Subscription Satelite: Ipsy May 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds! I am back with another post!

Ipsy May 2021

I know I did not post my April bag which I am sorry about that. Due to what was going on with school and work I did not have time so I am posting my May bag instead. Do not worry, I will do next month’s GB and GB Plus! as always, this is $12 a month and you get five samples when it comes to drugstore luxury items. Let us see what I got!

Context Skin Nail Lacquer in Take It Off: First is a nail polish by Context Skin. As you know I love nail polish and getting to try new brands in these bags is amazing. This is a peachy nude nail polish which I am kind of getting into due to summer since I do have summer colors now that I picked up from Color Club and Lights Lacquer. This is a gel formula that is supposed to be chip resistant which is impossible for me since I do type at fifty words per minute. Also read braille on a regular basis. Trust me, after one day my right index finger chips all the way off. I will have to see how this polish goes. Retail value is $15.

Looks N Meii: Infinity Lip Sleep Mask: Next is a lip mask. It is good to get these because they do help the lips but I never heard of this brand before. This is a deluxe size product and this has oils and butters that help moisturize lips while you are sleeping with this on. I do have one from Seraphine which I do not know what had happened to it so I am glad to have this to try out now and need to have a habit of using these since I do wear a lot of lip products throughout the day.

Linette Lepore Luna: Next is a perfume! I love perfumes as something to get me going in the morning. Trust me, when I got my perfume container back into our bedroom after being in our dining alcove for months, I was happy! I never heard of Linette Lepore and glad to try them out this way. This is a light yet dark with a mysterious hint. This has a mix of rose jasmine, violet leaves, and blond woods. I will have to try this out since this sounds like something up my alley since I do enjoy jasmine scents.

Skin & Company Citrus Amaro Hand Cream: Next is another hand cream from Skin & Company. Since we are still washing our hands, hand creams are essential due to how hand soaps can be really drying even with how much alcohol it can contain. This is a deluxe size and This hand cream contains shea butter and sweet almond oil and a light citrus scent which is good for me since my skin is sensitive. I did try it out and it felt a little sticky but did dry down smooth. I will be taking this with me to work since I make sure my hands are washed after each time in the bathroom and this would help with dry hands.

Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Lip Crayon in Miss Rosa: Final item is a return of Sugar Cosmetics and that is their Matte as Hell Lip Crayon. This a plum color matte crayon that stays puts all day even through eating and drinking. I think I had one of these and it did just that which makes it amazing. Plus, we are going into summer and having that perfect, long-lasting pout is important. I will use this in the coming months!

So, that is it for this bag! Glad to get it again this month since it is not the same to skip a month even with GB Plus, which will return for June. I will use all these products since they are ones, I will find handy. I will make it a habit to use the lip mask of course. So, next post will be a convention post! Yes! I know the pandemic is not gone but it is dying down so some conventions are happening or going to happen this year by the looks of it. So, stay tuned for what I have in store for you all and make sure you are following us on Twitter by the way for all the latest updates! Stay beautiful!

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