them not only helped him to sleep but also me because it felt like one of those boxing gloves that pop out. I was asleep in minutes after a long day of teaching! Normally lavender doesn’t do that, heck even Mother Gondras had one of those pillow sprays years ago in lavender and vanilla and that didn’t put me to sleep it kept me awake. This one worked! Now Gondras wants more of this stuff since it helped his muscles. I did use the Sunday Riley Moisturizer and after this if I get anything else from this brand I may give it away after finally being charged for writing fake reviews and the brand is just okay! I use drugstore brand skin care a lot more than luxury even though I have sheet masks from some higher end brands even had Glam Glow ones for a bit but $65 for a full size of this moisturizer? I’m sorry, just hand me a bottle of Up & Up Sensitive Skin Cream and I’m good! I do enjoy getting other skin care items from other brands like the Touch & Sol Glass Moisturizing Serum which has helped out so far and the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Base also helps with the concealer gliding on well. I did have to toss out the Real Her Lipstick and the Iconic London Gloss because it felt like they didn’t have enough product inside them and the Iconic London didn’t do much for my lips since it was so thick and hard to get on in my book. I know people love these but not for me.

New Shadow Pallet: Dose of Colors Shadow Pallet in Baked Browns: Since I mentioned Boxy, I figured I would like to mention this pallet. I know this should have been mentioned with the boxes but Dose of Colors has become my newest favorite makeup brand on the prestige side. I love their lipsticks and so far their shadows have been amazing. I can see why people like their shadows and so far they have been great and smooth and even pigmented even after taking them off with coconut oil where they show up on the cotton ball. I’m glad I got the Sassy Siennas when I did and can’t wait to find it in next month’s box!

New Addition to Collection: Urban Decay Naked Honey! Next is the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay. Guys, this is an amazing pallet and it was so much fun to play so far. I never thought these shadows would make my eyes pop so much and they are really smooth to apply. I even got to finally use the Urban Decay pencil in Smog and glad to get this pallet. I keep it in a Caboodle in case I want to reach for it as well.

Favorite New Lip Product: Revlon Cushion Lip Tint! It’s been years since I have included anything Revlon related and glad to have them come back! When I was reading an Allure article on the Top Lip Tints and Stains and mentions this one and wanted to try it! So, ordered the color in Wine Trip to try it out and oh man it is amazing! Even though Revlon has had a bad rap on some items but this is one that has a good rap from me. It basically a lip stain with a sponge tip and you apply with that and it stays put! It didn’t even move when I talked during work. I did get another color in Rose something or other. Plus, you can get these everywhere too!

New Blush: Berries & Bubbly by Too Faced! I had to mention this one since I did like this blush and it’s from Too Faced’s Tootie Fruitie Blush in Berries & Bubbly. I blame it on 90s Love Child for this purchase and I can see why. It does give my face a nice flush and it’s very easy to apply too. I also love the smell which gives off a berry wine scent. I would say check these out even if they don’t get a good review.

Favorite Lip Oil: Burt’s Bees Lip Oil! I think this will be my last lip item and it’s a lip oil by Burt’s Bees. This is more of a lip balm consistency than an oil. I think that works better since it goes on well and does soak into my lips so easily. I tend to put this on at night sometimes to help with my lips to heal overnight. Plus, it’s inexpensive and not as fancy. I have enjoyed some of Burt’s Bees items in the past and glad to try this item.

New Favorite Foundation I Will Try Again: Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral! I did finish my Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral and all I have to say at first it was hard to apply. I tried using a sponge at first and I found that this foundation is SO LIGHT that it’s hard to pick up with a sponge even on the back of my hand that I needed to use a brush. This foundation is pretty much like water and I found it so smooth and hardly feel it at all like I am not wearing anything like the name says. Yes, it costs $39 but this is one prestige foundation I would buy and it did last me pretty well despite using three pumps of it. I may do the idea of dotting it on my face first and then spread it out like I have been doing with my Wet N Wild this time when I get another bottle which I may wait for more points to be accumulated. Also, what I love is that I matched my skin on the dot without any help! Oh yeah, I am awesome! I will see if I get another bottle soon!

Books: Antisocial and the Best Kind of People! I am adding two books and they are Antisocial and The Best Kind of People to this list because I feel these are the two books I have read through NetGalley. Antisocial has been the best yaoi story I’ve read and caught my attention especially with the relationship during the story. Trust me, it may make you want to cry. While The Best Kind of People shown how a perfect family can self-destruct over time during a big case that took place in their lives and takes away the true father figure. I would say read my reviews and if interested go check out those book links and support the authors!

That is it for this post! I know I don’t have that many favorites since I am trying to use most of my makeup along the way. Well, next is RangerStop and it’s in a week! I can’t wait since this is our second time doing press and we’re bringing our pamphlets and shirts to this too. So, let’s see what we bring to the YouTube Sphere, okay? Until next time!

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