Subscription Satelite: Final No Make No Life Box!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I finally got it!

No Make No Life February 2021 And Now It is Cancelled!

I bet you are wondering, “Mari, what happened?” I cancelled my No Make No Life after how crappy shipping has been. When I first subscribed to this box it was amazing and got to me fast due to how DHL got it to me three days after it got shipped. Even got updates in text messages that it arrived and it was always on my door or in the package locker leading up to the move. By November, I noticed something different and that was how shipping was slow despite it being with DHL Express. I was wondering what was going on, even December’s box arrived after Christmas and then this box got me angry. Normally, I get this box quick and I felt that it took an entire month or more to get to me and that they charge me $45 every month with a good shipping service. Why break something that was working? I did email No Make No Life and they told me due to customs and not charging extra for even more shipping that they added tracking. Pardon my French but BULLSHIT! I am sorry but here is the thing, DHL Express already has their own tracking and Ipsy uses it a lot with their Glam Bags. What tracking does NMNL use? 17 Tracking which I feel it takes longer to get to me and yet we are still in the pandemic, which I understand shipping can take longer but my boxes get to me quickly. Even BoxyCharm gets to me fast with FedEx Tracking. Still mad and I felt that even though the products are great and cute but I cannot invest in a box that gets to me in a month after being shipped when they can just use the tracking service with DHL along with shipping with them. I’m not giving them any more of my hard-earned money so I decided to cancel before the next charge date and glad I did. Will I resubscribe? I am not sure, I MIGHT but if I want to go for another makeup subscription I would do it with another one but I will stick with BoxyCharm if it still goes well and both GB Plus and my Glam Bag alongside GB X with Ipsy. So, what did I get in my final box? Let us take a look!

Hello Kitty MakeUp Bag: First up is a makeup bag and it is a Hello Kitty one. I love Hello Kitty as you all know, I even finished my Sanrio Ita-Bag recently, this bag is cute but it feels cheaply made. I felt it was made mainly from plastic without a cloth lining. But it is made of vinyl for easy cleaning and with a sturdy zipper it claims in the magazine. I must see how well this goes since I do switch to my Glam Bag of the month.

CW7 Face Pack: Next is a peel off face pack from CW7. I may not use this because peel off masks is hard for me to use since I can get some of my hair and my brows. I decided not to do anything peel off. Sorry!

Patch Holi Kostopia Love Heart Eye Mask: Now something I would not mind using and that is a heart eye mask. These are little masks that help with puffy eyes and the delicate skin around them. These are made with sportswear fabric to help with lifting the eye bags. I cannot wait to use these!

Mediheal Piggymom Soak Soak Nose Pack: Next up is a product from Mediheal and it’s a three-step nose pack. It helps with black heads. I am not really that oily but sometimes I feel weird around my nose so I sometimes get a pore strip to help it.

Pokémon X Lovisia Marble Lip Balm: When I found out that Pokémon items were going to be in this month’s box, I was excited since I love Pokémon. This first item is a lip balm which makes me even happier since I love lip balm. I may have to put this in my Pokémon Ita-Bag. This is a marble lip balm that has different patterns but goes on clear. You could either have gotten Pikachu that has purple and yellow designs, Eevee which has purple and blue, Snorlax which is red and yellow, or Jigglypuff which is pink and yellow. Glad to get this which I will be placing this with my Pokémon themed one. I may have to look for these online since I do have a Pokémon pin bag that I got from Pokémon Center that will be my convention bag due to how big it is.

Pokémon X Lovisia Stick Blush: This is a stick blush that features a 3-D Pokémon character and you could get different ones that can add to your vanity. Each one has a different blush color and they are Pikachu which is milky pink, Eevee which is rose pink, Slowpoke which is coral pink and Mew as a pearl white highlighter. These have a long-lasting effect that will give you that fresh kissed glow. I will have to see which one I got but hoping Eevee since rose blushes look best on me.

Pokémon X Lovisia Hard Pressed Powder Compact: Final item is another Pokémon item which is a powder. I saw this on the website and hoped to get this since I do enjoy Pokémon and glad to get this in my box anyways. This is a pressed powder that is a pressed one that helps set makeup and gives a moisturized look. This has a small powder puff and has a heart design, sorry I meant heart! I think I will keep the compact afterwards since I do love Pokémon and glad to get this! This also comes in different colors for different skin issues which they are Pikachu, which is pink to help with blemishes, Eevee is green for redness and Snorlax for eye bags.

Pokémon X Lovisia Heart Point Pack: Okay, this is the final item! These are heart shaped heart patches that are made with collagen and hyaluronic acid and shea butter. These can be used on the face and bodyto help with moisture. I will have to try these since I do have dry areas on my knees and elbows.

Well, that is it for my last box with these guys. I know it is sad for me to say that this is my final box after being with them for a few months. I might come back to this subscription; I may return after the pandemic dies down since shipping has been crazy with most places but seeing it with this and how they switched shipping companies did make me mad. Now waiting on my Glam Bag so that is my last subscription and then I have an anime review and an empties post! Until next time!

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