Beauty Quadrant: Empties 2021 Part 1

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Empties 2021 Session 1

Time again for some empties! I am sorry for not doing the review round up because I was really busy and I feel that I didn’t use that many products from my subscriptions either. So, moving to empties to fill that void. So, I finished some products these past months and glad to do so since I also have a few food items to include!

S. E. Cleansing Water: First up is a cleansing water from S. E. which is one of the brands from Ipsy. I got this in a bundle and I think I used the moisturizer in this brand or maybe using it at the moment. Not sure since our bathroom cabinet is a mess. This was a pretty good product. It did get my makeup off very well and didn’t dry my face out. I didn’t like how it slightly irritate my eyes even while keeping them closed but not bad of a product. I am glad I tried this out when I did and if they do have this in a bundle, I may pick it up again.

Skin Iceland Cloud Cream: Next is a moisturizer from Skin Iceland and it’s their Cloud Cream which also came in a bundle that Ipsy had. I found this product stung a little despite the claim that it works on sensitive skin people. I found it weird that it did that which I can see why if some of the products I was also using caused that reaction too, but I’m glad I got to try it which I’m not sure if I will try it again even if it’s on 21 Days of Beauty, which their eye gels tend to be placed on that sale due to how pricey this brand is. This moisturizer was even up there in price on its own. Again, not sure if I want to try it again.

Formula 10.06 Face Primer with SPF: Next up is a primer I finished from Formula 10.06 and man it was a bit greasy and spit out a way bit too much for my liking. I found this while trying to find my favorite Formula 10.06 items on Ulta but they were no longer carried there so I decided why not try this out since I didn’t unpack my daily makeup items and this item was okay but it squeezed way too much product in the tube. Would be better if it was in a pot than a tube so I can have better control over this thing. So, won’t be buying this again!

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Chocolate Wasted: Next up is a liquid lipstick from Dose of Colors and I felt like this finished a little too fast since I did like it a lot and it’s the shade Chocolate Wasted. I remembered Jen Luv mentioned this as her favorite shade and I do like wearing a dark brown lip sometimes to be a bit out of the box. Plus, it sometimes gives me a bit of a goth look with my shadow looks. I will definitely buy this shade again!

NYX Shine Loud Lipstick in On A Mission: Next up is another lip product and this time from NYX. I got into their Shine Loud Liquid Lipsticks due to how long they can stay even under a medical mask because so many people have to wear masks even after vaccination and finding that lipstick to stay can be hard. Just as the pandemic continues NYX had that answer and I found it in Allure. When they advertised this, I had to try it and it’s basically like the Rimmel lippies with the shiny topcoat and the lipstick color and glad that they did make these because I think Rimmel stopped making their items since I loved those. I did find that this finished up too quickly with the lipstick end and it was the shade On A Mission since I tend to wear the blue red for work. I will be getting another one of these. I do have a few other shades from this line since I did try two of them, which was this one and a blue one, now got their peacock green ones and another in a nude one. This one was my most used one for work so I will be buying another one!

BH New Foods Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites: Now onto my food items! First up is an item from BH New Foods. I have been trying out different keto variety of snacks and foods and this was one of them. When I used to go to movies, I always loved getting the chocolate covered cookie dough bites almost every movie. These are bigger and better and buttery! I mean is that these taste like you’re eating them out of the bowl and took dark chocolate and covered them in it. You get two pouches of these in each order and I want to go back for the chocolate peanut butter since peanut butter is keto friendly. Ha! Take that hungry girl! Sorry about that! Next!

Pink Panda Candy Astro Blaster Pack: No, I’m not talking about the weapons from Power Rangers in Space but these are candies I got from a new candy brand called Pink Panda Candy and one of the packs I got is their sour candies called Astro Blasters and if you love sour candies, I suggest these because they’re low in sugar and plant based and not too sour. That is what I found about most sour candies is that they can be a bit too much but these aren’t like that, they kind of feel like space themed Sour Patch Kids in a way. I would take these anywhere because they are in portion-controlled pouches and you get eight of them in a pack for around $16. I will definitely buy these again!

Seaweed Snacks in Wasabi and Sea Salt: Next up is some seaweed snacks I got from Amazon. I got two flavors in different packs of course. I got the ones in sea salt and wasabi. The both of them really good. I did get more in teriyaki flavor which I can’t wait to try. Amazon is a good place for keto and low carb items.

Well, I think that’s about it. I’m glad to do these empties because I get to know what I like and be able to share what I finished up. I am currently on my low buy for this year which is good. I’m doing better this year than the last actually and of course I am trying new diet foods along the way. Let’s see how that goes. Next up is my review on Wanda Vision to keep reviews going! Stay tuned!

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