Animation Quadrant: Oh Maidens In Your Savage Season

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a review!

Oh, Maidens in Your Savage Season

It’s been too long since I reviewed anime and glad to get around to it with this one. Richard and I got into this one all thanks to a favorite anime reviewer on the internet and it was a good change from the usual action-packed stuff we’ve been watching. First, I have to do this!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts, opinions, and observations from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this anime!

This anime follows a group of girls who are part of the Literature Club in their school and most of their reads are romance. Except when it comes to the romance outside of their novels, they enjoy it is anything but that.

Hongo is trying to write a lude romance novel and can’t seem to make it sound right, Kazusa has a crush on her long-time childhood friend except she doesn’t know if he would love her back, Momoko is trying to figure herself out whenever she helps Kazusa and Nina, Nina is trying to get over a creepy man in her past and Sanzaki is a sheltered nerd that is trying to break out when she falls for a guy that she is embarrassed about calling him her boyfriend. Will they get over their frustrations and find what they’re aiming for in love?

Thoughts: I did enjoy this anime! I find it it’s different from all of the other slice of life anime I have seen in the past like Lucky Star, Cromartie High, Genshinken, and more. This one felt a little more real because we’re seeing high school girls going through school and club activities and on top of that finding love. Even though it’s more than love they want which is of course the passionate hugging part. This feels like American Pie except what if it was told from a girl’s perspective even though these girls feel a bit more awkward even saying the word which they spell it out. In the Japanese version of this it would be S. E. Batsu which Batsu is the letter X while in the English dub they do spell it as S. E. X. Trust me, I sometimes become a little awkward talking about it and understandable so will be sticking to what is usually called as passionately hugging.

I would have to say that each girl encounters their love leading to it in different ways. Kazusa peeks in by accident on Izumi watching porn and in some kind of act, don’t want to go into detail, and later when they do get together, she thinks about getting some lingerie that would bring some interest. Sonazaki is the more interesting one because she was more of the sheltered nerd girl where wears glasses and has her hair up all the time and doesn’t know how pretty she is until she started dating a guy almost like her and lets it go to be like the other girls, even though she is afraid of their judgments. Momoko definitely gave off the lesbian vibe ever since me and Richard started watching the show from the first episode, heck she gets turned off by a guy that she went on one date with and wonders about her sexuality which is normal for most girls. Hongo and Nina…I am not sure how to talk about them. Like I mentioned before Hongo is a writer that seems to have a hard time writing the erotic stuff and was trying to get help from someone and that leads into a bit of a relationship out of jealousy in my mind since she is not like many other girls. Sometimes it’s also hard to get into a particular genre of writing which I can see where she would find ways of getting into someone’s pants to be inspired but it shows later on that she would write better in other genres than just the erotic stuff. While Nina, even though it shown in her past how she used to be in a big theater group when she was younger and had a crush on the troop teacher which he does become a little bit creepy down the road in the series. I kind of felt like Nina was a hard one throughout the series and that even though she was shooting for Izumi like Kazusa had except I felt like she was using him to get over the troop teacher, despite how much she wanted Izumi in the end. It was sweet of Kazusa that she wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to spoil too much and talk about how that ended but we did like how Nina ended it with troop teacher though and it was a nice blood spurt…in the face with a fist by the way!

I do have to give props to Brittney Karbowski with her performance as Kazusa because of how she was putting in so much for this role. She knows how to play awkward teens very well and we did get a lot of laughter with how much she was talking to herself when it came to thinking about Izumi. Trust me, I had those moments in high school myself when I crushed on a guy pretty hard.

Rating 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5! I found this was a really good slice of life series. It felt more real than just watching a cute series like Lucky Star where we’re seeing girls in a book club wondering when they will find their own romance leading into more things. I admit my least favorite characters are Hongo and Nina since I felt how they went through their so-called romances felt a bit slimy but I did find Momoko, Sanozaki, and Kazusa to be the better out of the group since they try to find their own love, even Momoko in the end which I don’t want to tell how her story played out in the end. I would say if you had VRV or ran into an anime shop or anime stand at a convention, once they start again by the way, I would say check this title out. Again, it was a nice change in between watching our favorite action anime and a nice buffer until the next season of My Hero Academia. Don’t worry, I am still working on getting the final season of Fairy Tale since I did buy a copy of Part 20 finally.

Well guys that is it for this review! I am really sorry for not getting any other reviews up. I have been really busy with work and school and of course with my injury from last year I was completely exhausted, of course we also did have to pack up for our move to a different part in town. So, I will bring more reviews including book reviews since I feel like I’m missing that as well. I say stay tuned since I am still reading some other books and trying to get around to them since I do have to read my textbooks and articles in between. Next up will be another empties post and the thing are it will not only be makeup related but also some food mixed in! So, stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag February 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Time for another post!

Ipsy Glam Bag February 2021

Sorry for the bit of a wait on this but now it’s time for my Glam Bag for this month! This bag is $12 a month with deluxe to full-size items ranging from independent brands to luxury. You also get a makeup bag to go with it! Let’s see what I got!

Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss in Zodiac: First up is an item from Eyeko. This is known as a lid gloss which is in a warm copper color with a shimmer finish. Perfect color since I do enjoy cooper colors. I will try this out since I enjoy the Eyeko mascara I purchased from Ipsy a while back.

F. A. H. R. A. Brushes Flat Foundation Brush: Next up is a brush from F. A. H. R. A. I have enjoyed this brush company so far and glad to get another brush to try from them. This brush is densely packed to be able to apply cream and liquid foundations smoothly without streaking. I’m using the Wet N Wild Dewy Foundation and will see how well this blends that whenever I apply it. Let’s see how it goes!

Kenzy So Beautiful Body Lotion: next up is a lotion from Kenzy. This lotion can be used as either a perfume or can be used on dry spots and all over the body. With sizes like I get in Ipsy I would use these as hand lotions. This contains apple, citrus, and florals. I will definitely use this for my hands.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Hair Mask: Next up is a product from Marc Anthony Hair Care. This is a hair mask that helps with curls by strengthening and moisturizing them with coconut cream, shea butter and marula oil. I have tried many hair masks in the past and Marc Anthony is one of them and glad to try another mask from these guys!

Pixie Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen in Plum: Final item is from Pixie and it’s an eyeliner in plum. Glad it was plum. This is a silky eye pencil that goes on smooth and the plum color is striking. I will have to give this a try since I never tried an eyeliner from Pixie. I do enjoy purple liners and glad to try one from this brand.

That is, it for this bag! I didn’t get to choose this month but it’s okay that I didn’t. I will definitely enjoy what I got this month since it felt different from what I get in my bag each month. I can’t wait to use the brush the most since I do use a liquid foundation that I blend after placing it on my face. Next up is an anime review as a nice break from beauty products.

Subscription Satelite: Final No Make No Life Box!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I finally got it!

No Make No Life February 2021 And Now It is Cancelled!

I bet you are wondering, “Mari, what happened?” I cancelled my No Make No Life after how crappy shipping has been. When I first subscribed to this box it was amazing and got to me fast due to how DHL got it to me three days after it got shipped. Even got updates in text messages that it arrived and it was always on my door or in the package locker leading up to the move. By November, I noticed something different and that was how shipping was slow despite it being with DHL Express. I was wondering what was going on, even December’s box arrived after Christmas and then this box got me angry. Normally, I get this box quick and I felt that it took an entire month or more to get to me and that they charge me $45 every month with a good shipping service. Why break something that was working? I did email No Make No Life and they told me due to customs and not charging extra for even more shipping that they added tracking. Pardon my French but BULLSHIT! I am sorry but here is the thing, DHL Express already has their own tracking and Ipsy uses it a lot with their Glam Bags. What tracking does NMNL use? 17 Tracking which I feel it takes longer to get to me and yet we are still in the pandemic, which I understand shipping can take longer but my boxes get to me quickly. Even BoxyCharm gets to me fast with FedEx Tracking. Still mad and I felt that even though the products are great and cute but I cannot invest in a box that gets to me in a month after being shipped when they can just use the tracking service with DHL along with shipping with them. I’m not giving them any more of my hard-earned money so I decided to cancel before the next charge date and glad I did. Will I resubscribe? I am not sure, I MIGHT but if I want to go for another makeup subscription I would do it with another one but I will stick with BoxyCharm if it still goes well and both GB Plus and my Glam Bag alongside GB X with Ipsy. So, what did I get in my final box? Let us take a look!

Hello Kitty MakeUp Bag: First up is a makeup bag and it is a Hello Kitty one. I love Hello Kitty as you all know, I even finished my Sanrio Ita-Bag recently, this bag is cute but it feels cheaply made. I felt it was made mainly from plastic without a cloth lining. But it is made of vinyl for easy cleaning and with a sturdy zipper it claims in the magazine. I must see how well this goes since I do switch to my Glam Bag of the month.

CW7 Face Pack: Next is a peel off face pack from CW7. I may not use this because peel off masks is hard for me to use since I can get some of my hair and my brows. I decided not to do anything peel off. Sorry!

Patch Holi Kostopia Love Heart Eye Mask: Now something I would not mind using and that is a heart eye mask. These are little masks that help with puffy eyes and the delicate skin around them. These are made with sportswear fabric to help with lifting the eye bags. I cannot wait to use these!

Mediheal Piggymom Soak Soak Nose Pack: Next up is a product from Mediheal and it’s a three-step nose pack. It helps with black heads. I am not really that oily but sometimes I feel weird around my nose so I sometimes get a pore strip to help it.

Pokémon X Lovisia Marble Lip Balm: When I found out that Pokémon items were going to be in this month’s box, I was excited since I love Pokémon. This first item is a lip balm which makes me even happier since I love lip balm. I may have to put this in my Pokémon Ita-Bag. This is a marble lip balm that has different patterns but goes on clear. You could either have gotten Pikachu that has purple and yellow designs, Eevee which has purple and blue, Snorlax which is red and yellow, or Jigglypuff which is pink and yellow. Glad to get this which I will be placing this with my Pokémon themed one. I may have to look for these online since I do have a Pokémon pin bag that I got from Pokémon Center that will be my convention bag due to how big it is.

Pokémon X Lovisia Stick Blush: This is a stick blush that features a 3-D Pokémon character and you could get different ones that can add to your vanity. Each one has a different blush color and they are Pikachu which is milky pink, Eevee which is rose pink, Slowpoke which is coral pink and Mew as a pearl white highlighter. These have a long-lasting effect that will give you that fresh kissed glow. I will have to see which one I got but hoping Eevee since rose blushes look best on me.

Pokémon X Lovisia Hard Pressed Powder Compact: Final item is another Pokémon item which is a powder. I saw this on the website and hoped to get this since I do enjoy Pokémon and glad to get this in my box anyways. This is a pressed powder that is a pressed one that helps set makeup and gives a moisturized look. This has a small powder puff and has a heart design, sorry I meant heart! I think I will keep the compact afterwards since I do love Pokémon and glad to get this! This also comes in different colors for different skin issues which they are Pikachu, which is pink to help with blemishes, Eevee is green for redness and Snorlax for eye bags.

Pokémon X Lovisia Heart Point Pack: Okay, this is the final item! These are heart shaped heart patches that are made with collagen and hyaluronic acid and shea butter. These can be used on the face and bodyto help with moisture. I will have to try these since I do have dry areas on my knees and elbows.

Well, that is it for my last box with these guys. I know it is sad for me to say that this is my final box after being with them for a few months. I might come back to this subscription; I may return after the pandemic dies down since shipping has been crazy with most places but seeing it with this and how they switched shipping companies did make me mad. Now waiting on my Glam Bag so that is my last subscription and then I have an anime review and an empties post! Until next time!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag X February 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from travelling the vast nerd universe. I am back with another post!

Glam Bag X February 2021

So, Ipsy has added a new bag to their line up and that is Glam Bag X. They did away with the GB Ultimate due to how people were not liking it. Even though you got twelve items in Ultimate but four out of the twelve were deluxe size and the rest were full-size. Not only that, but I also seen people not liking what they were getting in their Ultimate every month and said it was not worth the $49.99. I am glad I didn’t go for it but I went for this one since it called out more. So, every three months your GB Plus gets upgraded to this bag and you get seven to eight full-size items and they are luxury brands for the most part. You get to choose four of them which makes more sense. It costs $55 every three months. I think this is worth it even more than Boxy Lux since I felt like the brands from that are already in my Base Box anyways. This month’s items were amazing for a start so let us see what I got this month!

Patrick Ta Monochromatic Moment Blush in She’s So Adorable: First up is a product from a brand I have heard of and was happy to get. This first bag was curated by Patrick Ta who is a celebrity makeup artist. This is the Monochrome Moment Blush from his own line and it is a golden peach blush that is supposed to give you that lit from within glow. This blush is made with plant-based moisturizers to help with that glow and this can also be doubled as an eye shadow too. I will be trying this out since it’s my first time trying out this brand! This item retails for $32.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Shadow Pallet: Next up is a shadow pallet from Huda Beauty and it is her Rose Gold Remastered pallet! When I saw this in my bag this month, I was really excited! I heard so many people enjoy this and the original pallet and I cannot wait to try this out. This is an eighteen-shade pallet with four different finishes, which when I was getting the shade descriptions I only saw matte and metallic unless they talk about warm-toned and dark-toned as finishes. You can go neutral or bold with these shadows. I know I can make a various amount of looks with these shadows and I cannot wait to play with my brushes! This retails for $65.

Pat McGrath Fetisheyes Mascara in Carbon Black: Next up is a product from Pat McGrath. I always hear about this brand all over YouTube and the MakeUp Awesomeness group and how so many people were debating to buy from this brand due to its high price points. Reason why I do not buy is due to how I can get awesome products for more than half the price but getting it here is awesome so I don’t have to pay that price and glad they put a mascara in this bag. This mascara claims to be a bold and flexible product that lets you have long lasting looks from fluttery lashes to really dramatic ones without the clumps. I will have to see about that since sometimes I do have some clumping if I am not too careful. I will have to see how this goes on top of my Tarte Stage One primer. This retails for $30.

Complex Culture Sonic T-Bar Massager: Next up is a product from Complex Culture and it’s different from what I’m used to too. This is a tool that helps with the skin by making it relax and less puffy. Apparently in someone’s review Patrick recommends that it should be used for serums and creams when it comes to spreading them. I must try this out with that since I do use a thick moisturizing cream at night. This retails for $58.

About-Face Paint It Matte Lip Color in Cautionary Tale: Next is a product from a brand called About-Face. This is a liquid lipstick that has minty matte formula that is long lasting too. This is a plum shade for your lips even though a review said it made her lips look brown. I do have to say is that I do not knock brown lipsticks myself since I sometimes wear one myself. I do love liquid lipsticks and I do use a lip primer first so I will see how this goes. This retails for $22.

IGK Hair First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo: Sorry guys, I made a mistake. You choose three items not four but the choices were good and some of them were hard to choose over! This first choice is from IGK Hair which is a dry shampoo. When I saw this, I had to go for it since I may be running low on both of my dry shampoos and it’s good to try a new one once in a while and glad to see this as a choice. This is a dry shampoo made with charcoal powder to help refresh second, third, and even fourth day hair and gets rid of that greasy feeling that builds up over time. I will be using this and see how it goes! This retails for $27.

Item Beauty One Hit Triple Action Setting Mist: Another item from Item Beauty and this is where I had the most trouble in my choices. Group 2 had awesome items to pick from. I almost went for the press-on nails but realized I got them in a set from Ipsy so I went for this since I do use setting sprays and remembered running low on my Tarte one at the time, which is now done, which I need to do an empties post. You can use this spray as a primer, as a setting mist and a refresher for your makeup. It is made with aloe, tiger grass extracts and lavender oils to help calm skin. Interesting! It also uses sodium hydrolats to help lock in makeup. I will use this as a setting spray and see how well it goes. Right now, I am using one of my Ulta Beauty ones so this will be next! This retails for $18.

Kitch Scrunchies in Mauve & Blush: Final item is more of something I do enjoy and that is a set of scrunchies! I have been going crazy and buying scrunchie sets from Hot Topic but when I saw this set in a choice group, I decided to go for it. You get five scrunchies in this set and are made with a velvet plush material that will not snag nor pull on the hair which is nice! I will be using these! These retail for $12.

Wow! This was an amazing first start for this tier in Ipsy! I think this is a better replacement for Ultimate. I cannot wait to see what May’s bag will come with since that is the next upgrade for GB Plus. There is one thing I wished is that they should use the Glam Bags that came with Ultimate with this one! Come on Ipsy, include a makeup bag with this one like with GB Plus and Ultimate! Maybe they will later like they did with Plus. I am so excited for my products and will be trying out the Huda Beauty shadow pallet and the Pat McGrath mascara and probably switch up my scrunchies with one of the Kitch ones to see how they feel. Thanks, Ipsy! What is next? It says that the NMNL box should be here tonight and I am still waiting on my Glam Bag to arrive since it got to Orlando this past week. Whenever it is in Orlando that’s when shipping is delayed. Let us see on which post is next!

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm February 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

BoxyCharm February 2021

I bet you’re wondering, “Mari! Where’s the No Make No Life Box?” It is taking a long time to get here so hang tight on that, it did enter Florida finally but I will be announcing something with that, I even announced it on Twitter. I am going to move onto Boxy Charm though since that arrived first! This box is the base box where you get five full-size items ranging from prestige to luxury and it can be skin care and makeup and sometimes tools. This is a $25 a month box. You also get to choose an item every month. My box this month was a heavy one when it arrived and will be talking about that.

Ace Beauty Nostalgia Pallet: First up is my choice item and glad to get this since it was something from a brand I am starting to like and that’s ace beauty. I have enjoyed their bronzing pallet so far and enjoyed the Desert Dawn pallet as well. This one is a pallet known as the Nostalgia pallet. This pallet includes fifteen shades that inspire you to be creative and nostalgic of the fun times. It claims that each shade has been milled to give off great color pay off and after using Desert Dawn it was very pigmented and this pallet will be put to the test. I must see if Ace did provide shade descriptions on their website. This pallet retails for $38.

Livedo Age Away Hydrating Cream: Next up is something in skin care and glad that it is a moisturizer but from a brand I never heard of. This is a moisturizing cream that is supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles and improves texture. It gives moisture with plant actives which include sea buckthorn and evening primrose oil. I hope that it would help with skin elasticity and I do love moisturizers. I hope it does not break me out with my sensitive skin though so I will have to see how this goes. This retails for $55.

Wonder Beauty Double Date Lip & Cheek: Next up is a product from Wonder Beauty and it is a double duty item and it is for both lips and cheeks. It’s a sheer tint and a universal balm  which can blend seamlessly on cheeks and helps heal lips. I must see how this goes as well since I do love using products that help the lips and not sure if I want to use it on my cheeks since my finger would touch the lips. This does retail for $22 though!

Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence: This is a skin product who developed the first K-Beauty BB Cream. This essence helps someone be able to achieve the glass skin look with sodium allurate. This was the heaviest product in my box so that it was so heavy when I was handed the box. It is a pretty big bottle and I know I will be using this for forever! This retails for $46.

Saint Luxe Beauty Limited Edition Liner Duo: Final item is a lip liner duo from Saint Luxe. I never heard of this brand either but claims to be moisturizing and long-lasting on the lips. Glad to get these too since I do not have that many lip liners anywhere in my collection so it’s good to have a lip liner duo on hand! This retails for $40 and man that is a bit pricey for two pencils.

Well, that is it for this box and I like it! It feels different from any of my other boxes and I did get a big bottle of essence. It is just in time for running out of the other bottle of essence I’ve received in No Make No life a few months back since that’s a smaller bottle. I will enjoy the shadow pallet and see how that goes. Glad to get more lip liners since that is a must even with liquid lipsticks. What is next in the box line up? If I do not get the NMNL box then it will be my first Glam Bag X! So, stay tuned!