The Beauty Quadrant: Final Allure Box November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another box!

Allure Beauty Box November 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another Allure Box and well guys this is my last one. I feel as though that this is not my favorite box among Ipsy and BoxyCharm. I do like reading Allure for interesting articles but I feel like the items aren’t me and I get better brands in my other three, as in Glam Bag, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm. For this last box, it feels more like skin care and one makeup item. Let’s see what I got!

Tarte Color Splash Lipstick: First is a product from Tarte and that is their Color Splash Lipstick. I was excited to get this but at the same time I remembered getting that quick dry lipstick and didn’t like that one so with this one I’m hoping that it’s not as bad. The claims are that this gives a one swipe color and a second deepens and it fits the curve the lips with the tip which I kind of have smaller lips so I have to be careful with a product like this since I can go out of the lines so will see how it goes. This item retails for $21.
Freeze 24/7 Anti-Gaining Eye Serum: Next is another under eye serum and it is from Z 24/7 and it is new to me brand wise. I know I love trying out new brands from these boxes and this one will go nicely with what I have and use after I’m finished with the Becca one and of course some of the others in my makeup kit. This serum has Glycerin, amino acids, and aloe to help with moisturizing the areas around the eyes and can tap into the areas with a finger. Also this plays well with makeup which I do put on my concealer on top. This retails for $115. Ouch!
Curology the Cleanser: Remember those commercials on YouTube about Curology? Well, this month I got a cleanser from these guys. I am a little skeptical because the people in the commercial says that it starts working right away but here is the thing from learning from everyone I watch on YouTube that skin care doesn’t work in a day, it takes time to start being effective I believe it since it does take time with my sensitive skin, heck it burns the next day if it hates it. It doesn’t say much except to wash the skin of impurities and it was developed by dermatologists who understand unruly skin. I need more information on this but I may try it to see how it goes since I do use a pretty good routine especially exfoliating three times a week and I get pretty good items from the other boxes. This retails for $20 and up because it’s a kit you get with not only the cleanser but other products. I would say be careful when watching these commercials because skin care is not a one day miracle.
E. L. F. Putty Primer: Next is an item that is a huge sell out everywhere and that is the ever famous E. L. F. Putty Primer. As you know Jeffree Starr said this was Jeffree Starr Approved and everyone went nuts over this. You get a full-size of this and I feel, this is what led me to deciding to cancel, if I’m getting drugstore items in my box I can just take an Uber or Lift or order on Ulta’s website or even through E. L. F. for all my needs from this brand. You know I love their lash and brow gel duo since 2015 and still use it to this day for work! Heck, I can even get Shipt to bring my items from this brand. This claims to be a primer to give you Instagram perfect skin and fills in pres. I think every single primer has that claim, heck my skin looks amazing if I use my NYX Hydro Touch primer and people still comment on it. I will be using this but I do still have my Tarte one to get through and the newer Illumasqua one I got in GB Plus so I’m sorry Allure but this is one reason why I’m cancelling and that is I can just go down to my local drugstores or order from the brands for the products since a good portion of my makeup is drugstore. This retails for $8.
Vici Double Glow Peel Mask: Next is a brand I never heard of called Vici and it’s their Double Glow Peel Mask. This is a gel mask that can be applied with a thin layer and then rubbed in afterwards which also has volcanic particles in it that helps with dead skin. I have to see how well this interacts with my skin because there are some stuff that my skin hates and others that it loves so I will have to see how it goes. This item retails for $20.
Ishi Charcoal Mask: Next is another item from this brand and that is their Charcoal Mask. This comes in a palm size pot and it is made with clay and charcoal. You don’t have to touch it because it does clean the pores as in “Don’t Bother Me Mask!” I will have to see this goes because this is more of an oily skin type mask since I tried Dark Angels from Lush and that broke me out and not sure if I want to risk my skin with this one, will have to see. This mask retails for $20.
Bliss that’s IIncredy-Peel Pads: Final item in my final box and that is a box of these peel pads from Bliss. These pads come with Glycolic Acid and they add on a dewy radiance once you wake up. I am hoping so because in think I got a box of these and only used one and it was a different brand last month too. I do love using moisturizing items but I do still use a night time moisturizer now and this was another reason for canceling because when I used one of the pads from last month it didn’t do anything. I don’t get why some skin care works for some and not for others but it’s one of those things you have to try and see if it does work out. I did say it’s not a one day miracle and after using one pad maybe I should try again and see how that goes. These retail for $20 for a box of 15.

Well guys that is it for this box and my final one which I just called to cancel. I know you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on this box but I feel like this one is an underwhelming subscription. I get more excited for GB, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm, heck now Dollar Shave Club since they do pick items I can choose from for my box based on my questions I answer and they do replenish my razor blades every other month. The only box I did like was the Huda Beauty collaboration since I did love the matte lipstick from that brand while the other boxes weren’t that great. I do love skin care but I feel like I want a box for more makeup overall and that is why I’m sticking with those three beauty ones. I will still read the most interesting articles from each email. So, what’s next? Definitely my Glam Bag from this month and round it up with the RangerStop review!

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