The Technology Quadrant: Battle of the Bluetooth Earphones

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a post in time for the holiday season!

Battle of the Bluetooth Earphones!

It’s that time again where we are shopping for that perfect gift for that perfect someone even with Chanukah coming up for all of my nerds who celebrate it and of course Christmas in two weeks for the other nerds who celebrate that. One thing I notice that is big and always on sale from Black Friday through Christmas Eve is technology. I admit I did buy the new Echo Dot Gen 4 and now waiting to do my trade in for the I Phone 12 Mini but one thing is big at the moment is Bluetooth headphones! One of the big ones is of course either the Beatz by Dre or of course the Apple Air Pods which have the ear bud style and now coming out with the over the head style which we have known and loved many ages ago. Unfortunately, with most people, the price tag is pretty up there. I was told the new Air Pods with the over the head feature will be in the $500 range which is around the same price for the I Phone 12 range and the new I Pad Air, which I will review soon since I have it myself. The question is that are their cheaper versions? Yes, I will be talking about three of them since I have used them and they are cheaper than the Apple counterparts. Let’s dive in!

Amazon Echo Buds

Price: $120

First up are the ear buds I have been using for over a year and they are the Echo Buds from Amazon. These will cost you around $120 unless you get them for a special price during Black Friday or Cyber Monday or even after both since you can get low prices on Amazon devices leading up to Christmas Eve and New Year’s. These work with the Amazon Alexa app and easy to set up as well. You can do a lot with Alexa with these and even play games on these if you wanted. One thing I can admit that is hard is keeping in my ears. They do slip out even with the wings that come with the ear buds. I don’t have those on there anymore since the wings even slip off the bud as well. You have to push down on them every so often to keep them in even while eating. I only use these if the next ones die on me as back ups since they do have the charging case that you can plug into any USB compatible chord especially a three-in-one chord. If you enjoy using Alexa, this will be handy for you.


Price: Price: $79.99

I have been using these lately since Richard gave me his old pair after buying a new set thinking he lost them but Raycons are a highly rated pair of ear buds. These are amazing and I tend to use these while riding the bus to and from work because I can just press the button on these to play my music without bringing out my phone all the time. These have amazing sound and very comfortable to wear. Like the Echo Buds, they do also come in a chargeable case and they are small alongside the case. They come in many colors and if you guys watch YouTube, a lot of YouTubers do get sponsored and have codes with them so you can get these for 30% off. Richard used Some Call Me Johnny’s link for his buds so I would say watch for anyone who has a special link.


Price: $79 to $100.

And finally, the Aftershoqz headphones. I got into these because of co-workers like these to listen to music and hear their surroundings. I admit I do like that as well and do like how they wrap around the back of my head instead of going over my head. These are bone conduction headphones where they go near your ears rather than inside and use the vibrations from your bones to emit sound. Good thing too is that you can use these to make and answer calls with the button on the side, play music, and even control the volume on the other side near the right ear. I haven’t mentioned this with the Raycons but these, like the Raycon ones, connect to Bluetooth without an app. You just go into the Bluetooth settings and pair through there and ready to go. I heard some of the newer models of these don’t have the vibrations but if you can get the Titaniums then you will feel a slight vibration in your ear. One thing to consider with these is that have your device near you because if you stray too far the connection will drop until you get back to your device.

Which Is Better? It’s hard to say since some people have different preferences. If you prefer the comfort, I will say Raycon is the best for that since you don’t have to keep pushing them in. If you want to keep using an assistant to do certain things then the Amazon Echo Buds would be the best since you can use your device’s assistant alongside Alexa to do different tasks on your device. Trust me, turning on my lights using these was awesome to use as an example. If you prefer something that you can not only hear the audio but your surroundings, the Aftershoqz would be your choice since traveling with these or jogging with them is safer than having music blasting without hearing your surroundings. Best example, I was using these with Soundscape while heading to my mailbox to know what’s around me in the area as I moved forward until I asked a neighbor for help. If I had to pick a favorite out of the three, I would say the Raycon ear buds due to how I can just push the play button without bringing out my phone.

That is, it for this post! We don’t have a link for the Raycon unfortunately but you can watch people on YouTube about getting a link. These three have been my go-to Bluetooth earphones and they work very well and they are cheaper than the Air Pods if you don’t want to splurge during the holidays. So, happy shopping!

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