The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

BoxyCharm November 2019!

Another month of Boxy has arrived and had to fetch mine from the Leasing Office earlier since it did arrive while I was out of town this weekend. Now it seems like Boxy is making their boxes bigger to hold more items and larger items since they did raise their price for the base box to $25. Also, it looks like they have been adding a few more luxury brands in the mix. Even one item is $90 retail, which I didn’t choose. Oh yes, like with Ipsy you get to choose your product every month and they have been doing surveys which I will explain this…

Foundation/Concealer Swatch Card: Last month Boxy did a survey about foundation and concealer since they will be giving out complexion products from Pretty Vulgar and Becca soon. They sent a card with certain shades to match with your skin so you have to swatch and then compare each swatch and give them your match on a website on the card. I will be doing this soon since I need the added visual help with this.

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Shadow Pallet: First up is a product from Dominique Cosmetics. I’m glad to get this because it’s the Celestial Thunder Pallet. She has released one pallet called Celestial Storm and made this eight pan pallet for BoxyCharm as a nice step towards the Storm pallet. I did enjoy her lip gloss and glad to check out her eye shadow pallet since I have heard so many good things about her formula. I do love space themed items even with shadows so I am glad to check this thing out. Retail price is $35.00.
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: Next up is the product I chose and it’s from Juice Beauty and it’s an eye cream. I don’t have wrinkles but I do love having an eye cream as an eye primer for my concealer and it does help with my dark circles due to waking up so early for work. This item helps with that with using fruit stem cells and Vitamin C to get rid of that. I do have other items open so can’t wait to use this! This item retails for $50.00.
Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick: Next is an item from Dose of Colors and it’s another liquid lipstick! This month you could either get one of four of these lipsticks or the Becca Liquid Illuminator and I have a feeling most of us got this and didn’t mind getting either one. Not sure what color I got but can’t wait to wear it! Retail price is $18.00.
Vita Masks Morning and Evening Gel Masks: Next is something I was glad I didn’t get lashes! Yes, this month you could have received Lily Lashes but glad I didn’t since I said I don’t like them. These masks are from Vita Masks which I’m glad to get these. I wish I had these with me if I got this before RangerStop because the Morning Mask is ideal to de-puff the eyes when you wake up and best for on the go. The night Mask would also be great for on the go since after a day at a convention the Hyaluronic Acid can help relax the eyes and of course you have to clean up all that makeup and wash again afterwards. These masks retail for $12.00.

BoxyCharm Brush Duo: Finally, everyone got brushes in their box this month from the BoxyCharm brush set they have made. If you got the Premium Box you get the eye brushes and with the regular box you get the foundation and powder brushes like I had. I saw these and man they look nice! They feel more like those brushes that you find in paint brushes that have a sponge as their head but they are pretty compact to use with cream or powder and I do have issues with blending powder sometimes. Hoping the powder brush will help knowing the foundation one will be just fine. The set retails for $35.

What Have I finished? I’ve finished the Becca Aqua Mist Powder recently and man this powder felt so cooling once you put it on the skin. I did like how it was easy to just push down on the net to get powder and was able to blend it with both my under eye powder brush and face brush. I didn’t notice it on at all. I may have to purchase this at some point since I found it so comfortable! I had to toss the Pur Peel off Mask because that stuff is not my favorite! Apparently one night I still had remnants and Gondras had to help me peel it off and told me to just toss it and agreed. Another item I tossed was the Iconic London Plumping Gloss because I feel that it felt like it didn’t do anything to my lips and also when trying to apply it felt like I was not putting anything on my lips. I don’t get the hype around it so I just got rid of it. I do have good news on one product and that is the Tarte Be Naturally You pallet is showing some dents especially with the top four shades. I have been putting this pallet to work on my eyes for work and will continue doing so since this has been a favorite pallet ever since I received it.

Well guys that is it for this box! This has been a great box including the Dose of Colors lipstick and I like the idea of choosing an item each month because I chose my product yesterday for December which I won’t reveal until I get the box. I’m glad to get this box again and so far I only had one disappointing box and the others have been great. I have to see what the card for the Complexion Choice will show. Stay tuned guys because I still have Ipsy and Allure and of course my RangerStop 7 review!

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