The Beauty Quadrant: Empties, Project Pan, and Low Buy! Oh My! Fall 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time for a new post!


Empties Fall 2020 and Project Pan and Low Buy Updates


It’s time for some empties and also a few updates. I know I’ve been a little slow on doing a few updates here and there but I do spread them out into to other posts so I wouldn’t bore you guys except with conventions being pushed back to next year there is not that much to post about. I will get into more reviews and other things soon, but I feel that beauty has been a big part of Nerdy Shique Universe since the beginning and keep it that way. So, I emptied some items and let’s see what I got this time!


Tony Moley Chock Chock Green Tea Moisturizer: First up is my favorite Tony Moley Chock Chock Green Tea moisturizer and man this lasted me for a long while. When I first got this months ago it was before the pandemic and it lasted me to this month. Well, I only used it at night so that kind of helped and I loved how well my skin felt when I used this. I hardly noticed the smell which is good in my book and glad it helped my sensitive skin. I will be buying this again after I finish up some of my other moisturizers I use at night. I am currently using one from Skin Iceland that I got from Ipsy.

Formula 10.06 AM Cleanser: Next is an item from Formula 10.06 AM Cleanser. I was not impressed with this one bit. I felt that I got so many suds while washing my face I felt like I would be in the bathroom all morning. I think I prefer the Tony Moley AM Water Cleanser despite it always selling out during a sale or not on sale but still this one from Formula 10.06 not my favorite! Plus, it made my skin dryer than the Tony Moley one since that made my skin feel good.

Purlisse Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub: I felt like this product went a little too quickly even though I don’t always use it every day since my skin is so sensitive. It did smooth some of the rough patches on my legs since that was building up so much, but it did feel good. The price is making me think if I should purchase it but as if I can’t get any other scrub or just because since I did like the smell of it and I do love this brand a lot all thanks to my skin getting better from this product. I am back with HEMPZ at the moment with their Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub since they discontinued their herbal one. I will come back to this one someday.

Tea Tree Sheet Masks: I forgot the brand, but I was able to finish a box of tea tree sheet masks. I felt that it was time to finish these off since I only had one left and glad, they lasted me for this long. I have so many sheet masks and trying to use some stuff up in time for the move since knowing we may need to downsize some items so I am doing my best in using up my sheet masks. I am trying to use up the Ariel Juice masks but one thing I don’t like about them is how much residue it leaves from the juice. I will give you my updates once those are done. Glad to finish another box of sheet mask!

  1. L. F. Putty Primer: I finished up another E. L. F. Putty Primer and still loved it but now I have other face primers to use in my collection so I will buy this again once I am done if any of my subscriptions don’t send me another face primer.

BT1 Rose Oil: I finally finished this from my No Make No Life box last month and it was so good! I found the smell not too overpowering when I used it on my hands since it helped out there due to all my handwashing and I hope to get another rose oil like that.

  1. L. F. Lash Primer: I didn’t like this as much because it’s kind of irritated my eyes. I am not sure if it’s the formula of E. L. F.’s clear lash products that are just not playing nice with me. I am just going to stick with other lash primers because the Tarte one is proving to work out for me a lot better.

Ciate London XXL Mascara: I found this one dried out really quickly ever since I got it in my Glam Bag Plus. I felt that I just got it in my May bag I think, and it dried out by August. At least I was able to get some uses out of it.

Kiley Skin Face Wash: Final item is the Kiley Skin Face Wash I got mi BoxyCharm. I have to say is that I don’t get the hype about Kiley Jenner and her family especially her brand. This was just a foaming face wash which I can get anywhere else. Also, I remembered seeing a video with Jeffrree Starr and Shane Dawson, sorry for mentioning them, they tried this skin care and Shane broke out due to his skin being sensitive. I noticed my skin was doing that in certain areas of my face. Sorry Kiley, I prefer other face washes!


Project Pan Update: So, months ago I went through a de-clutter and threw out my older Wet N Wild items alongside my E. L. F. Disney Villains pallets and NYX One Night In Morocco pallet. I felt that they were so old that I couldn’t keep them anymore. I am still trying to pan my Chocolate Bar pallet from Too Faced. What made me mad though is that they discontinued the original, the Semi-Sweet and Bon Bons pallets. I don’t know why but at least I got two backups, one I got on eBay, one my dad got me at TJ Max, and I got a backup of Bon Bons and now just need to get Semi-Sweet. What is odd this is the order I got the pallets in too. And speaking of Project Pan, I accidentally panned a shadow which I was not expecting and that was the shade Angel of Death in the Cremated pallet. I was just putting my brush in and apparently it caused it to hit pan. I didn’t know the shadows were so soft that I panned it. I have to be careful in using the other shades like Diamond Ashes which that almost happened too. I don’t know why these shadows are so soft but shouldn’t have happened after one use. I am just using this pallet sparingly. One item I am going to add is my Warm Berry Blush I have had from Family Dollar. It feels like it’s about to hit pan since I had this for five years now and loved it. It has an amazing pigmentation and I doubt I would find it again either. Oh well! I do have a few other berry blushes in my collection to have fun with.


Low Buy Update: Guys, August was my major buy month due to it being my birthday. I think I should be in Makeup Addicts Anonymous but when this month started, I haven’t bought much despite it being 21 Days of Beauty Month. I only got a few Murad items which they were the AHA & BHA Exfoliating Scrub I love, the Vitamin C Face Wash which was also on sale that same day and something I was waiting to go on sale this time and that is the water cream I tried from Ipsy! When I saw it as an item on the list I was happy and picked it up alongside the new HEMPZ Pumpkin Spice Latte scrub  which were buy one get one for 40% off and same with my Formula 10.06 Blemish Eraser I love to use to help reduce any red marks from my current zits. I haven’t really gone crazy this time because I found this month’s sale this time around just repeats upon repeats. I didn’t mind with the Murad but Ulta needs to pick better items for spring, let’s see what happens. I was meaning to do a haul but due to what took place last month I am pushing it back so you may see what I bought during August some time this month or the next. Just stay tuned. Also, yet again I stuck any new items to my subscriptions since BoxyCharm, No Make No Life and Glam Bag Plus have been really good this month. I am still waiting on my Glam Bag so hoping to get that soon.


That is, its guys, I hope you enjoyed this post because it felt good to do an empties finally. I will try and get more empties as time goes on since it feels good to finish products that have been in your collection for a while. Let’s see how it goes since there are some items I want to finish before our move in November. Trust me, I can’t wait since as of writing this post there are those random knocks from an annoying person. Hoping that doesn’t happen in the new place. Anyways, stay tuned for my next few posts!

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