Subscription Satelite: No Make No Life September 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new box!


No Make No Life September 2020


New new box! New new box! Yes, I have a new subscription to talk about and it is called No Make No Life and it’s from Japan. It’s a Japanese and Korean Beauty box subscription that has a variety of skin care and make up and you get from eight to nine products every month. I know it’s weird to see that it’s next month’s box because it does have a small magazine talking about the items that appear in the box and it does what magazines do where you have next month’s issue for this month. This subscription is $35, and you pay $10 for DHL Express shipping on top of that. I know it sounds pricey but hear me out! I almost subscribed to Boxy Premium but felt that I get the same brands of items in my Base Box and same with Boxy Lux but didn’t want to feel that I won’t get my Base Box every fourth month. I do like the idea of getting some luxury items but again they are brands that still appear in all three tiers. Goes the same with Glam Bag Ultimate except the items are nothing really to brag about and sometimes the leftovers do end up in the Add-Ons if they’re not given out. So, I saw all the advertisements on Facebook for this box alongside Tokyo Treat which they are the company behind this one and since Tobi and Rayne have done and may still be doing Boxu which is a Japanese snacks subscription why not this one? I have been enjoying Korean beauty brands like Tony Moley for example but want to try out Japanese beauty stuff too since the girls at Beauty News have gone to Japan and got a few beauty products to try. This month’s box is themed around BTS who is a popular boyband in Korea and if you haven’t heard them, Steve Ayoki has collaborated with them and you can hear their song during his set at Electric Daisy Carnival from Las Vegas last year. There are variants on items so I will talk about them and now!


BT21 Rose Oil Multi-Purpose Cream: First up is a rose oil cream from BT21. This is so heavily scented, but it does feel good on the skin. This item can be used for face, body, and hair and the rose oil helps moisturize the skin. Plus, it features one of the BT21 characters based on the BTS members.

Petit Recipe 2 Color Juicy Gloss: Next up is an item by Petit Recipe which is a brand from Japan and it’s a 2-color gloss that comes in a bottle like package. This gloss is a two color one that also contains pearl for extra glam. You could either get vanilla, grape, cherry, or blood orange. I think I got blood orange for mine and I wonder why Japan always has the cutest packaging ever? Even their snacks are wrapped in cute packaging.

Chupa Chups Hand Cream in Strawberry Cream: I remembered Chupa Chups existing when I was in grade school and remembered my brother having those lollipop spinners that they sold with the lollipops at some toy stores if you know what I mean? I did remember getting a pack of the ice cream flavored lollipops from this brand and surprising enough they are no longer in the states unless you go to Britain since they came from there originally. This hand cream is inspired by the scent of these lollipops and it’s not sticky and made with shea butter which you could have gotten either mango, cherry, strawberry cream, peach, mandarin orange, musket grape, or pink grapefruit. I got mine in strawberry cream and didn’t smell like it. Wait, it does now, and it smells good. My hands have been really dry due to the hand washing due to the pandemic.

Overaction Rabbit Lip Cream or Lipstick: Next has an interesting fact! Apparently, there was a character known as the Overaction Rabbit that is very popular with a messenger like app in Korea and it has been loved by Korean celebrities. These lipsticks and lip creams help moisturize the lips and you could have gotten either one. I did get the lip cream by the looks of it in grape because I smelled the flavor and it smells really good. Funny enough is that this had the packaging you tend to get on a rack at a store, kind of like how you sometimes find a single Lip Smacker at CVS or Target as an example.

Beauty Present Heart Shape Make Up: Next is something I wanted to open, and it was so cute, and they are heart shaped make up sponges! When I saw these in my box I was wondering what they were and saw the magazine and they were correct and these are supposed to make your make up application easy where the points are used for the smaller areas and the round edges are for the bigger parts of your face. Also, you can cut these in half if you want a smaller blender which is really smart. These would be perfect for travel honestly and I am not sure if you can wet these or not, but I will definitely come back during the Review Round Up and give you my review on these.

Crayon Royal Nail Stickers: There is nothing much about these, but they are just nail stickers you can stick on after polish.

The Seam Single Eye Shadow: Next is an eye shadow from Seam Cosmetics. I know the spelling is different but if I spelled it like they did then it would be auto-corrected to Same. This was a collaboration in Korean pop idol group 17 to make these shimmer shadows because they use, they use shadows from this brand. There are variations that you could have gotten but it doesn’t say the color but glad to try this out and hoping it does pop on my shadow bases since it says it has a silicon coating to help with that.

Make for Me Sheet Mask: Final item in the box is a sheet mask! You know I love these things and I tend to use them twice a week as of Monday to get my skin ready for the week ahead and on Friday to relax after a long week. This is a moisturizing mask with an orange scent and K Pop celebrities would approve the rainbow packaging. I will have to try this out and let you all know in the Review Round Up as well.


That is, its guys for this post! So far, I have enjoyed this box. I was also surprised how fast it arrived since it said it would ship two to five days after your payment is made. I think this is better than Allure because I get items from brands, I haven’t discovered yet or some items I have known about since Tony Moley does appear in this box. Plus, you get to have a few beauty tools on top of it. I am really excited about this box so far and will see what the next one holds since Halloween is in October and wonder if they do any Halloween themed things. Let’s see next month!
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