Subscription Satelite: No Make No Life December 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with one last subscription.

No Make No Life December 2020

I know this was late but due to warehouse issues they had a bit of a delay in getting my box out to me. Now hoping my January box is not late, even though I heard people had issues with their boxes being late with this subscription. This subscription is $35 with $10 shipping and you get skin care and makeup from Japan and Korea. This month I get to try eye makeup even though I am still getting over my eye infections. Let’s see what they gave me this month!

Japanese Essence Lotion: First up is my very first essence since I never tried one out. This product is from Japan one. This helps with moisture and comes in five options, which not sure what I got. This contains hyaluronic acid, royal jelly, and cuten. This also helps with toning and prevents acne as well. I have to try this out and see how this goes.

Kunuhata Soymilk Cleanser: Next is a face cleanser from a brand called Kunuhata. This is a gentle foaming cleanser made with soy milk that helps with hydration. I have to try this out since I prefer gentle cleansers over harsh ones. I hope it doesn’t make my skin react weird but the sheet masks haven’t done that so far. Let’s see what happens.

Innisfree Face Mask: This is a sheet mask that has a cream containing eucalyptus cellulose. Over the past two years I’ve been using masks with honey, various fruit extracts and actual fruits, flowers, but not with eucalyptus yet. I have to try this out since there are three kinds I can get in Acai Berry, Ginseng, and Rice. I have to try this out and see how it goes.

Spins Multi-Stick: Now into the makeup parts. This is a shimmery and heart shaped stick from Spins that comes in pink gold. I will use this as a highlighter stick but can also use it on the eyes, lips, and decolletage. I can’t wait to use this!

Dolly Angel 33 Color Eye Shadow Pallet: Next up is my first eye shadow pallet from Asia! An actual shadow pallet from a brand I mean. This features thirty-three shadows and a double ended applicator. When I saw this, I thought it was smaller and had the usual twelve but when I saw this in the catalog that came with my box, I was surprised. The shades from soft peach to ruby. I will have to play with this when I get off my eye product break. It’s been a while since I used a peach to red tone shadow pallet.

Miloko Chocolate Brown Mascara: Next is a mascara and it’s in brown. I never use brown mascaras but willing to try this out. This mascara is a travel size which is right for the holiday traveling if anyone is doing it now or next year. This comes in four colors, cocoa brown, cranberry, cinnamon brown, milk tea, and chestnut, sorry, five!

Dolly Wink Long Lasting Eye Pencil: Next up is something that had me wanting my box sooner since it was advertised on Facebook and that is the Dolly Wink Everlasting Eye Pencil. This is a quick drying formula that stays put and doesn’t run. Plus, it is not too harsh when it’s on the eyes and doesn’t bother them either with Jojoba Oil. I have to try this since I did have issues with my eyes with a ink liner that was drying up due to not being used for months. I will see how this liner goes.

Etude Brow Pencil and Brush: Final item is from Etude. I have heard of these guys being in past boxes and glad to try a brow pencil from these guys. Except I am kind of scared because it’s a dark grey pencil with a triangular shape with a brush at the end. I hope this is like the universal taupe pencils that blend with how well it blends with the brows. I will have to see how this goes.

That is, it for this box. Very exciting with what I got this month! Definitely skin care products I will use and same with the eye products. The brow pencil is kind of scaring me due to the shade they gave me but will have to see how that works. I am excited for the shadow pallet, liner, and mascara. Can’t wait to see what the next box brings and hoping that doesn’t come late either. Next up is going back to the Technology Quadrant with talking about different Bluetooth earphones just in time for the holiday gifting season!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy November 2020

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy November 2020

The Convention Quadrant: Virtual Conventions Vs. Face-to-Face Conventions

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe. Time for another post and it regards conventions.

Virtual vs. Face-To-Face Conventions

This year conventions had to be either pushed back or be held online and this year the National Federation of the Blind did their conventions, both state and national, over Zoom. It was a safer way than having people come under the sickness of Covid19 but there are things I do miss when it comes to having interaction. To tell you the truth, I used to be an extrovert where I loved going out and meeting new people and with this year being at home most of the time since I do have asthma and I have risked my life already this year with my injury in May by going to get my face dermabonded, staying in the hospital for two days and a half, and also going to the doctor again recently for my eyes and nose. Also, looking for apartments and moving. Now I am an introverted extrovert all thanks to this year. Where I don’t mind the company but do like to have some time to myself but I do miss having friends over. Let’s see how I felt with some of the Pros and Cons of this year’s events.


Not Getting Any Kind of Sickness: First up is the idea of having virtual conventions is that you don’t get any types of other sicknesses. I admit back in the past me and Richard did get colds after the convention or passed our germs onto other people. One prime example was back in 2007 I had a bad cold after the summer semester and it passed onto Richard and maybe other people as well since I shook hands without using hand sanitizer which I never knew about the small bottles that Bath & Body Works sold until around 2009 I think. Plus, I did have a bad case of Conjunctivitis back in 2016. Also, we did have other bad pandemics which included the Swine Flu, also known as H1N1 back in 2009 and looking at it, Holiday Matsuri 2013 did have people getting sick right after the convention. Where am I getting at? What I’m getting at is that with virtual conventions is that we don’t have to worry with post convention sickness even if it’s not due to the pandemic. We only have to worry is that we have to keep our phones and other devices sanitized after each convention since we do use Zoom on many platforms like Mac, IOS, Android, and even Windows. And of course, we do use hand sanitizer in our normal lives whenever we need to if we get that awesome sale at Bath & Body for the mini bottles. Hey, Christmas scents are back now!

No Convention Funk: As anime convention goers and now press pass holders ourselves we don’t have to smell the bad convention funk. As in, we don’t have to worry about someone not showering. I know, it’s gross from the sounds of it and it is  because I did have a creeper that never showered creep on me back at one anime convention. Not only that, it’s always a topic at Holiday Matsuri where people keep telling everyone to shower. Still finding it ridiculous one guy complained about the post due to being allergic to soap and so many other people and I talked about how there are alternatives to mainstream soaps. Not kidding! Even Lush has vegan soaps where they post their ingredients. Anyways, this is one pro most people can agree on since we don’t have to face the Con Funk!

Saving Money: This is one thing that has been a subject and that is saving the money being used for conventions for the convention for next year or other important things that can be saved for. This year we were able to focus on our move since our lease was up this coming week and we had to get everything set up. Also, with the saving for other conventions, we got our stimulus checks and we are saving up for our trip to RangerStop Pop next year which we wanted to do an out of state convention finally and it gives a chance to explore newer conventions out of the realm of where we go to every year. Plus, it also helps save money for more things that can be purchased at some of these things since there are times we don’t have the funds for a lot of things in the vendor room and sometimes for autographs if need be. I know I will be having funds for for a few next year, hopefully. Not only that saving up for other places to eat,. I remembered hearing some stories that Vivid Barnacle had read where one person had a friend always wanting to eat the pricey places during a convention instead of fast food places since that is the biggest locations for convention goers to go to when they’re hungry. I admit we gone to Checkers and Burger King during AFO years ago. I think the last time we splurged was during RangerStop last year at BJ’s Brew House across the street and man I felt bad for Richard spending on us since I saw the price for my parmesan chicken on Uber Eats and just backed away. I know I went on a tangent but being able to save the money for more items at a convention will be rewarding since I have heard some people, in the past few years, heck even my dad complained when I needed money for signatures at MegaCon, that things have gotten pricier and sometimes it can be hard to save. A good thing to do as my tip and I have done it and same with Richard is to open a savings account, even when you get your tax return. You can transfer the money easily between accounts through your bank when you need it, heck I have done it for Uber rides since it can be pricey depending where I go in town. Plus, you can make goals for yourself if you’re going to a city for a convention, one good example, our goal in Atlanta is to go to a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Guy has been to places in Atlanta and we are curious about it.

Visiting States Online: This is what I enjoyed about the NFB Virtual Conventions is that I get to be at a state convention without flying to it. I did meet some people during the 2018 National Convention like people from Nebraska, Arizona, Hawaii, but this year I got to meet the people not only here in Florida again but got to meet everyone in California, since I want to visit that state, Ohio, where I did register and won a gift card, and Virginia and got to meet some of the nicest people and the students that are following their dreams in getting their degrees like I am. Plus, I got to meet some of the others from other states who were also visiting, like the president from Massachusetts’ affiliate since I am attending U. Mass at the moment and found out they are also doing their convention online in Fe bruary which I am looking forward to since I haven’t been back to Boston in ages. Which my plan is to go for graduation. Anyways, it’s good to meet other people since we can have fun and enjoy each other’s company while listening to what they’ve been doing during the year while going through the pandemic.


Missing the In Person Interaction: One thing I have noticed among the conventions I’ve heard is that everyone has missed seeing everyone in person. I agree with that whole heartedly. Recently on the RangerStop group, they have posted pictures from 2019 where there were awesome moments with the guests. One of them was some of the Mystic Force cast going to Popeye’s to try their sandwiches, which by the way they are delicious, and there was the photo. jI am missing that interaction and getting to sit in the panel rooms hear the guests talk about their work on certain shows and so on. Even with the NFB conventions, we show how independent we are and be able to walk around the hotels with cane in hand or hand on a dog harness to enjoy the city life. Heck, when I volunteered for the Braille Book Fair, I got to talk with parents of blind children who wanted pointers since I remembered how much my parents struggled when I first got diagnosed. Getting to talk with other people and sharing the stories in person is something that we do miss. Now hoping next year things will be better enough for all of us to get together again to enjoy a meal.

Technical Difficulties: I have seen this rise and it does happen. One drawback of being on Zoom, even with school, there are times where audio goes out, the mute button is not working, sharing the screen is not working, anything that is everything can happen with technical difficulties. Technoilogy is a blessing but sucks when it breaks.

I think that is about it. It’s hard to know what else in the Cons area that I could mention. As someone who is more extroverted I feel that I prefer the in person conventions since I feel a little more like myself and I do miss meeting new people. Who knows how 2021 looks but hoping that we get to be in person again even if there may be changes involved. Let’s see how it goes! Next post will be my Ipsy Glam Bag.

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus November 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am in my new place and have a new post!

Glam Bag Plus November 2020

My Glam Bag Plus came in and glad it did. I did change my address after the first day of the month so it ended up at the old place like my Glam Bag, which that arrived yesterday so that has to be picked up from the old place. This is the second tier in Ipsy and it costs $25 a month where you get five full-size items ranging from skin care to makeup. And you get to select three of your items while Ipsy picks the other two. Let’s see what I picked and what Ipsy picked for me.

Tretique Good Vibes Mascara and Lash Curler: First up is a product from Trestique. I have been enjoying this brand for its just one stick is all you need approach. This is a two-in-one mascara and lash curler that will give you dramatic lashes. One end is your lash curler which even helps with small lashes for its smaller size and the other end is the mascara. The directions ask for curling the lashes first and then use the mascara which I tend to do sometimes if my lashes need an extra curl even on workdays. I will be waiting a little bit before I use any eye makeup due to having a stay and blepharitis which was not great having it during midterms. This product retails for $25.

Violet Voss Coral Pop Eye Shadow Pallet: Next up is a product from Violet Voss. I have bought some of their mini pallets in the past from add-ons and happy to get one of them in my GB Plus. This is a peachy versatile pallet That allows mixing and matching. Claims to last all day without any fading. I have noticed some of the other Violet Voss pallets did stay pretty well and hoping that this does too. This pallet retails for $2-.

Honey Jarret Super Beauty Mask Set: Now going into my first-choice item, I chose a set of six sheet masks from Honey Jarret. I do love trying new brands even in skin care and that includes sheet masks since my sensitive skin prefers them more than wash off ones. These claim to have rich antioxidants and help calm the complexion. These contain kombucha tea leaves, manuka honey, and Maringa to help with stressed out skin. Trust me, this semester has me stressed even the move stressed me out so I will be using one of these this week to calm my skin. This retails for $18 so you get six masks for $3 which is an awesome value!

Complex Culture Lip Cream in Dusty Rose: My next choice was a lip product. This is a six-in-one lip cream that multitasks. It lines, primes, moisturizes, and other things to help the lips with antioxidants. Perfect for the colder days coming our way even though it is still in the lower 80s here in Florida.  I will have to try this out and see how it goes! This retails for $18 as well.

Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Lip Mask: Final choice item and it’s from Seraphine.This is an overnight lip masks that helps moisturize the lips while you’re asleep. I should have used this last night. It’s free of talc and parabens to help with the moisture. I never tried an overnights lip mask, but I have heard so many good things, especially about the one from Bite Beauty. I will definitely start using this tonight. This retails for $25.

That completes my GB Plus and all I have to say it was good balance this month too. I am glad to get a lip treatment alongside more sheet masks to help with, my dry skin. My lips also need it since I sometimes feel that dry patch on my upper lip. I still need to wait in wearing eye shadow and mascara with feeling the sty and my eye infection. I will be trying out the liquid lipstick though. I can’t wait to see what December’s bag brings! Hoping we get six items again like two years ago which was really awesome. Next up is my post about the virtual conventions.

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm November 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. Before I start, I would like to apologize for my short absence. I have been busy with studying for a test and also became ill during last week so I couldn’t do the Review Round Up for the last two months. I also lost the panda bear USB drive with all my posts so far and might find it when the move takes place this week. I am sorry so I will be doing this post to make it up to you guys.

BoxyCharm November 2020

Today, I received my first box of the month and it happened to be my BoxyCharm. Usually this would come after my No Make No Life and GB Plus, but the order switched. I did find my email about this box being shipped but glad to get it while being at my current place. This costs $25 a month and you get five full-size items every month ranging from prestige through luxury. Also, you get to choose an item and this month for December’s choice they switched it up to make everyone choose on the same day and glad that happened because it was nerve racking to see everyone else getting to choose. I did choose something pretty nice for December but won’t spoil. Let’s see what I got this month since I was a able to use Convenient OCR on my post card this time and to tell you the truth it works better on this since no weird characters show up when JAWS reads it.

Natasha Denona Peek Pallet: First up is something from Natasha Denona. I heard of this brand so much from so many people on YouTube and What’s Up in MakeUp and how people debated in purchasing this brand because they are super pricey. Pricier than Mac even. I did remember trying a shadow from this brand through the Allure box a year ago when I was still subscribed and thought it was okay, nothing too earth shattering nor super nova about it. When I saw this on my list of items I was surprised and let’s see what it says. This is a five-pan pallet featuring some of the best formulated shadows within the neutral range. This features creamy and metallic shades from some of her iconic pallets and to tell you the truth I never purchased since I am more of an Urban Decay meets NYX type person when it comes to makeup with a mix of Mac. I will try this out though since single shadows may be different from the smaller pallets but who knows how it will go. I am taking a break from eye products because I ended up with a Sty and Blepharitis last week. Plus, I did have to pack my makeup brushes from my vanity. The MSRP though is $48. Let’s see if it’s worth it since I can get the Dose of Dollars pallets lower than that.

Peach & Lily Power Calm Gel Cleanser: Next up is a product from Peach & Lily. I have heard of these guys and they are sold at Ulta. This is a gentle and sulfate-free cleanser that helps keeping the skin intact. I have to see how this goes since I do enjoy gentle cleansers and since it does get colder here on the coast during the winter this would be perfect! Plus, it also helps with hydration which is a key for me! This retails for $28.

Milk Kush Waterproof Mascara: Next is the item I chose for November and have to wait to use because it’s a mascara and it is a favorite amongst many people on YouTube and that is the Koosh Mascara from Milk MakeUp. I heard of this mascara and was a little curious about it and when I saw it as a choice, I had to get it! This is an intense mascara that has heart shaped fibers, and it is infused with cannabis oil which is supposed to be good for you. I will have to see how well it works with my lashes since I have tried hemp seed oil lotion and that helped my skin so far.  This mascara retails for $24.

Yensa Beauty Pumpkin Turmeric Two in One Polishing Mask: Next is a product by my favorite former villainous from Light Speed Rescue, Jennifer Yen, and that is from her brand Yensa. This is a two-in-one polishing mask that is infused with orange ingredients that help with hydrating and soothes the skin and of course polishes it within five to ten minutes. I can’t wait to use this since I do love using masks while shaving my legs to give some time to work. I do love pumpkin and will see how it goes. This retails for $45.

Alamar Eye Primero Sticky Base Primer: Final item is from Alamar and it’s the eye primer. This is a water-based primer, and it helps shadows stand out. It is also water and wear resistance and it’s made with shea butter. I know I am on break from wearing shadows and other eye items, but I can’t wait to wear this. I think the eye base I was using lately was probably a factor for my Sty or my other eye irritation so who knows. Hoping this doesn’t cause any issues for my shadows. This retails for $15.

That completes this box! I like it this month because it has a nice balance between makeup and skin care, and I like that in a box. I will have to see how the mask works since I rarely use wash off masks and I enjoyed the green tea ones from Purlisse, which is Jen’s other brand. Trying out Peach & Lily will be a nice first and glad to get another eye primer, shadow pallet, and mascara but have to wait until my eyes calm down from going through what they had. I can’t wait for my other boxes. I think my Ipsy and GB Plus will be a little late since I didn’t get my new address until last week but I did add it to my No Make No Life so hoping that I will get in a reasonable time frame. Next, I will be talking about how I have been virtual convention hopping with the NFB State conventions this fall so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for the latest!