Stratton Press Is A Scam!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I have an important post and figure that my author nerds would appreciate this!

Stratton Press Is a Scam!

As some of you know, I have been an author for a little while now and have been publishing under Light Switch Press for a bit but I am looking elsewhere to re-publish Love Found in Cinders. Which this brings to my experience now.

Apparently, one day before my U. Mass crisis happened, a publishing company contacts me and it happens to be someone from Stratton Press. They told me that someone at the company gotten a hold of my book, Love Found in Cinders and loved it. I was surprised and glad for it but didn’t notice anything wrong. Time did go on without them getting in contact with me which I didn’t notice it being a red flag. What really started as red flags happened to be questions about my personal life for the most part. As in, my eye condition, do I believe in the paranormal (which I believe it does exist but at the same time can be justified in ways with how ghost hunting groups can ruin it) and even my political background, which it can be something where it can show how well my book can sell except this is a fiction book that is in the fantasy genre. We did focus on the book itself and my sequel but what was also a red flag was the repeated questions about when will the second book, Rose Thorns of Love be finished? I did explain I just started the book and not sure what will the ending entail until I let the story grow.

As a writer myself, a story must grow as the writer keeps it going. I have written Love Found in Cinders as a guy meets girl situation with some magical hijinks as well. Who wouldn’t want to read that? I noticed more red flags and thought back to the calls as well and Friday was no exception and glad Tobi saw through it by asking what does it pertain to the book? Even the guy talking to me couldn’t get George Floyd’s name out and I had to say it kind of made me think. And of course, as a blogger here I had to do what’s best for my protection since I’ve been scammed before by a so-called employee at a work at home situation. I lost my bank account and I did not want to lose my book that I re-did the story for and I like it and now looking at a different publisher.

Anyways, I did look around earlier today and found some things on Stratton that I was surprised and that was there were more complaints than good experiences and some of them dealt with money not being refunded when cancelling contracts. I also saw that people didn’t get their royalties and now thinking to one call this week where they were celebrating someone’s Netflix deal and I have a feeling that’s something that could be fake. I also read someone’s experience that was recent where they were called by someone at Stratton and went through a similar call like mine and was surprised that they were able to get around it. I did block the number as I read this post too which made me think this is the last straw! Even RJ told me to pull the plug since I told him about the stuff with Better Business Bureau and glad, he used it to relate to something.

Leverage did do an episode where they had an episode where Geri Ryan’s character dove headfirst into the fashion industry where it was selling her the dream. So, basically what the guys at Stratton were doing was basically the same thing and I was glad I did not fall for it. I almost did but glad it did not end up having me not being able to pay my bills this month and save for a convention in August. Like I said I was scammed years ago and promised myself not to fall for it and glad I didn’t. I did admit I did buy a book from their published authors and read the first few chapters and I felt that the characters were a bit wooden. I read better, that’s my opinion!

What Are My Tips? The blog Writer Beware has a good blog post on the different publishers that are scammers in the writing world. They even mention Stratton Press as one of them.

And of course, if you get one of these calls, like any good writer who is looking into their source material, even me for this blog I’ve been running for many years,,RESEARCH THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING! That has been the number one rule about everything even in scams themselves people. Without researching, we will not be able to get the information we need to make the right decisions. Also, make sure you block the number that called you. I did that and now will be seeing how it goes from here.

And one more thing too, investigate publishing companies, even the self-publishing ones, that are top rated that people have worked with. You will be able to investigate their reviews and see who they have as consultants that tend to be authors as well.

Am I Okay?  I will be. It is a little disappointing to know that Stratton is a scamming company and glad to walk away from and saving myself in the process. Yes, I may not be able to work with them but it doesn’t make me investigate others as well. I may go back to Light Switch and see about putting in my better manuscript except I will investigate newer options. I will have to put Rose Thorns of Love on pause for the moment until I find someone new to work with.

Writer Beware®: The Blog: January 2018 ( is, it for this post. I am leaving a link to Writer Beware for all of you to look at so you guys won’t be falling into a scam if you want to be a writer yourself. Don’t worry that post on Ranger Stop Atlanta will be next!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy May 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds! I am back with another post!

Ipsy May 2021

I know I did not post my April bag which I am sorry about that. Due to what was going on with school and work I did not have time so I am posting my May bag instead. Do not worry, I will do next month’s GB and GB Plus! as always, this is $12 a month and you get five samples when it comes to drugstore luxury items. Let us see what I got!

Context Skin Nail Lacquer in Take It Off: First is a nail polish by Context Skin. As you know I love nail polish and getting to try new brands in these bags is amazing. This is a peachy nude nail polish which I am kind of getting into due to summer since I do have summer colors now that I picked up from Color Club and Lights Lacquer. This is a gel formula that is supposed to be chip resistant which is impossible for me since I do type at fifty words per minute. Also read braille on a regular basis. Trust me, after one day my right index finger chips all the way off. I will have to see how this polish goes. Retail value is $15.

Looks N Meii: Infinity Lip Sleep Mask: Next is a lip mask. It is good to get these because they do help the lips but I never heard of this brand before. This is a deluxe size product and this has oils and butters that help moisturize lips while you are sleeping with this on. I do have one from Seraphine which I do not know what had happened to it so I am glad to have this to try out now and need to have a habit of using these since I do wear a lot of lip products throughout the day.

Linette Lepore Luna: Next is a perfume! I love perfumes as something to get me going in the morning. Trust me, when I got my perfume container back into our bedroom after being in our dining alcove for months, I was happy! I never heard of Linette Lepore and glad to try them out this way. This is a light yet dark with a mysterious hint. This has a mix of rose jasmine, violet leaves, and blond woods. I will have to try this out since this sounds like something up my alley since I do enjoy jasmine scents.

Skin & Company Citrus Amaro Hand Cream: Next is another hand cream from Skin & Company. Since we are still washing our hands, hand creams are essential due to how hand soaps can be really drying even with how much alcohol it can contain. This is a deluxe size and This hand cream contains shea butter and sweet almond oil and a light citrus scent which is good for me since my skin is sensitive. I did try it out and it felt a little sticky but did dry down smooth. I will be taking this with me to work since I make sure my hands are washed after each time in the bathroom and this would help with dry hands.

Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Lip Crayon in Miss Rosa: Final item is a return of Sugar Cosmetics and that is their Matte as Hell Lip Crayon. This a plum color matte crayon that stays puts all day even through eating and drinking. I think I had one of these and it did just that which makes it amazing. Plus, we are going into summer and having that perfect, long-lasting pout is important. I will use this in the coming months!

So, that is it for this bag! Glad to get it again this month since it is not the same to skip a month even with GB Plus, which will return for June. I will use all these products since they are ones, I will find handy. I will make it a habit to use the lip mask of course. So, next post will be a convention post! Yes! I know the pandemic is not gone but it is dying down so some conventions are happening or going to happen this year by the looks of it. So, stay tuned for what I have in store for you all and make sure you are following us on Twitter by the way for all the latest updates! Stay beautiful!

Subscription Satelite: Why I Left BoxyCharm

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am sorry for being away but I am back to talk about something you may be surprised with!

I Left BoxyCharm! Therefore!

Yes, the title says it all because I left BoxyCharm and I have not gotten it since last month.

Due to the craziness of school, I was not able to post my April BoxyCharm and well, I am announcing that I had to withdraw due to my grades were not that great this semester. I do not want to get into too much but I am eventually going to sign up for a different program that is more Assistive Technology focused which is what I want instead of going through eye issues, plus anatomy is not my strong suit either. Plus, I also noticed it kind of took me away from the blog which I am glad to get back to for now until I get back into a program, I will be happy with.

Back to BoxyCharm, as you know I did announce for a few posts I will be giving BoxyCharm a few chances before I cancelled due to how bored I was finding it was becoming. Ever since they started the choosing one item it felt it was not the same anymore. I remembered when I first joined at the end of 2014 going into 2015, they were giving out independent and a few luxury brands, even some I have heard of before kind of like with Ipsy and after being unsubscribed until around 2019 and after working for three months, I missed it. I loved getting the prestige to luxury items and how much it was a mystery, as in you did not have to choose something. Just when it started with the choices, that is when it started going downhill a bit. I noticed not only I got to choose items with skin care and some makeup, but there were also other items that I was mismatched or gave me that I did not mark on my survey. Which at first, they never done a survey for profiles until I got back to it and I thought they would match me a bit better than Ipsy, which I was wrong. There were items where they mismatched me with shades and you seen it in my posts on here like the Milk MakeUp Brow Gel, they gave me a brown that was lighter than my brows and you already know I get a brown that is around chocolate. My shade in anything NYX brow items is always going to be chocolate! Another item was the Purlisse CC Cream which they matched me with Medium when I am Light Medium and even my profile says I am Light Medium with my skin tone because of how my parents had two different skin tones and it was a mix. My mom has a light skin tone while my dad is deep tan and therefore, I am light medium which is a mix. I am Buff Bisque according to Wet N Wild’s foundations, Light Medium Neutral in Urban Decay’s Stay Naked because my undertone is neutral. Again, I was mismatched a little bit until I suggested to them if you are going to put these kinds of items, foundations, concealers, brow items, etc. you should consider having your Charmers choose their color. They took it into consideration and used it which made me happy, I even got my right shade in Dose of Colors when they gave out their concealer. What got me to leave the most is a pair of lashes they gave me.

You guys already know my thing against lashes and that they can also damage the natural lash. I am not going to re-hash it; please research it and you will see what I mean. Hell, I even yell at videos saying you do not need them. It is true, you do not! Not even magnetic lashes catch my eye. Anyways, the good thing is that with the survey they ask what products you enjoy the most and I ticked off everything EXCEPT lashes which means I do not want any! Even Ipsy gets the idea now I want different color eyeliners because I have marked that I wanted black liners sometimes and I think I put Just Okay towards the shade on one and I even chose the bronze liners now. If Ipsy saw I did not mark anything near lashes then they will not send me any which that makes me happier with Ipsy. Anyways, there was one time when they BoxyCharm sent me lashes and I emailed them and explained I did not mark lashes on my profile and not to send me them ever again and they apologized, gave me charms, and said they will not but they made me angry last month that caused me to do the unsubscribe for real. Mind you, I was also exhausted from a long day of work before I decided to set a bedtime for myself and of course school was getting harder even closer to finals and when I opened my box from BoxyCharm, I found the packaging with lashes and chewed them out in my apartment, not through email, just blowing off my major steam and even told RJ that I told them I did not want lashes. He even witnessed me unsubscribing from them at that moment. I do not know why or who put my box together but I did say in my email a while ago that I did not want lashes and they said they will not send me any lashes but they broke that promise. I was mad about it and unfortunately, they had to lose me as a customer. I even felt like that April may have been the last box since one of my products was the Glam Glow Banana Souffle cream. I did get other nice items in this box but could not take it anymore with how they disrespected my profile and gave me something that they said they will not give me anymore. I know I was being a little bit bitter but they needed to understand that what we mark on our profiles are things we like and what we do not are what we like. This is where customer satisfaction comes in when it comes to these subscriptions. Heck, that is why I also left No Make No Life because I was paying $45 a month for my box to be delayed due to how they changed their shipping, I was not happy with that and I would rather go with a different subscription. Goes the same with BoxyCharm.

I bet you are wondering; will I ever go back with BoxyCharm? I am not entirely sure at this point. I felt that if you are going to have your subscribers answer a survey, stick with that survey, and look and pay super close attention to each profile instead of skimming it or not reading them. Or at least keep record of each person who does not want a certain item. That would be handy. And I wished they did not allow the item choice because I feel like that spoils the fun now since it shows that you want to have the subscriber to be more in control. I hardly choose anything with my Glam Bag since I wanted it to be more of a surprise and I am happier that way. If you want to know something g, I almost considered going back to Allure because of the items were not too bad and they have been showing some nice items lately but I am still thinking about it in the meantime. If you know any subscriptions that may be good, just sound off in the comments.

I am waiting on my Glam Bag now, not sure when it will arrive but still waiting. So, until next time guys, stay beautiful!