Subscription Satelite: No Make No Life January 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the last beauty box for the month!

No Make No Life January 2021

I know it’s weird to see January in this box’s title but got to remember this does magazine logic for its months and that is No Make No Life. This is a beauty box from Japan that contains beauty products from Japan and Korea ranging from make up to skin care and even a lifestyle item. This is $35 plus $10 shipping. Let me rant a little about shipping. Normally this is supposed to be shipped with DHL but this month it was not that. It was with a different company and it caused my box to be a bit late. If they advertise 2 to 5 DHL Express Shipping, keep it at DHL Express!!! No one else! Please! I hope for my February box it won’t happen again. Now, let’s see what I got this month since I got eight items this month which by the way you tend to get or if you’re lucky, you can get nine items.

MediHeal Essential 40: Mask: First up is a product from MediHeal. I heard of this brand through my first box but there was no mask from these guys in that but it’s well known in the K-pop scene since a lot of celebrities do use these masks, especially when you fly the air does dehydrate your skin a lot. This mask has been voted #1 by It Cosmi and is created by the help of dermatologists and is able to work with the skin not against it. You could either have gotten Collagen Impact, Placenta Revital, Tea Tree Healing Solution, V Life, Vital Light Beamed that’s it. I will be using this and coming back for the Review Round Up!

Mise en Scene Extreme Damage Repair Hair Mask: Next up is a product from Mise en Scene. It’s been a while since I’ve bottom any hair repair masks in my boxes and this is interesting to say the least since it requires a cap and good thing it gives you directions in the booklet. This is a #1 hair care brand in Korea that uses uses natural oils, heat and steam in this mask to help repair damage. This uses Hahoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter as some of the ingredients.

BT21 Bia Hair Clip: Next up is a pair of hair clips from BTS’ character line, BT21 and it’s a collabe with Bit Hit Line Friends. You can get one of the characters that each member has created in a set of two clips. I am wearing them, they’re pretty big which I do prefer when it comes to holding my hair back a bit. Will have to keep on wearing these then!

Innisfree Mineral Setting II Powder: Next up is a setting powder from Korean brand Innisfree. This is a soft setting powder that can be worn on top of makeup to lock it in or anywhere to keep shine away. I can’t wait to use this as well. I think I got a powder during last month’s box but it’s kind of awesome to try other brands from different parts of the world with the same products we tend to use. I will see how this goes.

UR Glam-Lip0011: This is a lip tint that is a hybrid between an oil and a balm. With this item you can pop on some color with some shine with any of the colors they have chosen and they are nude pink, coral, clear purple and a few others. I wonder what I got.

L Fascy Moisture In Balm Hand Cream: Next is a hand cream which is a popular one in Korea and contains shea butter and aloe vera extract which helps with dry skin. You know how cold it gets here on the coast and glad to get one of these in my box, since the cold snaps did start coming early this month, heck we even had a cold Christmas after so long! I got mine in strawberry which is amazing! So far it feels good on the skin but will update in the Review Round Up!

UR Glam Eye Shadow Pallet: This next item is also from UR Glam and it’s an eye shadow pallet. This is an everyday wear shadow pallet with nine shades and it features mattes and glitter with beige, brown, and red. Which is interesting to hear red in a shadow pallet like this. Also, this is a product that sold out after being rated for bestmulti-pallet. I do find this a nice compact pallet since we tend to have bigger pallets here in the U. S. but this is good enough size for travel. I will definitely try this out!

Micro Fiber Hair Drying Glove: And final item is a lifestyle item which surprised me. I never thought I would see a hair drying glove. To be fair, in Japan they have a head band to keep shampoo out of your eyes while washing your hair, why don’t we have that here in the U. S.? I did hear you can get that at Daisou! Anyways, this is a glove to help with reducing time with a hair dryer and keep hair healthy. It is very soft, I have to wash my hair this week so I will try this out and see how it goes.

That is it for this box. A lot of items for the hair this month which makes sense since hair does get affected by cold weather and of course for the hands since the hand cream is a handy item. I will have to see about the glove which is interesting to see. I am also excited about the eye shadow pallet since I am glad my eyes are better but dust from unpacking has been causing them to water slightly, I will have to see how this pallet goes. Next up is the best shadow pallets from ten brands! Stay tuned!

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