No Make No Life November 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with my first subscription to mention on here!

No Make No Life November 2020

Even though I got my Glam Bag Plus first I do start with this box since it also comes early. This box came all the way from Tokyo, and it features brands from Japan and Korea for $45 which is $35 plus $10 for shipping. You get eight to nine products whether it’s makeup or skin care. Let’s see what I got this month!

Skin Macaron Lip Balm: First up is a product by Skin Macaron and this is a new brand to me since I started getting this box in August. This brand is known for creating hypoallergenic products for people with sensitive skin. In the little macaron packaging, you get a macaron that has a clear lip balm that you can also use on your lids or under eyes for a gloss look. The flavors you could get in this are grape, pineapple, and choco. I got Choco and it does feel glossy and smooth on my lips. I do have another macaron lip balm which I will be finishing that up but glad to get this in my box since I do love getting lip balms especially when winter is coming soon and of course we do have to wear medical masks. To tell you the truth I’ve gotten acne because of the mask and did have a dry spot above my lips so yeah, I will be using this!

Skin’s Bony Yogurt Wash Off Mud Pack: Next is a mud mask which is by an interesting sounding brand. Skin’s Bony Yogurt. New to me as well! I believe this came from Japan since it mentioned Harajuku. This is a wash off mask that comes in Pink, Green Tea, Yellow, and Black masks for different skin benefits. It does come hard at room temperature and says to warm it up slightly. I don’t go for wash off masks, but I will try this out and see how this goes.

Skin’s Bony Yogurt Mask Pack: Next is a sheet mask which I’m happy about! This doesn’t say much about it except to wash before using and apply lotion. I did take a look and it looks like it’s PH balancing I take it? I will see how this goes!

Sho-Bi Slown Fruits Cheek Color Pallet: Next is a small blush pallet and was surprised to get this in my box! I could have gotten this in either Baby Orange or Coral Pink and it comes with a small brush and in a magnetic case for touch ups on the go. I can’t wait to use this!

Choosy X Mii Lip Pack: I think this is a lip moisture pack by the looks of it since it doesn’t really say much about it. I think it’s all about moisture this month since we are about to go into mid fall by November. I will have to see how this goes.

Choosy X Milky Lip Scrub: Next is a lip scrub from this same collab. I tried this out and it feels good and smells good! You already know that using this helps with getting dead skin off the lips and this also has petroleum and jojoba oil to help with the lips. I will keep on using this since I packed my other lip scrubs for the move.

Peach Leaf Makeup Remover Wipes: Next up are remover wipes from Peach Leaf. Not only that it’s a full-size pack too! Whenever I get wipes from any other subscription it is usually travel size but nope! These are a full-on pack! These are made with peach leaf oil to help with taking makeup off with one swipe and keep it moisturized as well when it comes to the skin. I know some makeup wipes make the claim that it will take makeup off in one swipe but have to put that to the test and see if it’s true. I am glad to get these though!

Nail Stand: Sorry for not having the brand for this but this was an interesting gadget since this is supposed to be something where you can put your toe or finger on the ring and you do your nails as a way to keep them stable while painting them. It also has a suction cup to stay on the table. I will have to use this since I do tend to have a hard time painting my nails. I will have to try and use this even while putting on press on nails. Let’s see how it goes!

Well guys that is it for this post! I’m happy about this box and I used the face mask after getting this box and it felt pretty good. I have to try out the mud mask and see how that goes. Also, I am excited about the lip scrub, lip balm, and even used the blush compact since this post is going up on a Sunday which is a few days after getting this box. I can’t wait for what December’s box holds because so far this box has been really good and not complaining! Next up is Glam Bag Plus! Stay tuned!

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