The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus November 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from RangerStop 7 and man it was a blast! Review and so many interviews and other videos coming your way. In the meantime, I got something in the mail that got here fast!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus November 2019!

Oh yes, it’s that time again and that is Glam Bag Plus! I was surprised that this arrived early but not complaining since I didn’t get any add-ons not just because what had happened last month but they didn’t catch my ears that much this month. They bore me a little and just stuck with what I got in this box. This month all of Ipsy is working with Gigi Gorgeous and I did buy her collection which I’m excited about but did get some items in both my Glam Bag and this box. Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy x Gigi Gorgeous Sick Sculpt Bronzer Duo in Turn + Extra: First up is the Gigi Gorgeous item in this box and it happened to be the Sick Sculpt Duo in Turn and Extra. I almost had this as a product choice but didn’t select it since it could have been picked among my four other items so was glad I got it by Ipsy’s choice. I was glad they finally gave me something contour since I wanted an item for over a year now from the contour side of things and did put it on the quiz that I do love bronzing and contouring but on the outer areas of my cheeks. This duo brings a warm and safe sun kissed glow to the face and Turnt is a light cool brown while Extra is a warm brown. Cool thing is that you can use them separately or together for a custom shade. I may be doing it together anyways since I can’t see the barrier between the two. I did remember Gigi doing the both thing when she did her wife’s makeup which was pretty nice. I can’t wait to try this out!
Doucce Punk Voluminizer Mascara in Black: Next is a product from Doucce and it is a mascara. I remembered getting products from this brand and now using the eyeliner pencil finally. Good news is that my eyes aren’t watering because of it either. My eyes were doing that when I was at work all week with other makeup items. This is a jet black mascara and it is much pigmented and stays on all day. This acts as the false lashes effect without the smudging or flaking. I have to try this out since hoping my allergies won’t affect it since I tend to have that issue now. Let’s see how it goes!
Illumasqua Hydra Veil Primer: Another item from Illumasqua and that is their Hydra Veil Primer. It’s a moisturizer and primer in one and it helps prep skin for makeup and plant extracts are used to provide a calming sensation to the skin and does absorb in the skin without looking greasy. I am glad to get another primer to try out since it does help makeup from entering the pores which basically that is what the After Shave Balm was doing with people who were using it as a makeup base even my skin which I was glad to stop using that and stuck with more of the moisturizing primers. I’m using the Tarte Double Duty Primer at the moment and loving that one since I tried it as a sample through the regular Glam Bag. Let’s see how this one will work afterwards.
Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush Pallet: This was my product choice this month since I do love blushes and taking a pallet with me to a convention is easy even though I took my Nars blush with me instead. Anyways, I heard of the brand but never tried anything so decided why not try it out now? This is a vegan blush pallet that is also 99% natural and flattering for all skin tones. These blushes are made with hibiscus flower extract and Kaylin clay which also help with reducing oils. You get four shades which do look darker in pan but do give off sheer on the cheeks with a simple build-up formula. I’m glad to go with this one since I wanted to see how these blushes go on my skin.
Belle en Argent Auto Lip Color in in Smoking on Screen: Final item is something from Belle en Argent and it’s a lip color in Smoking on Screen. I never tried this brand and glad to do so in this box. This is claimed to be the perfect fall color since it’s a berry shade with blue/red undertones that flatter many skin tones and with one swipe you can take on the world. This also features oils such as Hudoba and argon which helps with the creaminess. I can’t wait to use this lipstick then! I am down with a berry shade and this one is perfect!

What Have I Finished? I have finished the Purlisse Moisturizing Green Tea Primer recently and man it stung at first since my skin was trying to get used to it. It wasn’t that bad of a formula either and glad to give it a try.

Well guys that is it for this box! I am not sure if BoxyCharm arrived so I will check on that but my Glam Bag has shipped alongside Allure which I am thinking of cancelling that after this month which I will explain in that post. So, stay tuned for my post on RangerStop 7 alongside more posts to come!

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