Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus April 2020

Hello to all you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for not posting for a few days, I was suffering from a mild ear infection and ache so I am back now with a new post!

Glam Bag Plus April 2020!

It is finally here after seeing things in tracking. I live on the coast of Florida and have been living in the same area for almost two years and what happened was that my GB Plus ended up in a town opposite from where I live when it left Orlando and when it said it had a Missent it then went back to the post office in Daytona and then back to Jacksonville which I was afraid it would be sent back to NC where the DHL origin was in but nope it made it here in my paws. And it was a bit squished. Don’t get why this happened when I got my GB Plus in time in the past and came to my actual address just fine but this month it decided to take a road trip. Hoping next month it doesn’t happen again since I chose something totally awesome which is for a future video so stay tuned! So, this bag is $25 a month you get more full size items ranging from indie, prestige, to luxury and it can be skin care, makeup, and tools. Let’s see what I got!

Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in Brick: First is my choice item! I chose the Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in Brick because I love these lipsticks so much! Plus brick reds look good on me! I think I may have bought this during a 21 Days of Beauty or maybe it was a different red I forget but these lipsticks are very comfortable and they don’t feel dry on the lips and they do stay put very well. I prefer that in a liquid lipstick since I have some in the past that made me look like Live Action Harley Quin since her makeup was smeared all over and not all about that. Even at work when I wore Havana Nights and of course in my interview videos last year during Omni that ran all over my face! I did toss that one but anyways if yo0u guys want to try this line I highly recommend and you can get them at Ulta for around $18 or just wait for another 21 Days when they are on sale because you can get more at once that way.
Cela Crème Rose the Very Best Cream Rose: Next is a rose lotion, which I will refer to this as with Cela Rose Lotion. When I saw this and the claims to help dry and flaky skin I rejoiced! It helped my legs a little bit but have to keep on applying because my dry scales are still around. I am so glad to get lotions in this bag because it does help every time during the year. Plus it comes in a nicely sealed tube. Even though when I first smelled it it was a big punch of rose but it did smell sweeter which I heard it also contains jasmine flowers in it which is a nice scent in my nose. Glad to get this hoping for more lotions!
Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara in Triple XXL Black: Yay! Another Ciate item and this time it’s a mascara! I have been enjoying things from this brand and haven’t been disappointed except for my highlighter stick I got in an Offer breaking that’s about it. I’m glad to try out their mascara this time since so far I have tried out their powder, highlighters, I think a liquid shadow which has been a forever ago, and a few lip items and getting a mascara has been a great choice this time. This claims to give you full volume and length with the innovative flower shaped brush which I am holding to that claim thank you very much! Also staying put without flaking which also I will hold to that claim! Can’t wait to try it!
Shaina B. Miami Mini Blush & Highlight Pallet: Next is something I almost chose and that is from Shaina B. which is the Mini Blush and Highlighter Pallet. Even though if I had not chosen anything there are times I get one of the items I wanted to choose in my box anyways. Glad I did with this one since I do enjoy face pallets for an easy application. This comes with two matte blushes and two highlighters that have a lot of pigment and of course gives you that just visited Miami feel. I will put that to the test since I have been to Miami for my eye specialist and yes it’s hot but sweating is not cute. I will take this item and give it a try.
Tarte Tartist Double Take Eyeliner in Black: Again with the black eyeliner! I am sorry, I want a different color Ipsy! This has two ends where one end is a liquid liner and the other is a clay based gel tip liner. I heard this does bleed a little so I may have to be careful so I will not be putting this with my work makeup, I am just going to put it with my regular makeup to just use it with my at home looks or hanging with friends. And I want to say this, what happened to the colored eyeliners Ipsy? I remembered the last one I got that was a different color was the gold one from Avon and no more after that. I remembered when I first got back to Ipsy I got a purple one finished that one, which was the Sugar Cosmetics pencil in Purple Rain. I even remembered there were blue pencils, even green, brown sometimes if you’re lucky but I feel like it’s all about black liners. I did put send me black liners as Sometimes because I’m getting bored of them and want a blue time to time. Please?

Well guys that is it for this post! Sorry for the complaint towards the end but still I will use the liner anyways. I am glad for the blush and highlighter pallet and of course more Dose of Colors lipsticks in my collection! I can’t wait for next month’s bag because I did choose something I will be doing a video on that brand since I am now obsessing over them a bit which I am going to do a podcast episode on brands I’ve been enjoying so far from Subscriptions this coming week because I didn’t do one last night due to my ear and also the Final Fantasy VII Remake my fiancé has been playing. So next up is my subscription round up for these two months so stay tuned this week!
Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in Brick

Cela Creme Rose

Ciate London Triple Shot XXL Mascara

Shaina B Beauty Mini Blush & Highlighter Pallet

Tarte Tartist Double Take Eyeliner

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