The Tag Quadrant: The Drugstore Make Up Tag!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another tag video!

Drugstore Make Up Tag

Today I will be doing the Drugstore Make Up Tag. As you know mys tart with make up happened to be drugstore and have been using products from there up to today. I seen Jessica Braun do this tag and she added some questions so I will be doing her version of this tag, let’s get to it!


If you were able to use one drugstore brand or affordable brand what would it be? I will give this to Wet N Wild because it was the very first make up brand I’ve ever used and have been loving for many years. I know there has been some controversy around its Cruelty Free status due to selling in a Chinese drugstore but I still have enjoyed the products. I have been loving their dewy foundation the most now because it feels comfortable on my skin.

What is the most under rated affordable brand? I have to give it to Jordana is the brand I would say it’s under rated. It is always sold at Walgreens which I have seen some people say they have been taken out of some locations which they did that with my all time favorite nail polish brand, Sinful Colors, in my area. I have seen people rave about their eyeliner and I did get their purple one a while back before moving out and did love their lip products I have tried. I know you can still get them online which is a good thing.

What is the most over rated drugstore brand? I give it to Morphe! I feel like with all of the influencers promoting it and despite the drama of them dropping Jeffree Starr they are still over rated. I admit I did buy James Charles’ pallet because it was on sale and haven’t tried out the eye shadows and I do like a more of an artist’s pallet to play with like the Tarte Tartiste Pro ReMix pallet. The brushes on the other hand aren’t that great either since they are basically Crown brushes but labeled Morphe and I do have the vegan brush set and find them just okay when I can get better brushes at the drugstore with better quality like E. L. F. And I need to say this from pure honesty and that is if you’re an influencer and that gets PR try the product before saying it’s really good because I have seen Jaqueline Hill say the foundations, concealers, and powders really amazing but and this is a big one at that, she turned around and said she has not used the Morphe concealer but Tarte Shade Tape. Please don’t fool your followers. Heck, I was on camera to say that the Coastal Scents concealer quad was hard to blend for all to see!

What is one drugstore product under $5 you’ve liked? Oh man, this is hard! I would give it to Essence Lash Princess mascara. I have been loving this mascara for a while and even have the waterproof one for work so it would stay on during the day or on a bad day if I need that cry at home. This has been a great range of mascara that I have tried in many years and can see why it has been a favorite for a lot of people too.

What is a drugstore hidden gem no one talks about? I want to give this to the Revlon Lip Cushion Lip Tints! I had to think about it but these have been mentioned in Allure but hardly anyone on YouTube has mentioned them. I loved these for a while and my favorite shade has always been Crimson Feels due to how it is that classic brick red shade I know and look good in.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation? I give it to the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy foundation! I know I just touched this but it is so good! I like how it is so comfortable on the skin and not so drying at all. So many people did not like the smell of the original one but you hardly smell this one which is good. I will keep on purchasing this since Buff Bisque is always my shade and sometimes it does sell out so I buy two just in case!

What are some products you buy at the drugstore more than high end? I would have to say eye shadow and lip products! Even though I have been getting my eye shadow fix from subscription boxes every month but I always get an eye shadow pallet or lip product a lot more on the drugstore side because their quality has been kicking it and I don’t feel so guilty spending so much on one pallet. I think the last shadow pallet I purchased that was full price was the Nude Mood pallet from COlour Pop. While lip products, on the other hand, I feel like I have been getting less of because of the subscriptions and have so many of so I slowed down on that. The last one I did get was another Crimson Feels which I finished up pretty fast.

What is one brand that is over priced? Even though I agree with Physician’s Formula being over priced but I have to say NYX is getting really high in price. I remembered this brand being so affordable at Ulta and then when it started being more accessible at CVS, Target, and now Walgreens and now we have the actual stores it has gone up in price and I remembered Jen Luv’s Reviews mentioned how it feels like their products are being raised in price without any reason. For instance, I remembered the Hydro Touch primer being around $13 at Ulta and now it’s around $16 I think and I am so surprised at that price. Heck, now they have a $32 shadow pallet and I am wondering who made the decision on these price hikes? The world will never know.

What is your favorite drugstore dupe? I give it to the NYX Slide On Eye Pencil! I feel that these are a dupe for Urban Decay’s Glide On Eye Pencils even though I have three of those due to 21 Days of Beauty. The NYX ones have been a fan favorite and I have loved these pencils for years and even have one in my work make up kit when I do teal shadow looks. I love how these glide on my eye lines and there are pretty good color options to choose from without breaking the bank. And another item would be the NYX Eye Base which is a good dupe for the Mac Paint Pot. I do love the Paint Pots but I always fall back to the NYX eye base because it does keep my shadows on very well throughout the day and it’s easy to blend on the eyes too.

What is the best drugstore shadow formula? I give this to the Coastal Scents single shadows. Why? Because not only being a bit under rated but at the same time they are so good! I can just buy these and stick them into a Z Pallet and just go on my merry way. I use these for work a lot because it’s so easy to find shadows appropriate for work that would go with any of my color schemes for solid and sometimes printed clothing. I even have one of their pallets with these shadows which is the pink pallet and haven’t touched it yet though. These are not too expensive either, they were around the $1.99 mark but they did have a price raise to $3 and they do go on sale a lot during the year.

What is the worst eye shadow formula? I think I have to give it to Revlon and the ones that came to mind were those shadow pallets that were named after the different elements of art like Advant Gard, Graffiti, and so on and those were okay. I did also remembered getting a shadow quad from them but what I didn’t like was how the packaging was so cheap and broke so easily! I am wondering if they improved the formula over time because their lip products are amazing but shadows aren’t the greatest!

What is one make up brand you loved before but no longer love? I have to say Maybelline and L’Oreal. I feel that these two brands were my favorites and I tend to get a lot of their items and now I only buy a few of them especially on sale. I think the last L’Oreal product I bought was the Voluminous Butterfly mascara because I do enjoy that mascara. I think the reason why I rarely buy from this brand is because they discontinued my most favorite mascara and that was the Miss Manga. I am still mad about that! While Maybelline, I really only get mascaras from them too because I already get my favorite lip products from other brands more than these guys. I think the last lip product was the Lip Ink liquid lipstick and I thank Allure for that one but I rarely buy items from these two brands.

Drugstore product you didn’t expect you love? I would have to give it to the E. L. F. Primer Infused Blushes! The thing is that usually you would have hits and misses from E. L. F. but these blushes have been one of my favorites. I only have two colors and they are Always Rosey from the matte line and Always Lucky from the luminous line. These go on sheer but really easy to build up which you need to watch out for that because it can get intense really easily due to how pigmented these are. I have been using Always Rosy for work every day and hoping to keep on purchasing it!

Affordable Eye Shadow Pallet You’ve Been Enjoying Now: I have been rarely buying any eye shadow pallets at the drugstore like I used to due to getting so many pallets in my subscriptions so I can’t really say.

What has been a brand that’s been stepping up? I am agreeing with Jessica on this and this is one of her questions and that is Cover Girl. Ever since they’ve announced their Cruelty Free Status years ago everyone has been buying them more, heck even I have been buying them a little more especially when I got my all time favorite concealer again, Invisible Lift in light. They have done so many things in the past and they have grown ever since their new status and hoping they keep on going.

Best new release or line at the drugstore? I give it to the Wet N Wild X My Melody and Kuromie Collection! They have made a lot of awesome collections in the past but this take the cake! Sanrio has been around for many decades and so many brands have partnered with them until now with Wet N Wild. I did buy the collection myself and waiting for it to arrive and basically it’s ten items and you get a makeup bag, two shadow pallets, two brushes, and some lip stuff and a face pallet. You can get them separately on the website and on Sanrio’s website too which is really amazing because I remembered there were their own make up items but getting it with Wet N Wild makes it better.

What is one brand that is dying out? I am not only agreeing on Revlon but also Almay. Revlon, I do love the lip tints they released and of course the Super Lustrous Lip sticks but they haven’t really been coming out with anything mind blowing. I know they are trying to fit with the newer generation by bringing new face items, new lip products, and other things except they are still going backwards in a way to cater to the older crowd. I am not saying I am super old but old enough to remember how they used to release so many new items like the other brands until now they aren’t doing it so much. While Almay, it’s like everyone passes by without a glance. When I first got into face make up I did use to use their Clean Complexion line all the time but when I noticed my skin was reacting weird to their products I had to change it up and went with other brands when it came to foundation, powder, and concealer. The other reason why they feel like they’re dying out with me is that they do just cater to four skin shades and they are light, light medium, medium, and deep. Ever since Fenty Beauty came out with their huge range of foundation shades a lot of brands followed suit like Wet N Wild, Becca, Maybelline, and so many other brands because it feels like with how brands should release their shade ranges it has to be inclusive because nobody has the same skin shade.What is a product you’ve been loving for years? I am giving it to the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye Mascara! I have been buying this over and over and glad it’s still available! I prefer this over the Feline Noir mascara from L’Oreal because this one actually makes my lashes curl while the Feline Noir one just makes them stiff.


Well guys that is it! Some of the questions I had to think while others were pretty easy. I do love drugstore make up and can’t get enough of a few products while most of the time it’s face make up I get due to my subscriptions always giving me something new. I will be doing another tag that I saw Teresa Is Dead featured on her channel so stay tuned!

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