The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a subscription for this month!

BoxyCharm December 2019!

It’s the final BoxyCharm of the year and glad I got back into this box because I missed it so much! I only got one meh box but the rest were amazing including this one! First this box was $21 but now it’s $25 and you get five full-size products ranging from high end all the way to luxury even sometimes drugstore on top of it. Let’s see what they sent me this month!

Story Book Cosmetics Little Red Riding Hood Pallet: Yes, I know I did anti-hauled this brand years ago due to how there were nothing but pre-orders for their product and man I miss doing anti-hauls. Anyways, when I found out that this brand was going to be in the box I didn’t mind trying them out since I do love reading and I was hoping to get either of them. Charmers were either getting Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood which makes sense for the red or green for Christmas. I ended up with Little Red Riding Hood and don’t mind. This pallet is a six pan pallet made exclusively for this box and it features a mix of metallics and mattes to create a look. I will be with my friends on Sunday so I may wear this to that since it is a holiday party. Retail price is $35.
Saturday Skin Water Glacier Water Cream: This was my choice item for this month and it is a water cream from Saturday Skin. I heard of these guys but never tried any of their water creams but I did remember trying another brand’s water cream which I think it was in Allure Beauty Box way before I cancelled that one. This product claims to be a glacier water cream that fight anti-aging and delivers minerals and moisture to the skin. This will be great for my morning moisturizer since I do live in a city with a lot of pollen and stuff and this will also help with getting rid of free radicals. I can’t wait to try this out! This retails for $39.
Ciate London Marbleized Illuminating Blusher: Next is a product from Ciate London and it’s full-size and it’s one of their blushes. When I heard that these guys are going to be in the box it was either this or a highlighter and didn’t care which I got. I know Hot Mess Mama MD got the bronzer in Boxy Lux but you get the blusher here or blush here in the States. This blush is talc free and is made with a mix of matte and illuminating particles. I can’t wait to use this blush on my face. This retails for $29.
Sarafeam Botanicals Daikon plus Dreams Lip Exfoliator with with Radish Extract: I was hoping to get this product in y box because I have been getting back into lip scrubs since Ipsy sent me one a little while ago. I am glad to get this one and this was an interesting idea since it has radish as an ingredient. This product his gentle and contains daikon radish extract which is an Asian radish which you do find it in Japanese food and other foods that require it. Plus, this also has Chamomile tea in it as well to help keep lips from drying. I can’t wait to use this in full! Retails for $24.
Brow Bar Brow Make Over Kit: Final product in my box is a brow kit and it’s by Brow Bar. I heard of these guys before all over YouTube and when this was one of the many products this month I find it interesting. How so? Let’s see what you get! You get two brow powders or shades from what it says, a brow lift or shall I say wax, brow gel, and an angle brush and a flat brush! This is amazing for what you get because you can do your brows without any problem. Any convention goers for any conventions anytime soon? This will be perfect for you guys. If we were going this year I would take this with me to Holiday Matsuri because I have all of my brow needs in this kit. This retails for $30.

That is it you guys and man it was a great round up for this year! I mean you get a lip scrub since it does get really cold here in Daytona, you also got a brow kit which is amazing for what you get in it, also get a blush, a shadow pallet, and I did choose a new moisturizer. So worth it for this month! I know this is the last box of the year and I would say this and last month’s box were two of my favorites along with February’s box. Also, this box did get me into sheet masks and loving them! I did buy a ton all thanks to Ipsy and trying to use them. I can’t wait to see what January has in store for the box and same with next year since after being without for two years I wanted it back so much due to how I got luxury items I wouldn’t spend my money on at Sephora or any other store and plus I got to try brands I rarely get to try due to not being in the store or too pricey for my taste or even not working out for my skin or something. I am also enjoying the idea getting to pick an item and see how the rest will be picked. Hoping 2020 looks bright for this box! So, stay tuned for the next interview from RangerStop 7!

Update: FOrgot to mention what I finished! I finally finished the Touch & Sol Serum which I noticed how my skin was starting to itch slightly as I was going through the product. As in towards the bottom of it, I am still thinking and wondering why are they giving this to sensitive skin people? I am glad that they let you choose items, well one item, in every box because if this was one of the items as a choice I would choose the other. Another update is that I finished the Dose of Colors lipstick from last month because it felt like there was no product in it. I felt like I ran out of it nd wishing there was more product to it. Hoping if I get another Dose of Colors lipstick in this box that would not face this issue. And finally, I had to toss the Hank & Henry liner because I do not like chisel tipped liners. It’s hard for me to use them and angle them a certain way so I tossed that one. Sorry guys! That is it!

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