The Book Quadrant: Nemec one: Ripples in the Traverse

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new book review!

Nemecine: Ripples in the Traverse


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions throughout this review.

What Is It About?

We continue the series with a new episode, in this episode we find the twins finding out more mysteries about their mother. Oceans have returned to their levels back in the 21st century, other plights on earth still keep people locked up in their homes. With the evacuation of Eadonberg all thanks to the Pranum’s obsession against the Gadlins and causing trouble within alliances.

Within the twins’ new home, Zafarian is back and hoping to be friends again except something’s going on that causes mistrust towards him. While trying to rekindle trust, Zafarian uses his security clearances from his job as assistant their enemy, Sothese, to help them through areas of Minesburg to find answers to their mystery. With new answers and trips through dreams, both of our twins wonder if their half-human guides are really to trust and wonder how they can keep balance in the world as they keep going on their journey.


I felt that this volume had a lopt of twists and turns. I was glad to see Zafarian come back because I was worried something really bad had happened to him until he came back in the Elise section of Chapter 1. I had a feeling that there was more for him to do and seeing he is working for the enemy was surprising. Seeing all the other characters coming together like Nithruyu, Nepharus, and Toofury made the story even more entertaining and interesting since they are involved in the mysteries and making sure that both of our twins are getting through things safely without having another situation like in Volume 4. 

Siffulah is the newest addition to the section one of the chapters which we get to follow what is taking place behind the scenes in Sothese’s place from what I can tell. At first, I felt a little confused with his actions since he was doing what he was ordered but I could seeing Siffulah’s actions is making sure that Zafarian does not wander and betray from what I’ve seen later on.

Rating: Five Shooting Star Paws Out of5

I feel that this book makes me anticipate for the next volume in the series after reading the last chapter. I don’t want to give too much away since it ended on something that was not expected before my Voice Dream Reader went into the Glossary. I did enjoy the interactions Elise had with everyone since she has changed from the first three books and she has morlast volume since he has grown as welol and takes more on a third person perspective in areas which makes it a little scary but takes his experiences in a different light. I can’t wait to see how Volume 7 and see how the story continues.

Well, that ends this book review! I’mg glad to get back into doing book reviews again since I feel more at home and sometimes finding a time to read book can be a little hard due to finding new things on Audible. I will get back to what I was reading before! Until next time!

By the way, youy can purchase this b ook in November and can find it on Amazon with the other volumes in this series.

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