Beauty Quadrant: Yes! Maybe? Blah! January 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am bringing something back to this blog!

Yes! Maybe? Blah!

I am bringing back the anti-hauls here because I do have some thoughts about makeup! I did say a while back I was no longer doing it because someone had a big stink about it but I wanted to say this! My money is my money and it’s my business in how I spend it. I am getting back into the routine of low buy when it comes to makeup despite the end of last year being a makeup purchase spree since there were mad sales for most companies I buy on occasion. I do get my bills paid on time even my rent and what is left over I would either buy food that I want to try that is healthy for me or do groceries that I may need or do some food delivery or clothing shopping and if I save up then tech related stuff since it is my career after all. Like most people on YouTube, which I got to get back into it and get my new lights set up, I do have my thoughts on makeup and if you don’t like it then in the words of my favorite band, Sleeping with Sirens, “If you can’t hang then there’s the door baby!”

What I call this is “Yes!” Which is for I do want to get it, “Maybe?” Would be a maybe for me if I think it’s good enough unless there are reviews that say otherwise and “Blah!” For no way! Let’s see what I have!

Maxims Collaboration: First up is the SIMS collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. As you know that MAC is one of my favorite makeup brands in the prestige world and they don’t really burn holes in my pockets with their pricing since their lipsticks are so good! When I heard about this on Jen Luv’s channel I was surprised since I rarely have seen anything game worthy with MAC and with EA being one of those companies, I figured they wouldn’t do it either. Apparently in the new SIMS game you can give your character a makeover and with MAC items and that inspired the collaboration and yet not so inspiring. Basically, EA is slapping the SIMS sticker on an old pallet that was released a while back and taken off display. Why? I guess EA was touring the MAC studio and see that pallet that is almost like the one in the game and said, “We want that!” And I have a feeling the creator of MAC tried to persuade them out of it but EA wouldn’t budge. If I was a gaming company, I would create something new and fitting for my game but nope! This is a hard blah for me!

Colour Pop Animal Crossing Collab: I have to talk about this one since it has been a thing for a good minute and wanted to bring it up. Colour Pop is collaborating with Animal Crossing to create a collection of pallets, blushes, and I guess lip products. It sounds cute but it’s a bit of maybe for me because never played the Animal Crossing games due to losing my sight and not having much interest since I do enjoy Smash Brothers and Pokémon. People do have some issues with this collaboration because Colour Pop’s collaborations have been okay. I wanted the Hocus Pocus pallet but it sold out fast and I heard it was disappointing because they were washed out pastels when they are supposed to be dark when it comes to the movie itself. Not only that people have noticed that that the colors in some of the pallets that are being used are the same tones. To tell you the truth, with the Hello Kitty winter collab I was surprised with the shade descriptions because not only you had a white and a brown but you had different versions of light purple and coral and that’s it! Even though I bought it, Sailor Moon had a bit of the same issue with just using different versions of red, gold, and pink. Not sure but as a Sailor Moon fan since middle school, I would have done pallets based on the guardians, as in all ten! Which would include Chibiusa! I remembered when this brand used to be fun and had every color of the rainbow and colors that suited everyone and now, they are just catering to one crowd and just nudes in general. I do enjoy Colour Pop but I do miss having more colors to choose from and there is more to shadows than pastels and nudes. So, this collaboration is a big maybe!

Auric Cosmetics: So, Samantha Ravndal is releasing her own cosmetics brand. So, that means another person from YouTube is starting their own brand and that is amazing and how Samantha decided to start it. It’s called Auric which means “Derived from Gold” and what Samantha is doing is basically highlighters and eye shadows at the moment when this first launches. The prices are pretty high for what you’re getting but at the same time it is very earth friendly and good for the skin, which the highlighters are made with ingredients that are good for one’s skin. The shades sound nice but I don’t know. I do like Samantha’s stance for this brand since I did watch What’s Up in MakeUp this past Sunday on it and that is, she’s sick of brands discontinuing her favorite products and I could relate a lot to that because I do love an item and sometimes when I go back for it it’s gone for good! Even Lush has done that so much for years and I still love them but wishing they didn’t do that. Again, this is a big maybe in my book since I do have my sensitive skin but it’s the price that’s getting me.

Kaleidos Club Nebula Pallet: Next up is another collaboration but by one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Angelica Nyquist. This is the Club Nebula pallet and it is in pre-order at the moment and did try ordering it but went through a hassle with one of my cards. I will get it be cause it’s a yes for me since I am interested in the colors. I don’t think I tried Kaleidos, I think through Ipsy I may have gotten something from them. What caught my attention is that their brand is space themed and I love that space theme! The shades are very different from what I’ve seen in other pallets and this is pretty versatile and I can work with. It’s $45 and I do like to support people so I am making the jump with this pallet over Samantha since I think I’m getting more for my buck. So, a yes!

Nomad Iceland Fire & Ice Pallet: Final entry in this list is from Nomad Cosmetics. This is a brand I’ve been loving for their destination inspired pallets and have been enjoying them through Ipsy, all thanks to the Berlin Underground pallet and the Sydney Bathers Face Pallets. They are the nicest people you’ll also ever meet! This is a fifteen-pan shadow pallet that includes fiery reds to fit with the volcanic landscape and the icy blues for the glaciers. Looking at this pallet it’s reminding me of the movie Magma since they were doing part of it in Iceland. Looking at the shades list, I give this a yes as well!

So that completes this anti-haul and wish list post. I had fun writing it actually because I enjoyed venting about makeup that doesn’t please me to the ones that do and it is starting to make me enjoy it again. I will keep on doing this series because it’s fun to do! I love fun like anyone else. What’s next? Glam Bag Plus!

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