Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm March 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I’m sorry again for not doing any of my usual posts. March has been really busy for me this year due to classes. I had to do a paper for an entire week so I am finally back to do this!

BoxyCharm March 2021

My BoxyCharm was the first again to arrive as usual and happy for it. Like always, this box is $25 a month and you get five items ranging from high end to luxury and get to choose one item. Let’s see what I got! Vise Art Neutral Matte Milieu Pallet: First up is a product from Vide Art. I heard of these guys through YouTube and they are a very popular brand from what I heard! Some of the pricing on their bigger pallets are in the Natasha Denona price ranges but this one is a smaller pallet. This is a twelve-pan pallet that came from the Neutral Mattes line that helps with making striking looks with shades like chiffon, cocoa and fuchsia pink. I do enjoy wearing a bold look any time of the year and this will be my first time trying this brand since I don’t spend over a hundred on one single pallet. So, this will be a nice first! This pallet retails for $20.

Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisturizer: I know I got the sample size of this in Ipsy but when I saw that there was a full-size version up for grabs, I grabbed it! I find it funny the sample lasted me a long while and this will last me even more. I did enjoy how good it felt on my skin since it is good for all skin types. I can’t wait to open this up for a good use. This item retails for $39.

Crown All Eyes on You Five Piece Brush Set: Next up is a brush set from Crown Brushes. It’s been so long again to see these guys in a subscription, which these guys are normally in Ipsy but this month in BoxyCharm. Glad they branched out a little bit. This features essential brushes to make that iconic eye look. I love getting small sets like these since I can just switch out my brushes and add these in for all of my makeup looks. I hope to see more of this brand as time goes on since they are the original company since Morphe did private label their brushes with these guys and glad they’re just their own company again. This set retails for $35.

Vise Art Seamless Eye Primer: Another item from Vise Art and this time it’s their eye primer. Loving the idea to get eye shadow primers and shadow pallets in the same box since can’t have too many primers even though I have so many in waiting to use. I can’t wait to try this product out alongside the eye shadow pallet. Let’s see how this goes! This item retails for $24.

Seraphine Botanical’s Apple Warm Glow Lip Mask: Final item is from Seraphine and this time it’s a lip mask! I love using lip masks when I get the time to remember putting one on before bed since that’s the time, they’re most potent. This includes apricot, shea butter, and other ingredients to help lips from being chapped. I will see how this item also goes! This retails for $29.

This box was really good! I did choose the Banana Souffle moisturizer since I did like it so far but getting two items at once from the same brand also helps since I can try two of the items they carry. I will see how Vise Art works out! I am also glad to see Crown show up in another box since it’s been a long while since I got brushes from them again and I do like their quality. Can’t wait to see what April brings since I didn’t choose anything. Next is Glam Bag Plus!

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