The Beauty Quadrant: Subscription 2019 Favorites!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Favorite Items from My Boxes!

Yes, another year has passed and so far I have been into my subscriptions and have tried so many things from so many brands and it’s time to pick the items I loved from them all. I am also mentioning a few from Allure with my time being with them after cancelling last month. As you know I cancelled due to being so underwhelmed by what they gave me every month. So, let’s get to it!

Suva Beauty Hydro Liner in Grease: First up is one of the items from my first Glam Bag Plus and it’s from Suva Beauty. I wanted to try their Hydro Liners after hearing Beauty News mentioning them and seeing them at Riley Rose during my time still living with my parents. I was glad to get one in my first GB Plus and love it a lot! It’s very easy to use where you put some water in the lid and take a brush and touch the water and then touch the liner lightly and you draw on your water line. You can also use this for special effects makeup and creating tattoos. I was worried that this would run all over if my eyes watered or if the Florida weather just rains all over but nope. It stayed put! It didn’t even bother my eyes at all. I have to get more of these and glad that GB Plus started with black since that is a pretty basic color to start with.
Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks: All thanks to BoxyCharm I fell in love with these immediately! I heard Jen Luv’s Reviews talk about these especially the shade Chocolate Wasted where she uses it as a lip color base to add dimension and I did buy one of them during the Fall 21 Days of Beauty. These are so comfortable to wear and they hardly move. I was kind of sad with the last one I got I felt there wasn’t much in the tube so had to toss it. I think it was called Flirty which was a brown pink nude.
Tarte Be You Naturally Pallet: Next is my favorite item I got from Tarte and that is their Be You Naturally Eye Shadow Pallet. I did kind of enjoy the other Tarte items I received but this was my most favorite item because I liked how well they blended. You got eight shadows and they are very neutral which Tarte’s fame is but it worked out since I wore this to work almost every time! It is so easy to use and man I am making dents in this pallet which has rarely done before. I am still using it and maybe it will be panned by next year?
Tacha Nourishing Face Masks: Next is the item that got me into the face mask craze and have a ton of. The Tacha face masks were in my first box back from being unsubscribed for two years and was glad these weren’t slimy like the one I tried years ago. These felt good and glad I got to try them. From all the brands I have tried masks from since I bought so many through Ipsy are Tony Moley and Mayflower.
Juvia’s Place Shadow Pallet: Need to take a break from the Boxy to mention something I have received in Allure and that is the six pan shadow pallet from Juvia’s Place. I have heard so many good things about their shadows and saw that this was an extra product in my box that I started to use it right away. I found these shadows extremely smooth in application and extremely pigmented that I was surprised how much they shown on my cotton ball when I was using coconut oil to clean off my makeup. I haven’t gotten anything else from the brand but will see in the future.
Marc Anthony 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Curl Cream: Next is a product from Marc Anthony and it’s their curl cream. I was glad to try this out since I needed something to help with my curls and this came along. It did help and when I got the full-size from Ulta it was disappointing because it came in a pouch! What the heck!? Marc Anthony just put it in a tube! Not so hard to ask! Speaking of this brand!
Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant Cream: During January I think I got this in my Glam Bag and really loved it! This is a heat protectant cream and wishing it was still a cream because they only sell it as a spray. I found it better than the spray because it didn’t soak my hair as badly as the spray and my straightening iron had an easier time with this than the sprays.
Twisted Sister Curl Cream: Next is a product from a British Based brand called Twisted Sister and it’s their curl cream. When I saw I was getting this I fell in love immediately and got the full size. The full size came in an actual tube and it lasted me for months! I will be purchasing this whenever I get the chance!
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara: Next is a favorite mascara and that is from Eyeko! I did enjoy some of the others I got from brands like Too Faced, Tarte, and more but this one takes the mascara cake! I liked how this was more in a squeeze tube both in sample and full-size form since I bought the full-size one through Ipsy’s Learn Page and I like how it curls my lashes the most with each application. It may be pricey but the curling action packs a punch!
Huda Beauty Obsessions Pallets: Next is a product from the Huda Beauty brand and it’s the Obsessions pallets. I bought the Smoke Obsessions as an add-on and got the Mauve one in one of my GB Plus boxes. These pallets are nine pan pallets and they are pretty small as in not too big or bulky like most pallets and they are easy to use as well. I do notice how the Mauve Obsessions is more red toned over just being purple and brown but not hating it though. I do love Smoke Obsessions since it’s a basic smoke pallet to work with and you can just put these in a makeup bag and travel with them. I can’t wait for my GB Plus since I picked the Ruby Obsessions pallet for my Choice item since I didn’t get to try the gem colored ones.
Dose of Colors Shadow Pallets: like with their liquid lipsticks I did enjoy these pallets too since I did get the Sassy Siennas as an add-on for BoxyCharm and got the Basic Browns as the pallet they picked. These shadows are much pigmented and loved each look for each work day I used these for since they are very matte and much pigmented. I hope Boxy Charm still gets these in boxes or at least keeps partnering with this brand because they have really good products!
Nomad Cosmetics Berlin Underground Pallet: Final item for this list and wanted to mention this one since something special happened. I didn’t hear about Nomad Cosmetics until I saw them in the regular Glam Bag and never got an item from them which I wanted to try them for months since I got back into them. I bought their highlighter pallet and liked it but this shadow pallet was amazing for the pigmentation! It is a very grungy pallet with a lot of Smokey shades with the Berlin theme going with it. Trust me I was thinking to the book Girl with the Red Balloon while using this pallet. I did do a yellow and black halo eye to go with my dark trainer from Pokémon for Halloween when hanging with friends. When I first got this pallet I did try to try it out and shown it in a pic without my new black wig and then wore my wig and posted it on Instagram and Nomad Cosmetics came and liked my picture! They are the first brand to like my photo with their product and I did thank them and they responded and I did ask them about their newer pallet I am interested in. I am in a low buy but will get it eventually in the New Year. Hold onto that. I am so glad GB Plus gave me this pallet because I wouldn’t have had Nomad Cosmetics wouldn’t have liked my pic.
Moda Five Brush Set: Final item, for real, is the Moda Five Brush Set that also came in my Boxy! I was surprised to get a five brush set since Moda Brushes are part and made by Royal and Langnickle who are famous for their paint brushes and I loved these brushes! I still have a few in my brush bag because of how sturdy they are. I know I have to put a few more into the jar to get washed but it is great to get a five piece brush set for all of my eye needs!

Favorite Collection by a Subscription: Gigi Gorgeous from November! Ipsy has created three makeup collections and the one I chose as my favorite is the one from Gigi Gorgeous. Tetris was a close second because their products were nice but I preferred the lip balm more from Gigi’s collection because it was more moisturizing. Yes, I got eye brushes with Tetris but I loved the face brushes more from Gigi due to how sturdy they are and do perform very well. I do like the bronzer and the setting powder a lot and the makeup bag for the mystery bag was even cuter. I wished they had that instead of the leopard printed bag for the bags in November because it would make more sense!

Well guys that is it for this post! I am glad to be back with BoxyCharm and got so many awesome things and with Ipsy and GB Plus the items even gotten better. Sorry Allure but I had to say goodbye to them because the items were not doing it for me and some of them I can just go to Target for and pay full price that way. I am hoping with next year that things with BoxyCharm would be great since they are starting to listen to their users even I complained about not getting the emails about the product choices which makes me mad since I wanted to choose one of the pallets I am getting for January. Hoping I get the warm one since I do have a ton of cool toned ones. Just saying! While Glam Bag I want more sheet masks to be in the bag since some of them are interesting and yes still got to use what I have and GB Plus not too much to say since they have been really good. So, 2020 here I come!

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