The Favorites Quadrant: Second Quarter 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from travelling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!


Second Quarter Favorites 2020


It’s time for my second quarter favorites! I am glad to do these posts this way since I can write about what I have been trying and enjoying! Let’s see what I have been loving!


Press On Nails: I have been getting into press on nails during this pandemic. Normally I would paint my nails, but I decided to make a change due to how much my nail polish chips the next day especially my right index finger nail! My first nail set was from Kiss and was new to it and saw how they popped off and even asked for tips on What’s Up In Makeup on different ways of applying and different companies, I am having issues typing with the set I have on now from Marmalade Nails in Moonlight even though I filed them down slightly. I will try to have shorter ones if I can and file longer ones better, I do like the Kiss ones the most since they are easier to wear and tend to get a better grip with the glue I use with them, I have gotten other sets from other places like Etsy and independent sites and Amazon. Still getting used to it.


Morning Face Wash: Tony Moley AM Water Face Wash: I got into this after seeing someone getting this in their Glam Bag and saw Ulta had it but sold out and had to wait for the re-stock. It did and loved it! I prefer this one over the Formula 10.06 due to how it feels more cooling and prefer the clean scent. I did get two tubes of this during a sale I think or when I got the alert of the re-stock again. This one goes fast and see why since it’s popular! Stull love it!




New Foundation: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation! For a few years now I have been using the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Buff Bisque! Now that they have released a dewy formula, I switched to that and loving it! This foundation is way better 6than the matte version because it is so light and easy to spread and not as smelly either. Wishing it had a pan instead since it is so liquidous well! I will keep on getting this instead of the regular.


Hair Care Items: Herbal Essences! I have been enjoying Herbal Essence’s more due to how the bottles for the shampoo and conditioner have markings for anyone who has issues telling them apart from each other. They also have been on the Be My Eyes app and same with other Proctor & Gamble brands. I also have been enjoying their dry shampoos despite them being small, but they do pack a punch! I do buy two cans so I can have it last me for a while. I am using the coconut one since I loved the one from Dove,


Body Scrub: Purlisse Coconut Coffee Scrub! Next is body scrub! Ever since I got into these my skin on my legs have been improving and not as itchy either. Heck, the scabs I had are also improving and the latest one has been helping with that and it’s from Purlisse and it’s the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub. You will love my story with this! I originally bought this as a bundle with the body butter in this scent from Ipsy since they always do new offers, and this caught my eye. It was around $20 when it is around $48 because the scrub and butter are $24 each on Purlisse’s site. So, I wait for it to arrive and never did because I either thought it got lost or someone stole it since same thing happened with my face masks in one bundle but this one I had to call the USPS hotline and they said they never received it and had to get a refund. I did contact Purlisse to see if they would do anything and they helped by sending me these products for free. I was very grateful that they did this for me and hoping if I get something from this brand it gets to me on time. I am glad I am using this scrub and will use the body butter at some point, but this scrub is really good for a $24 scrub.


Lip Treatment: Vaseline Coconut Lip Treatment! At one moment I had a bit of a chemical burn on my lips due to a lip oil and had to lay off the lip products. I used Vaseline to help out and when I ordered items on Shipt one day I decided to see about their lip treatments, and they had a few. I got the and was happy I did. My lips were healing a lot better with this and even started wearing lip products again. I am not sure if it was use to being allergic but that was weird. If it were to happen again I know what to do! Hand Soaps: Ulta Moisture Gel Soaps! Final item I’m mentioning is hand soap from Ulta. I know hand washing has been a big thing for months and using that right soap helps. I was looking for soaps that were slightly cheaper and easy to get since Bath & Body Works was closed for a while and getting these from Ulta was one of the best ideas. Ulta sometimes has good specials but I tend to get at least two now since they do last you a while with a bottle. Plus, I did find a dupe for BBW’s Eucalyptus Mint soap since Ulta also has their formula. I tend to go for the moisture gel because of how much my skin gets dry over time and itchy so these help with the dryness and glad to get these. I will still get my favorite BBW soap but will get these if I can’t.


That is, it for this post. I didn’t want to get into my subscriptions since that review is up next. So stay tuned! I think that is it for this post! I was

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