Subscription Satelite: October 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription post!

Glam Bag Plus October 2020

Even though I got this first before No Make No Life, but I was really excited to post that one over this one so here we go! This subscription is the second tier from Ipsy and it’s $25 a month. They changed it to where you can choose three out of five items from certain groups of items and they choose your first two products. I was happy about my first two items and I think I did pretty good in my choices. Let’s see what I got!

Love Craft Beauty Basic Rituals Eye Shadow Pallet: First up is a pallet from Love Craft Beauty and it’s a shadow pallet! So far so good I’ve been enjoying this brand and when I saw this in my GB Plus this month it made me happy. This is a mix of neutrals, mattes, and metallics that can also be used for a smoky look. It claims that the shadows last for a long time without any smudging, fading, creasing, and fall out which that will be put to the test. All in all, I am glad to get this and have to try it out! This has a value of $35.

Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Setting Powder: I am going to end it at that since it’s a translucent setting powder. Tarte keep it simple! Anyways, When I saw this as a choice from Ipsy I was happy too. I love getting my face makeup needs in my subscriptions since I don’t buy another for a while. I haven’t tried the translucent powders from Tarteand well it has no flashback, it is also supposed to set my makeup for hours. I have to try this out since I tend to set my foundation with translucent powder. Let’s see how it goes! This values for $34.

Doucce Freematic Limited Edition Smoky Pallet: Next up is a product from Doucce which I chose from the first group of items. It was hard to choose until I looked at this one. This contains eight shadows where they are neutral and metallic where you can build up with the top row and work your way through. It also has a highlighter in the pallet that can also be used on the eyes and face. I have to try this pallet to see how it’s like since I did remember getting an eyeliner from these guys years ago and enjoyed it and glad to try this out. This values $65.

Dr. Lip Tint Three Pack in Sweet Potato, Red Radish and Elderberry: Next up is my second choice and that is from Dr. Lip which is a new brand for me. This is a multi-tasking balm and gloss that can be used on the lips and cheeks. Sweet Potato is a pink, Elderberry is a burgundy, and Red Radish is a coral. I did try one of these and saw someone review it and said it wasn’t sticky which I agree. It does feel good on the lips and glad to pick this out since having to wear a mask I can’t really do fancy lip products or be careful for it to rub off so it does stay put for a few minutes until you drink something. I hope to see this brand more in Ipsy in the future especially during the wintertime when people would be having chapped lips all the time, especially when it gets extremely cold in some areas. This pack values for $23.

Aracely Beauty Ojos Perfectos Gel Liner Pencil Duo and Sharpener Set: I know the name is mainly in Spanish but rather just use the English translation after seeing the long name these were given when it’s just eyeliner pencils. Really people, don’t need the really long fancy names! This duo comes with Cinnamon which is a shimmer pencil and Chocolate which is a matte pencil. These pencils are supposed to glide onto the skin with ease which is good and hoping they do that since I prefer an eyeliner pencil to be smooth and of course do like my lines to be more precise and not always run like a liquid which I know it can be tedious. I am also glad that it comes with a sharpener which we need more liner pencils to come with since there are times where I don’t always have a sharpener even while at a convention which I know I will have for Ranger Stop Pop next year. I can’t wait to try these out! This values for $33.

Add-On: And my final item is my add-on for this month and it’s the Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Storm pallet. I did get the Celestial Thunder in BoxyCharm last fall and finally used it when my dad visited. I only used a single shade since I didn’t which ones were in the pallet and no description is on the net but at least I found the descriptions for this pallet and copied it down. I wanted to get this since the Thunder pallet and glad to see it was an add-on through Ipsy for $12 and purchased it. I can create some trio or quad looks from the descriptions from this pallet. I did pack it for the move so hoping I will use it once we get settled into our new place!

That is, its guys! Sorry for the delay since I was busy when it came to life so hoping I will get the last two subscription posts up and I do have a few other posts in mind. So, stay tuned!

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