Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag August 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Another post for you all!

Glam Bag August 2021

Another subscription for you guys and that is my Ipsy Glam Bag! I’m glad to get it early since I didn’t have any add-ons this month after getting my flat iron last month. I also find the items very convenient in this month’s bag since I did pack two and may do with another for their convenient travel size. This bag is $12 a month except in October it will be raised to $13 due to how many new brands they are starting to feature and glad that they have newer brands to introduce to us. You do get brands ranging from independent to some luxury and you get them in deluxe or even full-size if you’re lucky. Let’s see what I got this month!

Beauty For Real 24/7 Gel Eyeliner in Olive

First item is the Beauty for Real 24/7 Gel Eyeliner in Olive and this is what I chose for this month’s bag. I was happy to get this since it was a nice change from getting black liners all the time and I do sometimes do green eye looks and would love a green liner to balance things. It claims it’s a waterproof formula that doesn’t budge and it’s very smooth as well. You can also smudge this or even give a nice tightline if you wanted. I will try this out and see how it goes. This values at $16.

F. A. H. R. A. Brushes Rose Gold 25 E Blender

Next up is from F. A. H. R. A. and glad to get another brush from them since I have loved all their brushes I’ve tried over time. I did pack this one for the trip since I only packed one shadow which is a blue one to match the newly designed shirts and wanted something to wear for the weekend without much time to waste and this brush would help blend the shadow. I do like the shape it gives and it’s more of a pencil in a way which I do like. This is a dome shaped brush with densely packed bristles to help with smoky eyes. I do love that and can’t wait to use it on my eyes. This values for $11.

Feel Beauty Daily Hemp Cleanser

Next up is a cleanser which I am going to try and find and pack it since I would want to try this on the trip and the size is perfect for travel! One thing I do like about this subscription is that you can travel with these samples without the trouble. Not only this contains hemp seed oil but also other non-irritating ingredients that would strip the skin. It can also be used for cleaning off makeup which makes me happy since not only I would have makeup wipes but would love that extra step to clean off my face during the weekend. I will let you guys know how it worked out!

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Work

I packed this since I heard that Atlanta could get a bit hot so why not try another cream product that doubles as a lip and cheek and this is what Milk made this into! This product is a dusty rose shade that can give the cheeks a nice tint and same with the lips. This product is made with mango butter, peach nectar extract, and avocado oil to help plump the skin on contact. I love that idea since my skin can be a little dry especially with how hot it has gotten in Florida and knowing my skin will take a hit with the switch next weekend. I will try this out and see how it goes with its nice small travel size!

Pur On Point Mascara with Hemp

A lot of hemp items this month but I did get this mascara though! This mascara is made with plant-based ingredients and it’s a multi-tasker where it does the same thing most mascaras do as in lengthen, volumize and other things to make the lashes look nice. I will give this a try but won’t do it during the convention since I already packed my Fenty one from GB X! I will use it with other makeup looks though!

That is, it for this bag! I’m glad to get a few things to use during RangerStop next weekend in Atlanta since I’ve seen some people use their products during travel due to the deluxe sizes helping during a weekend or a week away. I hope I can find the last Glam Bag with the cleanser since knowing the makeup wipes won’t be the only items, I will use to help clean my face. Stay tuned for the next post because it’s Allure Beauty Box time!

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