The Bests & Worsts of 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It is time for…

Bests & Worsts of 2019!

It’s New Year’s Eve and that means it is time for the Bests and Worsts of this year. Going to change up the format a bit since I feel like some things are better in their categories. Let’s get to it!

Best TV Series: The Mandalorian! This year Disney Plus has started and we get to stream new and old shows that Disney has released over time including the ones through Fox and Marvel due to how they bought Fox this year as well. The Best TV Series or shall I say Season goes to The Mandalorian. This is the journey of a bounty hunter who takes on a baby alien that looks like Yoda around the universe to see who would take care of it but enemies keep on coming after it and him in order to kill them both. This series has a mix of Lone Wolf & Cub with one episode inspired by 7th Samurai on top of it. You can get a free month of Disney Plus and pay $6.99 a month afterwards.
Worst TV Series/Season: Game of Thrones Final Season! Oh man! I heard the uproar about how bad this season of Game of Thrones ended up and glad I only read the books. People said that the ending was horrible and how it lead up to it made it worse since so many things were different and well George R. R. Marten didn’t write the ending just yet. He did say after the ending of the show that his ending will be different from what the creators came up with. Apparently the show had ended due to a new one the Director was doing. Again, so glad I stick to the books because I heard earlier seasons butchered things.

Anime of the Year: My Hero Academia! Yes, I know it’s just not due to how much I love this series but it’s due to how well it’s going. I didn’t get into this series until after our interview with J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis that I can see why this anime is awesome. Yes, it started off slow which is like the movie Sky High since I compared this to that and it got better. This year it not only ended Season 3 but brought us Season 4 where new twists and turns at UA High has come and the stakes are higher due to what had happened with All Might and him retiring after beating One for All and of course getting Bakugo back from the League of Villains. Now the students are living on campus for everyone’s protection and now serious work is taking place when the big three students are coming in help and new internships start. Just as Deku starts his internship with All Might’s former sidekick, Night Eye, he meets a little girl covered in bandages asking him not to leave and that is when things start getting serious. I would say start watching from the beginning if you haven’t and yes we’re excited for the new movie coming to the United States early 2020, Rising Heroes.
Runner-Up: Dr. Stone! My runner-up has to be Dr. Stone because it has an interesting story behind it. Senku’s friend decides to confess to a girl that he likes her and when he was about to do it under the tree in the school’s courtyard a bright light shines and petrifies them and everyone else with them for over three thousand years. When Senku revives from his petrified state and his friend comes out six months later they have to survive in a newer version of their world and that is by using science! No really! This is a new version of Myth Busters because of how much science was demonstrated but there is a disclaimer put at the end of each episode not to try any of this at home. Also this series does reminds me of Beakman’s World. Doesn’t help that Senku looks like Beekman himself but with green hair and that is why I call it Leekman’s World! Also, some schools are using this anime in science classes due to the educational parts. So, check it out if you have a chance!

Best MakeUp Release: Game of Thrones X Urban Decay! I give it to this because it was a big sell out all over! I only got the shadow pallet on the Urban Decay website and then had to wait for Ulta to get the collection to get the Mother of Dragons Highlighter Pallet. Even though the final season was a flop but this was a big collector’s item due to how the vault was hard to get also the collection items did sell out quickly and didn’t restock on Urban Decay but were available everywhere else for people to get it.
Runner-Up: Jeffree Starr Blueblood Collection! I felt this collection had a really good release even though it did have the pallet alone sell out but the bundles were still available which I picked up back in March.
Third Runner Up: Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation! I give this to the Stay Naked Foundation Line is because it was a smooth release and I did like the shade choices. I did match myself correctly!
Worse MakeUp Release: Jacklyn Hill Cosmetics Lipsticks! I admit I wanted to get her lipsticks but after hearing what had happened I stood back because of what so many things being found like metal, glass, and the balls of whatever in there. Also, she talked about cotton gloves being used which we don’t see that anywhere, latex gloves are used everywhere not cotton! Sorry for sounding a little revved up but more should have been done and of course agreeing that makeup doesn’t take weeks to produce but months! Sorry Jacklyn you’re not getting my money at all, not even the highlighters since I have so many to get through!

Best Movie: SpiderMan: Far From Home! We haven’t seen many movies this year due to being tied up with work but I give it to the last Spiderman flick and that is Far From Home. They brought Mysterio to the screen and it was really good with what they did with him. I am glad Marvel is getting more SPiderMan work and that we get more movies with him because Tom Holland as Peter Parker is amazing! And they are bringing J. K. Simmons to be Joe Jonah Jameson for these movies which he is amazing at!

Well guys that is it for this list! I know it’s short but I feel like I can’t name anything else. I still need to review Traverser’s new album so that is not on the list, I had so many convention experiences this year at two conventions only so that is not here either. Sorry about that! You can read my experiences in the reviews and the upcoming posts! Now onto the next section!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe in 2020? We are upgrading the blog to be an actual blogging website. I didn’t have the funds to do it in December so I am seeing what January holds in the funds department because it costs $96 for the first payment and $8 for every month until next year for the year payment here on Word Press so I will see what happens in January since I do have bills and rent to pay. When that happens that means new shirts with the new link, new logos since we met an awesome guy at RangerStop who is helping us with that, and of course new business cards. And we do have a new video camera for our press work! For a few years now we have relied on Nerdy Shirts’ brother to let us borrow the camera they use for their channel and got the same camera and tripod since it would be easier to familiarize and operate it during conventions rather than have difficult settings like my Polaroid camera years ago that was used for pictures. Glad to get one since it was high time that we did and Nerdy Shirts is not always with us because RangerStop has two people per team and he was at RangerStop last year but only one day to record my interviews.

Now conventions! Hoped that we could make it to RangerStop Pop in Atlanta but I am announcing here that I am planning on getting my Master’s Degree in Adaptive Technology and filling out the NFB Scholarship forms for State and National. If I win either one, I would go to the State Convention in Tampa for Florida and the National Convention in Houston and that one is around the same time as RangerStop Pop and before MetroCon. Who knows what will happen until June so stay tuned at Nerdy Shique’s Twitter for all the news because getting my Master’s has been a dream of mine and this will also get me National Certification with C. A. T. I. S. which is Certified Adaptive Tech Industry Specialist. Plus I have used Adaptive Tech to run this blog and the YouTube itself so not only my job would have a certified worker but you will also have a. T. Certified Specialist with this blog! But we will do Omni Expo and of course RangerStop but we do want to branch out which may have to wait again.

And finally, I am going to be on a low buy for makeup because this year with the makeup purchasing I think I went crazy even with Ipsy and Ulta. I am slowing it down because not only it did crazy but makeup companies are releasing items left and right without giving us a breather. Trust me, Urban Decay gave us six months in between the Naked Reloaded, Game of Thrones, and Naked Honey. While Anastasia Beverly Hills gave weeks even towards the end of the year for everything. So, I am sticking to my subscriptions which are Ipsy, GB Plus, BoxyCharm, and Dollar Shave Club. And of course re-stock when needed and if the 21 Days of Beauty does come I only focus on what I want rather than go overboard. So far so good I have not gone overboard even being paid this morning, as in normally I would go straight to Ulta with a coupon, hasn’t happened because I did pay some bills. I did buy one item from Ipsy but it’s due to my hands and legs being so dry and hoping the items do help with that. Also, I am working on an Ita Bag so that is why I am doing a low buy at the moment.

Well that is it! Thanks for another year and hoping 2020 looks bright! What post will I start in the New Year? Another interview from RangerStop! Until next time!

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