The Tag Quadrant: THe Make Up Marvels Tag!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another Beauty Tag!


Make Up Marvels Tag!


I saw Teresa is Dead do this one and felt like doing it and it is the Make Up Marvels Tag! I love make up and I do have some things I get from Ulta or even from my subscriptions that I feel that are really good and have been working out for me and when I saw this tag I felt like it was something I want to do and I do have some things I want to talk about. First a disclaimer!


Disclaimer: This tag is based on make up experiences that the lead writer of this site has! Please respect her thoughts based on her experiences on the products that are mentioned in this tag. Thank you!


Lady Prime: a primer that actually works I give it to two of them and they are the E. L. F. Pore less Putty Primer and the NYX Hydro Touch! Why? Because these two are my favorite and they have been working out the most for my dry as heck skin! Even though I haven’t repurchased my beloved Hydro Touch in months but it has been keeping my skin from drying out like crazy even before the foundation gong on, it just keeps the moisture in even after taking my make up off after a long day of work alongside the E. L. F. one. The pore less Putty was all thanks to getting it in the Allure Beauty Box which I unsubscribed from last November because I can just get this at Target and did last time with the actual purchase and have been loving it. This is in a medium size pot and it does come out creamy on the skin and with a good moisturizer underneath it does stay moist on the skin. I can see why someone said it’s (Insert Their Name) Approved!

Ripe & Hype: Make Up that is worth the hype! Oh man, I know I did this with the drugstore tag recently but if I was being honest here, I would have to give it to the MorphexJames Charles Pallet! I know I said I didn’t like Morphe but mainly for their brushes and when I saw this on sale on Ulta’s website I looked at it and thought it was the Tarte Tartiste Pro Remix over again but it wasn’t when I compared it to the shades of both and purchased this one. I got it and man they were not kidding about the 35 shade pallets being huge as heck! I can see why, and this does remind me of the color wheel and an artist paint pallet since this is the Artistry Pallet. I did try the green shades and did an analogous look with this and that is what it’s meant for which you use the shades in a particular color family and go to the lightest which I did by using Social Blade on my lid, Daddy as my definer, Guac in my crease, and Bee in my brow to give the yellow touch and blended them together. I will keep using this pallet and I think this will be my only Morphe pallet since I prefer the color pallets I can play with as well.

The Late Bloomer: the product you was late to try but wished you tried it sooner! I give it to the Naked Eye Shadow Pallets from Urban Decay. It took me a few years in my somewhat YouTube Career and Blogging Career to collect these pallets and sad that the original and Naked 2 have been discontinued and knowing Naked 3 is to follow suit that I must get before it goes bye for real. I have a feeling the reason why they are discontinuing the originals is to make way for the newer ones like the Ultraviolet for example. Again, I feel like I was late to the game with these even though they have lost their popularity to the brand I mentioned above and a few others, but I didn’t care. I love these pallets and will keep using them when I’m in the mood.

Tentative Tangles: a pallet you’ve been on the fence on and now a favorite! Hush! So many of my pallets but I would give this one to the Tarte Toasted Pallet! I purchased this during 21 Days of Beauty which I was not going to, but the sale price was really good and did. I can see this one is a good one because it is an expanded version of the Naked Heat and does give you more toasty shades to play with and it fits with the fiery shades you would expect. I need to start using this more since I haven’t really touched it for a while.

Game Changer: a product that has changed how you do your make up or changed your routine? I give it to the Juno & Co. Make Up Sponges, the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit, and mascara primers! First, the Juno sponges have helped me with blending my make up very well even with the foundations that have a really dewy formula. The Billion Dollar Brow Kit has been a big game changer in my brow routine. I tend to just use a clear brow gel and a pencil to keep my brows in place and this has been doing the same thing. While the mascara primers have been keeping my lashes from having flakes from any mascara and the flakes tend to bother my eyes too. Glad I got to start using the lash primers since my eyes do water due to allergies, especially with how we have so much pollen in the air.

Beauty Lash: a mascara that curls to the top! I know that is not the exact words but the mascara I would give this to is the Lash Princess mascara from Essence! I got into this mascara due to my favorite personalities on YouTube. All thanks to hearing about this one I had to get it and fell in love with it when I first purchased it on Ulta. I have been using the waterproof one from them for work as well.

Shine & Dine: a shiny product that doesn’t look like fly paper! Hmmm! I give it to the Space Case Shadow in Ultimate Space Gasm. I know this is a weird name, but this shadow is amazing! If you want a single shadow look without the thought is any of the Space Case ones. This brand is amazing, and their shadows are Colour Pop quality but on the dryer side. I would say try them out if you have a chance. While the shade I mentioned is very glittery and easy to blend on the eyes on top of a white eye base and you can travel easily with these in a make-up bag.

Fancy Cake: a powder that sets without looking like a crepe on your face! The Becca Hydro Mist Powder and the E. L. F. Setting Powder. These two are amazing in setting foundation. The Hydro mist was from a BoxyCharm last year and it is very dewy, and it is very refreshing! While the E. L. F. one is translucent and very pressed and easy to set my makeup. With the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation gives a really nice set to it and doesn’t make it feel heavy. Now I want to see how well the Hydro Mist powder would set it. Still I enjoy these powders even though they are in different price ranges from each other. Becca is around the $30 range while E. L. F. is around $6. Good products for their prices.


This was a fun tag guy! I am glad to do this one and hope you enjoyed it. I am still reading a ton of books so don’t worry I will get to reviewing another book soon and I am now waiting on my subscriptions to get to me, I am also planning to do my Sunu Band review since I can’t test it at a convention due to how they have been pushed to 2021 and promised to review it for a while now. Stay tuned everyone!

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