Bests & Worsts of 2020!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post and it’s in time for the new year!

Bests & Worsts of 2020!

It’s that time where I talk about what is the best and the worst of this year. Man, 2020, pardon my French, it was shit! And you will see…

Worst Thing to Happen: COVID 19 Pandemic! I k now the last paragraph was short but wanted to dive into the first entry. This year was full of a pandemic and man we faced it. Since this past February going into March, the news reported that COVID 19 has started to spread throughout the world and was killing people, from the elderly going down to people who are most vulnerable. Now we have a stronger case that came out of Europe but we do have the vaccine already being distributed which is about time. I think this has been the longest year for everyone since events had to be pushed back, cancelled, or even held online through Zoom, YouTube, and other online platforms so people can be involved and live some normalcy. Heck, Christopher Tidis, one of our favorite comedians, did a stand up special online as an example. Even Electric Daisy Carnival had to do their stuff online, and finally National Federation of the Blind held National and State Conventions through Zoom but other events did get pushed back for safety reasons. This has been a very long year for us all and now hoping next year it will be better because of the vaccine is now being passed around, now hoping for some normalcy.

Best T. V. Series Finale: Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. First category is best Series Finale and I’m giving it to Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. I bet you’re wondering, “Where’s the reviews on Seasons Five through Seven?” Well, Richard and I had to catch up with those seasons and yes, they were amazing, except I would have to find the time to do it since I was recovering from my face injury and was signing up for my master’s degree on top of it. Plus, Season Six was really short and that would’ve been hard to do a review on too. So, that is why I’m talking about it here. These seasons were a lot better than Season Four, well the ending since that felt like a rip off. Season Six did take one element from Season Four but used it as Fitz’s dark side he does not want to unleash and did the same with Jemma as well. I did like how Season 7 did play with the idea of Doctor Who and ended the series very well in how everything was solved and kept it in a newer timeline. If you haven’t seen these final seasons, I would say find a way through Netflix.

Best Netflix Series: Mr. Iglesias: As you all probably know, me and Richard have been Gabriel Iglesias fans ever since we started dating. I still remembered watching one of the comedy specials on one of my birthdays and cracking up like crazy. I still remember not breathing during The Fluffy Movie. I even watched Aloha Fluffy again during my hospital stay. When Richard mentioned that Gabriel had a Netflix series that is a sitcom, I was all in! This series is as funny as his comedy series where he is a teacher at a high school and he has started with a class that had a hard time passing and now preparing them for college. The jokes and references are pretty funny and there are times where I could relate to some of the students, and well there are also times where food gets mentioned a lot. Trust me, when you see the taco truck episode you may crave tacos.

Best Streamed Event: Tidis Series Finale: I know this should have been with Series Finale but had to mention this here. Since the pandemic started, people have been finding creative ways of doing things including events. One of them happened to be Christopher Tidis did one streamed event and that is the series finale to his old show Tidis. This was a Pay Per Vue event online where you got to pay to watch the final two episodes that were filmed with the entire cast from the show. If you have enjoyed the show like we had, this brought a lot of memories watching the series on YouTube and laughing at the moments based on Christopher’s life. Glad it got its conclusion finally since the final episode shown him going into therapy and these two episodes shows what happens when he comes home. We did catch the stuff with the cast since they did bring everyone back except Stacy Keech was in by teleconferencing but it was fun.

Best Video Game Remake: Final Fantasy VII Part 1: With the pandemic, video games became a big entertainment part of 2020 and with that remakes took place. Even though Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released but one has gotten this category and that is Final Fantasy VII Part 1! We have waited for this to be released ever since its announcement back at E3 from SquareEnix a few years ago. Now that we have its Part 1 was amazing! It brought back so many memories for people who have played the original and it made the story even more amazing by making the game look pretty with the animation, the fights, and much more. Plus, we get to hear the characters talk to bring the story more to life. I think most people’s concern was the Cloud crossdressing scene for Don Corneo but they have done that really well and even made it funnier for the sprite not looking at you in the camera because he doesn’t want anyone to see his face. Still a good one and can’t wait to see what Part 2 holds for everyone!

Best New Anime: Kaguya: Love Is War: Next is Best New Anime and I give it to Kaguya because not only you can catch it on Funimation and other streaming platforms but they have started dubbing it. They only have Season 2 dubbed which we are still waiting for the first season. This is basically an anime that is a slice of life that shows Kaguya falling for the class president and the class president likes her but they can’t admit it to each other. It’s cute and funny, it also has at the end of each segment on who won the battle. Hoping we get to hear Season 1 dubbed!

Best Anime Season: My Hero Academia Season 4: I know this was a given but Season 4 of Hero Aca was amazing! This storyline did follow where we get to meet this world’s mafia group and how messed it could be and then it goes into the school festival after that which brings a joke villain. Still impressive for what they brought to the table. I do have to say Brandon McInnis’ performance as Night Eye was amazing and yet tragic towards the end of the Overhaul portion of this season. We are waiting for the next season so that will take a bit until then.

I think that is it for this year’s list. I couldn’t come up with anything else except for these categories. I will save the makeup items for my Review Round Up and my Favorites which will be next up on here so stay tuned for those. I bet you’re wondering what am I looking forward to the new year? That we get to go back to normal and get some convention content again. One thing we have been missing the most this year is getting to do press at conventions. With what had happened with the pandemic conventions had to be pushed back to next year. Heck, RangerStop Pop just announced they will be in August as well as Omni since the hotel, the Weston Buckhead, won’t allow full access to the event rooms. If you have been listening to our podcast, I did talk about this and do have to say I am glad they are still looking out for everyone, as in guests, vendors, attendees, press, and even hotel employees and any tourists that may be around. Yes, not everyone will like but I’d rather be safe than sorry and one question, if you’re a celebrity guest or a convention holder, would you rather have people be safe or get sick? I’d rather stay healthy. Also, that let’s me concentrate more on my studies since I am looking forward to my second semester that starts in January. Even though we didn’t get to go anywhere, it did let us find a new place due to things not working out at the old place and of course I did get hurt on top of it which is not good. Trust me, the stay at the hospital was not even better. So, now hoping 2021 looks up since there are things that we’re hoping to get around to despite losing one of our team members. Not to the virus but something else if you have read one of our previous posts. So, here at Nerdy Shique Universe, we wish you all a safe and a Happy New Year. Let’s bring everything back in 2021.Until next time! Stay beautiful!

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