The Technology Quadrant: Amazon Echo Buds Review!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Sorry for not posting for a bit because I was sick like Gondras and been busy since my last post! I do have a tech review!

Amazon Echo Buds Review!

Disclaimer: This product review is based on personal experience with the product. Please respect the thoughts and honesty of the lead writer. You have been warned!

So guys it’s holiday time and you know what that means! Holiday Gift Shopping Time! I figured this is appropriate since not only being an Adaptive Tech Instructor but also someone who runs a blog and does review items and talk about new things and that brings me to these babies!

Amazon has been getting into the Accessibility Game this year with new devices and I have gotten into them myself. I did get myself an Amazon Fire Tablet and of course the new Echo Dot 3 with Clock which you saw me set up on the channel and of course got the new Echo Buds. I decided to get these because you know the Apple Air Pods are expensive even with the new ones when these are cheaper and they work as well. I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t make a video. After the Echo Dot video with how bad the app was acting up on my Fire Tablet I figured it was best to do a review over a video since it’s easier for me to talk about it here since there is a feature I do like about them and will explain more. Let’s get into the price and packaging!

Price and Packaging: These are $129.99 and you save a lot than just buying the Air Pods. You can go the way I did since I was running out of funds at the time and that is Five Month Payments where you get to pay monthly instead of the full price. With these you pay shipping on the first payment along with taxes and after that you just pay for the payment price and that is $26 for the remains while the first month is $34. This is not the only device that has this even the Echo Dot series also has it, the new Echo Show also has it and so many other items that aren’t device related are the same way. The packaging when you get it you get the buds in a case which is the re-chargeable case where both buds get charged individually and you do get the USB cable to power up the case for cordless charging which I will explain something cool about this case in a moment, also you get extra ear bud parts for if you lose the parts that go in your ears you can replace them like with other ear buds. You also get these wing parts that slip onto your buds so they can stay on your ear since they can slip. Took me a day to figure that out and got those on and now them stay on.

Set Up: Set up was easier for this than my Echo Dot and my tablet. You need the AlexaaApp but best to use it on your phone that you use. You can use it on Android and IPhone since these buds can use Siri and Google Assistant along with Alexa and you go through the Device set up like with other devices and choose Headphones on the list and Echo Buds show up and you have to make sure to double tap and the process actually starts there. I forgot about double tapping when I first opened them and thought it wasn’t working because if you saw in my Echo Dot video how badly the app was acting up and how touchy it was that it did take two tries to get my Echo Buds to set up. What I do like which I did with my Dot is that I got to rename it and gave it the MST treatment and named it Gypsy, it makes sense with the Alexa bit. I did forget to mention that the first thing when getting these you need to connect to Bluetooth first since these do rely on that all the time.

How Do They Work: How Like the many other products you’re able to ask Alexa anything with these since you do have Flash Briefings, you can ask about the weather, I even enjoy Question of the Day. There are added features to the buds themselves where not only Alexa is with you but you can also use Siri if you’re using it with your IPhone or Google Assistant with your Android. Great thing is that you can hold down on the buds to enable Siri or Google Assistant or can just ask either one and you hear a sound to access them both. Great thing is that these are noise cancelling ear buds. You have to double tap in order to activate Pass Through which you hear everyone around you and double tap again for Noise Reduction where it blocks out everything. I used these during RangerStop by turning on Pass Through and had to set up my camera on my phone ad hear the start of the panel since it was important to hear any updates or the guest intros. I could have used these with Aira but the rain was coming Friday night and not sure how well their water proofing was and didn’t want to risk any shortage because that is a claim with these. With the noise cancellation you can increase how much of background noise you can let in through an app setting. With the case, since I mentioned it, it does give you in the app how much battery it has in both the left and right and of course the case itself. Cool thing is you can ask Alexa with that information. In case you’re wondering about skills, you can evoke certain skills like playing nature sounds, can have NPR as your news, and so much more.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I am enjoying these ear buds due to how versatile they are. Yes, it’s a bit of pain to get the wing parts on to keep them in but having something like this when you can just keep your phone in your pocket or in your purse without worrying about dropping it does come in handy. Trust me when I got my phone back in September and was waiting on my case my phone did fall on my ride home all thanks to the ear bud cord. With these that doesn’t happen. I do love the idea of noise cancellation so I can take a nap without any worry. Plus, these are cheaper than the Apple Air Buds and you can do payment installments instead of full price. I would say if you’re planning to get these wait until Amazon has their back Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale, of course they will probably have a better deal closer to Christmas. I definitely recommend these as a great gift or good for work outs or meditation.

Well guys that is it for this review! I’m glad to do another tech review after a long while. If you guys want me to review the Echo Dot 3 on here, as in the one with the clock, I will gladly do that. In the meantime, I am hoping to start bringing more coverage from RangerStop 7. Stay tuned!

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