Favorites Quadrant: Third Quarter 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Third Quarterly Favorites 2020

It’s that time again! Time for another Quarterly Favorites which covers from September through December. I may not have too many beauty ones because around September I did start a newer diet and may mention some of those as well as some beauty ones. Let’s get started, shall we?

Favorite Chocolate: Choc Zero and PHI Kind Organics! As you guys know, I do love chocolate and most of the time I tend to eat Ghirardelli or Hershey’s. When my doctor said I had to change my diet to a lower carb diet I started looking for a new chocolate to fall for. I tried one from Edge but it felt weird while eating it and doesn’t feel satisfying but then Choc Zero came into my life. I first tried their almond and sea salt bark and that tasted better to me since the dark chocolate was smoother going down. Then I started to try their other chocolates including their peanut butter ghosts and mil chocolate pumpkins from Halloween and of course their advent calendar for last month which I still have two truffles to eat since my calendar came during the first week of December. They are really good and they know how to make good, sugar-free chocolate. Another one is PHI Kind Organics which popped up on my Facebook feed, which is where I have been finding most of these companies. This brand is really good with the truffles, I even find them better than Godiva. I know it sounds bad but they go down a lot more smoothly, I actually taste the flavor they are rather than just the chocolate. One good example, their almond cookie butter is really good and buttery while the gingerbread ones you do taste the few notes until the ginger hits you. I am waiting for a shipment for their limited-edition cappuccino truffles which contain some kind of mushroom for immunity but you had me at hello at cappuccino. If you want to try these two brands out, I suggest the almond bark from Choc Zero, alongside their milk chocolate, while with PHI Kind, I suggest their four truffle sets.

Favorite Coffee Syrup: Jordan’s Skinny Syrups! As you guys know I love coffee too. I tend to hit my cup with brown sugar and then a syrup or cream. Now that I have to change my diet, I did try finding ways of having coffee. I did try putting butter in it and did not work at all and it made it taste weird. I even tried heavy cream when I had some left over from a recipe and that didn’t work either. So, that is when I searched for a sugar-free alternative and found Jordan’s Skinny Syrups. I like these a lot since they aren’t too heavy on flavor and you can just apply as you need. I just put in a few pumps since I do get pumps from Amazon and don’t do anything else with my coffee. If I were to pick a favorite flavor, I would have to say the peppermint bark flavor because it is not overwhelming on the scent and just tastes really good. I would say check these guys out!

Favorite Baked Goods: PBH Foods! I love baked goods like anyone else and there is one brand I’ve been buying from for a little while now and they are known as PBH Foods. These guys are known for having both paleo and keto sweets and bagels. I just got my package with my everything and sesame bagels because I had to find a lower carb alternative since Einstein Bagels are very high in carbs. In one medium plain bagel there is 55 grams of carbs. I did find PBH’s bagels and I tried one and man it tasted good. I found them better than the ones I got on Amazon because they’re fluffy due to the almond flour they use. I have tried their donuts as well because they had chocolate mint ones for Christmas, and they have good cookies and brownies as well. You can buy half a dozen if you prefer that which is a good thing since I do take a bit in finishing anything. Also, freeze or refrigerate their stuff if you were to buy anything because these things can go bad if you don’t. Highly recommend though!

Favorite Lip Product: Dubonnet From Mac and Dose of Colors Lipstick! Now getting into the beauty items! So, I have been wearing lipsticks still despite wearing a face mask. I do admit it’s sometimes hard for me to breathe with a mask due to how I tend to walk fast and it’s hard to keep myself breathing with one particular mask I have. When it’s off, I tend to wear Dubonnet by Mac or one lipstick from Dose of Colors. I got into the Mac shade Dubonnet all thanks to one of the MakeUp Awesomeness members since I do enjoy Mac and their lipsticks are really amazing. It’s a red with some brown flecks in its which kind of say brick in my mind even though I also picked up Paramount but my hand gravitated more to Dubonnet since it’s kind of fitting with me. I was sad that my lipstick did break before Christmas so I had to purchase a new tube of it and glad that I did and it’s in my cross-body bag for work. I do have a tube of Cosmo in my makeup bag since that also made it to my Ulta shopping bag. While the Dose of Colors lipstick, can’t remember what color it is but I do have to say is that I enjoy the formula as much as their liquid lipsticks. These stays put very well even underneath the mask and I like how smooth it goes on. Plus, it does have a nice tube when you use it where you do have some of it already for you to use and go from there. I will definitely get more of these lipsticks.

Favorite Bath Bomb Oldie but Goodie: Golden Wonder by Lush! This past Christmas, I went a little crazy for Christmas bath products because while living my parents I couldn’t use the bathtub with my older products. Then while my Richard and his mom moved into the house back in Orlando, mommy dearest had to rise a stink about me using their bathtub and I stopped completely and my products went old. I even noticed one item I used back at the old apartment didn’t give off the usual smell nor bubbles like it was supposed to. So, this past year it was time to buy new bath products and I not only got a few single bath bombs and bubble items but I did get some gift sets. I got one from my dad and used one and it was a favorite of mine and that was Golden Wonder. This is a bath bomb that looks like a Christmas gift but you drop it into the bath and it fizzes with glitter and smells like champagne! I even got the Snow Showers perfume with this scent a long time ago and it smells so good! It even lingered a lot better since I remembered this bath bomb coming out around 2012 and it didn’t linger as much but I think they improved on the formula as time went on. I may buy more of this whenever it comes back out next year. I do have some bath products to get through.

Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner: Herbal Essences! Not only I have enjoyed the Herbal Essences mango scented shampoo and conditioner but I do love the bottles. For a while, Herbal Essences has had markings placed on their bottles to help people who are visually impaired or people who can’t see while showering by feeling these raised markings to tell them apart. To tell you the truth, it has helped out so much for the past couple of months. I prefer having bottles with raised markings to tell which one is which and not think I am using one product over the other when I’m not. Plus, you can find these easily at your drugstore and don’t cost as much either. They are also even on the bottles with pumps too in case if you prefer that bottle as well.

I think that’s about it for now. I know it’s a bit short but I didn’t have many beauty favorites due to what had happened with my eyes at the start of November and of course we moved to a new part of town. In case if you’re wondering, it is partly because of my being injured and also our plumbing was awful that even our living room closet flooded due to the air conditioning. That was one good thing about not going to conventions last year was to focus on the move. I am starting to wear makeup again so I will probably have more favorites in April for you all! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Ita bags!

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