Animation Quadrant: Oh Maidens In Your Savage Season

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a review!

Oh, Maidens in Your Savage Season

It’s been too long since I reviewed anime and glad to get around to it with this one. Richard and I got into this one all thanks to a favorite anime reviewer on the internet and it was a good change from the usual action-packed stuff we’ve been watching. First, I have to do this!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts, opinions, and observations from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this anime!

This anime follows a group of girls who are part of the Literature Club in their school and most of their reads are romance. Except when it comes to the romance outside of their novels, they enjoy it is anything but that.

Hongo is trying to write a lude romance novel and can’t seem to make it sound right, Kazusa has a crush on her long-time childhood friend except she doesn’t know if he would love her back, Momoko is trying to figure herself out whenever she helps Kazusa and Nina, Nina is trying to get over a creepy man in her past and Sanzaki is a sheltered nerd that is trying to break out when she falls for a guy that she is embarrassed about calling him her boyfriend. Will they get over their frustrations and find what they’re aiming for in love?

Thoughts: I did enjoy this anime! I find it it’s different from all of the other slice of life anime I have seen in the past like Lucky Star, Cromartie High, Genshinken, and more. This one felt a little more real because we’re seeing high school girls going through school and club activities and on top of that finding love. Even though it’s more than love they want which is of course the passionate hugging part. This feels like American Pie except what if it was told from a girl’s perspective even though these girls feel a bit more awkward even saying the word which they spell it out. In the Japanese version of this it would be S. E. Batsu which Batsu is the letter X while in the English dub they do spell it as S. E. X. Trust me, I sometimes become a little awkward talking about it and understandable so will be sticking to what is usually called as passionately hugging.

I would have to say that each girl encounters their love leading to it in different ways. Kazusa peeks in by accident on Izumi watching porn and in some kind of act, don’t want to go into detail, and later when they do get together, she thinks about getting some lingerie that would bring some interest. Sonazaki is the more interesting one because she was more of the sheltered nerd girl where wears glasses and has her hair up all the time and doesn’t know how pretty she is until she started dating a guy almost like her and lets it go to be like the other girls, even though she is afraid of their judgments. Momoko definitely gave off the lesbian vibe ever since me and Richard started watching the show from the first episode, heck she gets turned off by a guy that she went on one date with and wonders about her sexuality which is normal for most girls. Hongo and Nina…I am not sure how to talk about them. Like I mentioned before Hongo is a writer that seems to have a hard time writing the erotic stuff and was trying to get help from someone and that leads into a bit of a relationship out of jealousy in my mind since she is not like many other girls. Sometimes it’s also hard to get into a particular genre of writing which I can see where she would find ways of getting into someone’s pants to be inspired but it shows later on that she would write better in other genres than just the erotic stuff. While Nina, even though it shown in her past how she used to be in a big theater group when she was younger and had a crush on the troop teacher which he does become a little bit creepy down the road in the series. I kind of felt like Nina was a hard one throughout the series and that even though she was shooting for Izumi like Kazusa had except I felt like she was using him to get over the troop teacher, despite how much she wanted Izumi in the end. It was sweet of Kazusa that she wouldn’t mind but I don’t want to spoil too much and talk about how that ended but we did like how Nina ended it with troop teacher though and it was a nice blood spurt…in the face with a fist by the way!

I do have to give props to Brittney Karbowski with her performance as Kazusa because of how she was putting in so much for this role. She knows how to play awkward teens very well and we did get a lot of laughter with how much she was talking to herself when it came to thinking about Izumi. Trust me, I had those moments in high school myself when I crushed on a guy pretty hard.

Rating 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5! I found this was a really good slice of life series. It felt more real than just watching a cute series like Lucky Star where we’re seeing girls in a book club wondering when they will find their own romance leading into more things. I admit my least favorite characters are Hongo and Nina since I felt how they went through their so-called romances felt a bit slimy but I did find Momoko, Sanozaki, and Kazusa to be the better out of the group since they try to find their own love, even Momoko in the end which I don’t want to tell how her story played out in the end. I would say if you had VRV or ran into an anime shop or anime stand at a convention, once they start again by the way, I would say check this title out. Again, it was a nice change in between watching our favorite action anime and a nice buffer until the next season of My Hero Academia. Don’t worry, I am still working on getting the final season of Fairy Tale since I did buy a copy of Part 20 finally.

Well guys that is it for this review! I am really sorry for not getting any other reviews up. I have been really busy with work and school and of course with my injury from last year I was completely exhausted, of course we also did have to pack up for our move to a different part in town. So, I will bring more reviews including book reviews since I feel like I’m missing that as well. I say stay tuned since I am still reading some other books and trying to get around to them since I do have to read my textbooks and articles in between. Next up will be another empties post and the thing are it will not only be makeup related but also some food mixed in! So, stay tuned!

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